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A resource for Street Medics and Protester Safety

Our Story

My name is Leland Flynn, I am a US Army Veteran, and a trained Combat Life Saver (read: not a medic or doctor), my training was in basic CPR, greivous wound care, IV insertion, and extraction of wounded under fire. I am also a supporter of the growing #Occupy Movement. 

Over the past months a movement has been forming in opposition to the financial institutions that seek to control our politics. Brave, concerned citizens have come out to support the #Occupy movement nationwide. They have demonstrated peacefully as is the right granted them under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, in many cases they have been met with respect and restraint by their respective police forces. As we have seen in #OccupyOakland and many other peaceful assemblies, this has not always been the case. Protesters have been met with unjust removals from their areas of demonstration, many times resulting in serious bodily injury due to gross misconduct and negligence by police forces. A prime example of this would be the unfortunate brutalization of veteran Marine Scott Olsen. Mr. Olsen was struck in the head with a projectile fired by a member of the Oakland Police Department during the protests. Once downed, a group of concerned protesters approached him to help drag him to safety. Unfortunately another member of the police force then threw a flash bang grenade into the crowd and next to the unconscious Mr. Olsen. Aside from this being in clear defiance of commonly accepted Rules of Engagement it also represented a grievous endangerment of an already wounded person. It is examples like this that have led me to create this website as a resource for street medics who are willing to help fellow protesters. We need people to bring water, supplies, and any vetted medical knowledge that they possess to protests. We need these people to be organized, calm, and knowledgeable. I would like to provide a place for groups to organize online in their respective areas and provide them with resources to aid those in need. I stand with #OccupyOakland, I stand with the Occupy Movement, and I stand with all persons willing to help us make a difference.

The Impact

This website can provide sources of information to protesters, educating them in how to protect themselves from chemical weapons and “less-than-lethal” force while maintaining a peaceful stance. It can also serve as an organizing area for street medic teams who wish to help injured protesters. This I believe to be of utmost importance. We need educated members of the movement who are willing to help their fellow protesters in distress and get them to professional aid quickly and to provide safe, minimal first response aid.

What We Need & What You Get

I have just got the website off the ground and have spent my personal money to do so. I am more than willing to continue to do so if necessary and possible. But I am unsure whether I will be able to afford it. I have paid the site up for 3 months for the time being.

I estimate a need of about $150 to maintain the server itself for a year, $120 more for producing literature (pamphlets, flyers, etc.), and $130 for an initial stock of medical supplies to support #OccupyDallas.

I would prefer to ask for only $400 dollars but Indie GoGo has a minimum requirement of a $500 goal.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to help I completely understand, we are all feeling the effects of this economy. If you would still like to contribute then please volunteer with your local #Occupy Organization, If you have applicable medical knowledge the protests can always use more street medics. And of course, you can help by just protesting, by making your voice one of the many.

About author
A #globalrevolution enthusiast. Twitter: @AliceKhatib
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  1. You are a disgrace to the uniform and our country it stands for!!

  2. Michael with all due respect I disagree with your statement. This military member has earned the right to take what he learned in the military to assist people in need. He has served his country and continue to do so by taking his skills and giving medical help to those in need. This country was founded by people that were protesters. They tried to protest in a peaceful manner and when the English met them with violance they armed themselves and started a revolution. We celebrate that date as Independence Day, the 4th of July is not just a day for pretty fireworks. Even if i do not agree with the reasons behind the protests being held, our family has taken a sacred oath to defend this country, the constitution of the United States. My husband is active duty and is willing sir to pay the ultimate price to garauntee the rights this man has to protest. Sir we do not live in a country were if you voice your opinion you run the risk of being taken away along with your family, killed and tortured. He has a right to protest. In short he is not a disagrace to his country. On the other hand, may I suggest you read our declaration of indepence, and our constitution. May I suggest you educate your self in the rights our fore fathers fought and died for. It was paid in blood by men and women many times over. Do not cheapen their sacrafices with your words! Just so you know I am republican but I see myself first and formost as a citizen of the United States of America and darn proud of it!

  3. A disgrace? I am appalled that anyone right or left would fault a person in or out of uniform for wanting to help people in need.
    My father died in the Navy during WW!! and I hope that his spirit is among the Occupy 99%’ers. I certainly hope he knew that the oath he took to serve his country was to protect and preserve our Constitution and I know his and others’ sacrefice has brought us to this point to freely disagree with one another….isn’t freedom of speech wonderful!.
    The feelings I have however are that you are scary and the gentleman who started this thread will protect me if I am in need. That if in peril I could not depend on you to come to my rescue. I could depend on the gentleman who started this thread. That if down I would be kicked to be kept down and the gentleman who started this thread would help me up and shoulder my weight to safety.
    People like you and the gentleman who started this thread strenghten my belief in this cause. So, I guess I owe you a thank you But he will get my donation.And also, thank you Christine for your post. I am a Demacrat but we both want the same thing and that is what is worth fighting for!

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