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From Dictatorship to Democracy – A Conceptual Framework for Liberation

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  1. “As noted earlier, all governments can rule only as long as they receive replenishment of the needed sources of their power from the cooperation, submission, and obedience of the population and the institutions of the society. Political defiance, unlike violence, is uniquely suited to severing
    those sources of power.” In this quote taken from page 27 of From Dictatorship… I couldn’t help but realize this movement is so incredible and will succeed in it’s ability to disintegrate the lateral oppression of the masses that will untimately be the destruction of the achilis heel. Remember the dictator stays in control only through simplistic linear social obedience. This is already disintegrating with the OWS movement. Thanks to every single protestor accross the world for ensuring this breaking down of the linear stronghold. The appearance of a power hierarchy is becoming more more obvious to be smoke in mirrors!!!

  2. …indeed i agree very much with laura…the astonishing symbolizism of the police prodding the students in the belly.( believe me i was still sickened by such unprovoked brutality ..and to me..even worse oblivion to the concept of restraint and potential repercussions upon the police officers involved…do they operate under a guarantee of immunity) ..almost a a complete semi-abstractionism of political need and paradigm…what is happening in the OWS is that protestors are looking NOT at each political systems as a ‘foe’ but rather they protest to ‘voice’ solidarity with each other…to grow….they cannot really be ‘appeased’ as in the past with a smoke and mirror partial settlement such as wage increase or slight regime shift…the eyes of the protestors want an end to fear, an end to the Law of Fear….because the reality is you can only mass control people thru fear or hunger or propaganda…we have been taught all our lifes that without our ‘State’ we would have Armaggedeon…yet all we have is fear, hunger, lies and state sanctioned violence wether as at berkley or wars all over the world….we are in Armaggedeon..have been for centuries..the saviour?…ourselves….. OWS?….berkeley?…indeed this is how it may happen…the mid level political admin people protyecting/serving the 1 percent in all levels of buissness, politics and education all over the world will try to use the police, propaganda, internet shutdowns, intimidations, arrests, public closures etc etc to try and stop this growing protest. and unification esp of the semi-elite/educated of students, union people,leftwing parties,social reformists…it will sway..back and forth…then one day…the common man and woman…the lower middle class…and the poor….will see that their chance for change and survival lies not with the mid-powers that be…but in taking to the streets also….like paris or moscow in their earlier revolutions these people have nothing to loose, they are very angry and they do not care if they are beaten, gased or shot at. 20 batons will not stop a man who has nothing to turn back for….. they will reach the powers at mid-level as surely as a tusanmi cannot be stopped by a pile of sand bags…the danger is what then…if the middle of the pyramid is destroyed…can the world become sane again…..not as it was…but sane…as it should be….but at least. this may be a beginning for change….imagine…the absurdity of it… a world in revolution and war because of a tent….only Sitting Bull would understand this….yet perhaps unconsciously this is the explanation…for the tent is a triangle symbolizinng the pyramid of world economic order ….in the end each human being of the 99 percent must decide… what will the protest bring?…i say better a chance out of Chaos than a soulless death in the ranks of Order……

    the combined Voices of huMAN must become greater than the combined dollars of the MAN.

  3. I have been advocating E-Democracy for over 9 years as Independent. I said Party Politics is subversive. People should treat Politicians as Messengers not intellectuals. People are more intelligent than rulers.-I am proved right every minute. I can give the total online mechanism for People Parliament for the world.

    Where people rule the world directly not through representatives.
    If people have a say they would not have allowed Bank bailouts.
    If people have a say they would not have allowed Wars like Iraq.

    People can take over. I need people and a small money to set up the systems. We are here to change the world from Money to Love.
    Greed and half-truth have split us. Now Love and affection should join the entire world. I insist this movement should be apolitical and ADOPT GANDHIAN NON-VIOLENT METHODOLOGIES.

  4. Can i upload short excerpts of copyrighted content on youtube?Is it supported by fair use provision?

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