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DemoUnits by Reinder @ OccupyLondon: Crowd Communication

Individuals, groups and organizations can use their right for freedom of speach specially in fairs and demonstrations to express their views to a large gathering or crowd with a tool to hold banners high up above the heads of crowd for all to see and to read. A limited means and budget should still be able to transmit their message to the public in an eye-catching and attractive way. The modular exhibit system should be free standing as well as light and sturdy enough to carry along in a demonstration. When disassembled it should take little space and be easy to carry and take along on a bicycle or public transport.

Not only the people in the streets, but the more numerous people watching TV should be informed about the goal of a demonstration. But most of the banners and signs that people carry along are not readable on the TV-sceen. So amazingly this task is left to the person in the TV studio, who is not properly informed and certainly not engaged.

As demonstrations are the last available democratic means for minority opinions to get public attention the organizers of a demonstration should asure that banners with large size text are visible from a distance for the TV-camera’s as well as for everybody else.

The construction is easy to learn for the participants and invites to create different shapes and sizes. Materials as needed are cheap and easily available.

Participants have to learn to make best use of the DemoUnits by carrying the structure with 3 or 4 people and make the structure rotate to show text attached to all sides of the structure to anyone in the public. Dancing and swaying movements of the banners further increase public attentition.

Placed on the ground and covered with sheets, the structures offer shelter to the demonstrators and facilitate temporary occupation of streets, squares and parks.


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We are just like you, citizens of the world fed up with the critical situation and we believe a real change can be achieved through the coordination of non violent actions and self-managed alternatives around the world. There must be a better way of dealing with the survival and enjoyment of our life, we believe in consensus and in non-hierarchical organization. We believe that another world is possible, where nobody has to die of hunger while others throw food away. We don’t have flags and we fight the borders crossing them. We try to be in the best place at the good moment, from Brussels to Lisbon, from Madrid to Athens, reporting but also acting. We come from activist groups, hacking platforms or post capitalist projects and we participated a lot in the Spanish revolution since the beginning. We leave our respective assemblies for this international project of global coordination but we keep in touch, sending back information and visiting regularly. We are open to integrate new people to our project or to help the creation of new teams. More information about our way to work in the protocol.
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