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Know your rights (Multi-language)

  • To File A Police Misconduct Complaint in NYC: Contact Civilian Complaint Review Board by calling 311 or visit Make sure you speak to a lawyer (call the National Lawyers Guild 212-679-6018) because anything you say can and may be used against you as it is a police board.
  • New York Civil Liberties Union – What To Do If You’re Stopped By The Police
  • Know Your Rights NYC for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
  • Know Your Rights – Free Speech, Protests, and Demonstrations in CA (English) (PDF)
  • You Have the Right to Remain Silent – National Lawyers Guild San Francisco (English) (PDF)
  • Know Your Rights – National Lawyers Guild San Francisco (Arabic – Page 1) (PDF) and (Arabic – Page 2) (PDF)
  • Know Your Rights – National Lawyers Guild San Francisco (Farsi) (PDF)
  • Know Yourk Rights – National Lawyers Guild San Francisco (Punjabi) (PDF)
  • Know Your Rights – National Lawyers Guild San Francisco (Spanish) (PDF)
  • Know Your Rights – National Lawyers Guild San Francisco (Chinese) (PDF)
  • Midnight Special Law Collective – Know Your Rights Comix (English and Spanish)
  • Midnight Special Law Collective – Materials & Resources – Know Your Rights
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  1. I think we should be more specific about what we want so they can see exactly what we want and they can proceed to work on the issue. for example what do we want? jobs. when do we want them? now or what do we want? tax the rich when do we want it? now. etc. thanks for doing such a great job!

  2. Jobs as a right? Housing as a right? Why do we need either? What needs to be recognized is that the only reason we all need jobs and rental housing units in the first place is because we are monetary slaves, restricted from living naturally and self-sufficiently on the Earth. The most fundamental right, to be a free sovereign human being living in harmony with Nature, is denied by ALL social-systems through land-control/cost/taxation. We need to claim our fair share of land as a human right, live principled natural lives on veganic homesteads, and stop seek better conditions of enslavement.

  3. To bad you are wrong unit you know your rights and they want to call this America!
    Land of the enslaved non constitutional institution obviously not free.

  4. You could get more supporters if we didn’t have to “camp” to occupy. I agree 100% and willing to make changes…but I have small children, I can not or will not sleep in a tent at night with my little ones. There has to be an expanded approach?

    I want to see the big corporations, the F.D.A., the pharmaceutical companies, and the govenment to STOP POISONING OUR FOOD!!!!! It’s not just food, from behavior modifications through media, and all the prescriptions we are being given. This has to stop!!!! They need punishment for their crimes!!!!

    -just start google searching food additives and see the harmful effects, hormone imbalance, premature puberty, CANCER etc. etc. Try to google seach, and it will be “redirected” BING……good luck.

  5. If corporations are seen as having the rights of people the ability to lock up a criminal organisatiin also has to be implimented. Personal income tax that is progressive (apposed to flat tax) and all persons pay zero tax on the first dollar earned is equitable but up to a multimillion dollar limit the tax rate progressively increases to 100% so that every dollar after this earned is 100% taxed for multimillion dollars earned. So a bank CEO that now earns $480,000,000 for a yearly bonus is taxed $479,500,000. CEO gets to keep $500 of the first million earned. This will correct global wroughts of the 99% by the 1%. Max Keiser thinks corporations require capital punishment in line with laws that persons face. see “Keiser Report” E206 on RT.

  6. You realize by using the Ipod and Ipad apps you just made the biggest mistake of buying from the 1%? So lets think about this, your protesting big corporations and your still buying their productss? Thats like complaining about being fat and eating a big mac! Grow up! Get a job and work toward what you want!

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