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MMKamp + Putujući slobodni radio (Croatia)

Multimedia camp / Multimedijalni kamp (MMKamp)

MMKamp is an international “artist residency” project based on collaboration between non-profit organizations, artists, tactical media activists and ones who don’t know yet what they are and don’t care much. MMKamp concept is an art and new media laboratory, platform for researching, new media experimenting and developing new artistic and communication forms, through self-initiated collaboration among international artists and new media workers.


Everything in Multimedia camp (Multimedijalni kamp – MMKamp) is about freedom. Its about research how to become free through hacking, manipulating, communicating, living, networking, creating, developing… Sometimes its nice to research alone, sometimes you share your ideas, feelings and results with other. In a way, it is a lookout for anarchy, a pirate-ism in the best meaning of a term. Its about making friends, being brave and bald, funny and wacky.


Of course creativity is absolute. Creativity not because of the consumer society needs, not because of the need for an interesting gadget or a new technology commercial toy, but creativity as a weapon used to change ongoing process: moronization of the human race.

Is it idealistic? Depends on the view. We cannot and don’t have time to think in those terms. We are here to use what is given to have fun, go deep in science and art, work with people, construct, de-construct, de-territorialize, mystify and de-mystify, organize masses for no reason, run away and fight everyone, be in disagreement and realize our dreams, thus lessening our frustration. We are here to put questions in people heads, to break solid ground under our feet, to rethink, to oppose.

Sustainability of such a project happens because of enthusiasm and somewhere inside individual, not in making project viable for a company that will harness free work of the free intellect. Sustainability comes from networking, producing small TAZ where we meet and work, hacking applications that have hierarchical and deterministic (up to down) approach to where public funds should be spent. Money does not direct the way you want to think or express in MMKamp. There is a deep understanding what does it mean to live in present time at MMKamp.

MMKamp was always about improvisation. People meet, bring their ideas, not only final product but sometimes half way done. People from different fields meet: musicians, artists of different sorts, free media activists, hackers, people who cannot (or don’t want to) define their group or interest, and others who happen to be there by pure chance. MMKamp is also about collaborating, inventing new projects. Small or big, no matter.

One of the best outcomes of MMKamp is Free Travelling Radio (Slobodni putujući radio – FTR): a portable FM radio set that visited 9 cities and was at 5 festivals. More than 50 people were broadcasting live in ether and more than 15 have been interviewed for the radio broadcasts and podcast. FTR connected people from Poland, Brasil and Croatia. It is a project of open microphone and open radio, something that has been long forgoten in todays world of media consumption, but also has completely new meaning in the era of digitalization. It is not purely artistic media, but a freedom of expression, tool for constructing a society aware of their possibilities.

About author
A #globalrevolution enthusiast. Twitter: @AliceKhatib
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  1. As an artist myself,I know that with the right motivation,work can be a complete joy without having the need for financial incentives and that anything is possible.We have the means to create a better world where all human beings can be provided with the basic needs of life.We all need to be working towards that goal.
    All the Best, Pauline Smith

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