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Global Occupy Assembly will recreate the direct democracy and open debate of the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly for the Internet.

Together the 99% will change the world! But first, we must unite. Help us create a space for facilitated discussion so we can make this a truly 21st century movement!

All donations pay for site development and hosting. Most of us are volunteers. Others are jobless and need to eat. will facilitate debate between users in a non-hierarchical direct democracy.  During a General Assembly, the home page will prominently display, in almost real-time, proposals and messages submitted about proposals.  The procedural rules of the General Assembly will match the rules of the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly in every practicable way.

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  1. Peace
    I would like to help in some way, join etc. I cannot do much, as I am a college student currently, But I can write. I can write and explain and prove corporate is making both domestic and foreign policy decisions God willing in a manner that everyone can understand. I will construct appropriate articles for the various websites if you all wish, with the leaders of ‘Occupy’ able to edit and proof-read prior to making public anything I write.
    You may contact my e-mail at your convenience if you are interested.

  2. OCCUPY WHERE YOU ARE. Proposal: ‘OCCUPY FLASH MOBS’ — Post a time for all who are aware to STAND STILL AND HOLD HANDS. At the designated time go to where you want to be (very nearby, or where you are then) and stand still for one minute. Hold hands with others standing still near you for one minute at the designated time where you are. Then walk away and go on with your day. High visibilty. Easy commitment. Helps to know your neighbors who think and feel similarly. As the ‘Occupy Flash Mobs’ increase in popularity, so too the should the frequency of these pauses be increased. Begin with one per day — posted on Occupy site/s. — If you agree please share on social media.

    • I agree with you. more people can feel that they are able to do it in their own community. We can twitter and let each know what corner and when. Ultimately if there were someone or small group at every corner in the US towns. It would go better and longer than large crowds “living in one place”

  3. I have been obnserving the “Occupy Wall Street” protests with much interest. It’s so nice to see a movement of this sort that is causing many people to rethink how our society should be functioning. I have a spiritual leaning that I would love to lend to the movement, but I’m unsure of the response; although I know that the Lord is able to do all things( and His will is being done, and He is with those who love Him and want to do good). I believe He is happy to see people taking a stance to make some needed changes. I grew up during the Viet Nam era, but I was too young to really appreciate the movements for peace and civil rights that were going on around me (and I must admit, when my parents criticized the protesters, I agreed with them).

    My faith has sprung out of a renewal of my Christian roots (I was raised in a Christian home), and a seeking out for truth at the heart of the Christian gospel message. I spent time at the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Change in Atlanta and have been greatly impacted by the teachings of Dr. King, but I also see some fundamental flaws with protesting, and demonstrating. I loved the Christian preaching of MLK, but the power of that movement was not Dr. King, but the Word of God that he proclaimed.

    So, I can see this movement having some very positive benefits for the people of the world (not just America), but the good will come as a result ot the participants adhering to nonviolent tactics, and by lifting up the core truths of the gospel as this demonstrates to the court of world opinion that, as King said, “No lie can live forever,” “truth crushed to earth will rise again,” “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” and “It is through love that we can transform the jangling discords (of America,and in the world) into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.”

    Jesus Christ went to the cross because He was preaching the truth of God’s Word, and He died for the salvation of mankind. May the Lord bless this movement and guide and direct the people involved so that God’s truth and mercy can be further gorified.

  4. Please share thoughts on a hypothetical 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adapted from the ERA and called the Full Freedom amendment: Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex or inequalities of income and wealth. Every citizen has a right to fully adequate protections of equal basic liberties, including welfare rights protecting against poverty, and inequalities of income and wealth must be reduced or eliminated when they threaten or compromise basic liberties, fair equality of opportunity and full democratic political participation.

  5. St. Louis NEWS:
    Overall, there were an estimated 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States according to a 2007 DOT study. YES IT”S some money n this project. 10% 90 go back in to the US Economy. 10% of 14 trillion , not bad, not bad at all.The EDA don’t want to use FREE ENERGY devices in the American Job Act?
    “Hydrogen CAR Fenders.

  6. I am going to Occupy LA this week. I would like to say THANKYOU OWS! You share the same views and say the same things I have been saying for years. I have always wanted to do(start) exactly what you are doing, I just had no idea how to do it , but I am glad you did!!!And for all the news correspondents that say OWS protesters don’t even know what they are protesting about…I say they do! You get different answers from different people because there are multiple issues involved in this movement, but all start from the same source, the elite wealthy, the 1%, and the unjust way laws and taxes accommodate them while the rest of us, the 99% get screwed and are not heard by OUR government. My MAIN reason for supporting the movement is that my mortgage is double what my house is worth. The banks and mortgage companies told me originally that my house was worth triple what it is currently worth. Now I am stuck paying $200,000 for a house that these same banks and mortgage companies NOW say is worth $90,000. These banks and mortgage companies got bailed out, well who’s bailing me out of my bogus loan? Atleast I have a good job and can afford to be ripped off. My broother who was in the same boat lost his house and he has 4 kids…Who bailed him out? All the programs to help prevent home owners from losing their homes told him he didnt qualify for their programs, so he lost his house! How can the these banks and mortgage companies get help for ripping people like me and my brother off and we get nothing? Because they are the elite 1% who get accommodated while the rest of us , the 99% either get ripped off and pay too much for our homes or lose them. We were not heard til now, and we are NOW heard because of OWS!

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