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Network-99 is the community for all those who want to interchange and network in a secure and constructive way accounting the global change – without effect or control of government and economy and without saving and circulation of member data.

With this we are offering a reliable and fair alternative to facebook, google and co. We protect the privacy our members and therefore do not expect further information except an e-mail address, even the declaration of a real name is not necessary at network-99. For data security protection and security reasons we deliberately abdicate connections to social networks and search engines, which are actively spying out their user to give away their data for commercial purpose. Our complete principle of operation is based 100% on a fair and sustainable background.

At network-99 will be social networked, shared content, interchanged actively ideas and planned projects.

For topics like democracy, freedom, globalisation, opposition, representative participation, civil disobedience, finance system and alternatives, absolute basic income, civil rights, data security, environmental protection, alternative energy, fair consumption and food, self-sufficiency, alternative medical science and a lot more.

Additional to networking in a social network, network-99 is for working constructively together in forums, working groups, expert chats and blogs for a better world. For this we are still looking for moderators and co-designers.

Furthermore we are happy about cooperation especially in fields of legal advice and data protection, development (joomla/jomSocial) and translations (German/English/Spanish/French). Because we are for data security reasons not using traditional ways of promoting the website for Google and co we are even more depend on mouth-to-mouth propaganda. Actual the network is in a first public beta phase. Therefore we ask all interested parties and members to forgive us small transient errors in terms of layout and functionality. We work with a small team on optimization and ask for your patience and rely on your feedback.

For questions and suggestions simply post in network-99 or write an e-mail to

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  1. What has happened to this country? Since the election last year and the Republicans won so many seats, we are losing our rights as per the Constitution. The right to free speach, to be able to gather in a peaceful protest. I am appalled at what its happening in this country. Other countries are losing faith in us and we are losing jobs left and right. The republicans do not care about the unemployed, the poor and homeless. Let’s face it (the people that cheated the middle class of this country) did not pay back what they stole and are still running their business. If person from the middle class had committed a crime of size would be in jail. We are becoming a communist country, with Republicans to dictate what we can and cannot do.

  2. We are already a communist country. It is not republicans vs democrats, they are all backed by the same people and share a single goal. It is a facade to make people “feel” like they have a choice in the government, to keep people happy because we feel like we can effect something.

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