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Resources for Small Town Occupations [PDF]

This guide was developed by the Rural Organizing Project, an organization aimed at advancing democracy in rural Oregon. It includes a sample opinion article, letter to the editor, social media resources, customizable informational flyer, information on general assemblies, tips on starting one in your community and more. Download it here!

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  1. I’ve recently created an occupyweymouth page on face book to symbolize awareness, i have a small group of friends that are sympathetic and understand partly what its abuot, all i can do is tell them what im able and ask them to learn on their own. but as im sure everyone is aware of, todays daily struggles keep us from pursuing what we truely desire. So if there are any tips for getting people involed or any information i can use at all to be a better leader for awarness for the people in my community it would be greatly appreciated. and im ignorant as to getting the info out there that i do alrdy know and presenting it in a way people will take to. im aware even you guys may be struggling with these questions as well, but im a full time student at Massasoit community college and im compelled to drop everything and help full time. the thing is i truely feel my lot in helpin the cause lies in being in places like this that do not know about our cause, and educating them. any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the info we camp on the 11/11/11 until god knows when!!

  3. Hi, my name is Gina Woody, I live in Huron Ohio, a small little boating community on Lake Erie, I am very interested in starting a movement in my area but i am not sure as to how to get that started!! If someone could send me some informantion on how to generate a movement in my area that would be amazing!!

    • Hello.

      I don’t know if anyone’s directly responded to you through other channels, but I’m happy to have a dialogue with you about this.

      I live in the Hudson Valley, about 100 miles north of New York City. There is a small but active occupation happening at Poughkeepsie, just a bit south of me and on the east side of the Hudson, but it my very small city there does not seem to be the point of 24/7 occupation right at the moment, and anyway no one who’s come forward to do it yet.

      In my case, I had a son who went down on September 17th, the very first day to Zuccotti Park and stayed that first week… he’d just happened to hear about it… and on his urging I went down to check it out the end of that first week; it is an experience being in the midst of all the action, the discussion, the General Assemblies, etc., and it gives one an impression of the temperament of the occupiers which is not easily communicated through very many of the media reports.

      I also wanted to do something concrete and share the story of this extraordinary awakening, so I started a Facebook page, too, and also a Facebook GROUP, which is a bit different, as you may very well know. I wanted to help grow a core bunch of people who would be more committed to meeting on a regular basis and following the principles of consensus decision-making and discussion developed by the Wall Street Occupation and others, and that is why I began the group as well… as it turned out, the FB community page proved to be redundant for us, but it might be the way to go at first for you, if you look into it.

      One of the differences is that as long as you have an ‘open’ group, anyone can see the postings and members, they just can’t post on there themselves, which keeps a great deal of less important stuff off the site as well as keeping out people who just want to bitch at you without having any idea what this is about.

      I would suggest that you try to educate yourself as much as possible through reading, through research on the internet (a Wild West situation, I’ll admit!), and trying your best to delve into the ‘official’ sites of the movement, like (the official voice of the NYC Occupation); (the website for Adbusters, the Canadian group which started this whole ball rolling and which has not only news about OWS but an interesting look, day-by-day, at the development of the movement); and, (which is an independent operation trying to help coordinate the vast number of General Assemblies, Occupations, and Actions going on in the U.S. at this point and around the globe). Oh, also – the site for the New York Occupation General Assembly… that has lots of info about how to hold consensus-style meetings, the reasons for this choice, and SO much more; it also talks often about particular currents and ideas bubbling up out of their twice-a-day meetings.

      One of the great things about the NYC Occupation is that there are SO many people of different types, colors, creeds, interests, degree of knowledge, age, etc., and so many of them are very eager to talk, to discuss things for hours… they have a big advantage for that reason; it is hard to do all that on your own in a small community, but no less important, because EVERYONE’S affected by what’s going on on Wall Street as well as in politics, on environmental issues, in the economic sphere generally, social change and inequality, etc., etc

      Since every aspect of our lives here is affected by issues which – in turn – are affected by the poisonous and anti-democratic influence of money and power on our political system, it takes hardly any digging to uncover many, many instances of a disturbing disconnect between how our society sees itself: generally egalitarian, a democracy, a place ruled by fair laws and politicians who are looking out for the people they are supposed to represent, etc. and how it ACTUALLY is: one in 5 living in poverty; the top 10% holding 90 percent of the wealth; corporations having the power to make decisions which affect all U.S. citizens’ health, welfare, housing, savings, earning ability; a broken two-party political system which calls endless sniping and inaction ‘doing the nation’s business’ yet all but ignores the anger, the distress, the pain, the despair among the huge majority of the popultation, etc.

      I’m would not be surprised if – with only a bit of curiosity and dialoge, even starting with friends, family and neighbors, for example – you did not find yourself getting into fascinating discussions about the ramifications of all sorts of actions (and inactions) by our government. If you are even somewhat informed about a lot of these things you’ll be doing a lot better than most, so as long as you’re not coming off preachy and all “I-told-you-so” about things. This is ALL a process, and Adbusters’ original intent was – more than anything – to start a DIALOGUE about this stuff, and that has certainly happened.

      Talk more later?

      Best, Evan

  4. Thanks for your excellent post, Evan! It’s inspiring to hear of a father and son both interested in the OWS movement. I have two little boys, 1 and 3 and a new child coming along…

  5. Great guide, this has really helped us in Key West. Thank you!

  6. Download link is not working. Would love to download this and share with Occupy Santa Cruz.

  7. This movement in itself needs to be examined by anyone not in the one percent. The financial situations being propagated by the financial institutions world wide affects us all and personally I find it refreshing that finally a nonsocalist has unified 2 speak on these issues.

  8. If all the small Occupy groups have private groups within themselves like they do in the Grand Rapids MN Occupy I will have to start rethinking this!

  9. I would love to be able to read this, being I am from a small town, but this page is blank. = (

  10. 99% of the 99% are not able to ‘camp out’, but everyone can show support and solidarity by putting a sign in their window, a button on their lapel, or a bumper sticker on their car. Encourage others to do the same – extend the occupation, house by house, block by block.

  11. The link doesnt seem to be working.

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