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Seeds For Change Network

Seeds For Change Network is a non-profit training and support co-op helping people organise for action and positive social change. The network started in 2000 with informal co-operation between people who were doing workshops in their spare time.

Providing training, workshops and support to grassroots campaigners is still the main focus of our work, and this is financed by donations and working part time as trainers for NGOs, co-ops and charities.

We concentrate on working with grassroots environmental and social justice activists to help increase their effectiveness in campaigning and bringing about lasting positive change.

The network is currently based in Oxford and Lancaster. All members of the network have a background in grassroots social and environmental justice campaigning as well as in the co-operative movement. We’ve been campaigning on various issues such as peace, roads, GM, and have been involved in setting up and running various community resource centres. We’ve provided training, facilitation and workshops to grassroots groups in several countries, ranging from hairy hippies to grannies’ groups.

As a network committed to a radical ecological view of society we work to the highest ecological and social ethical standards. These take into account not just the ecological impact of our work, but the impact on poorer communities across the globe and on non-human animals. As a network, and the collectives within the network we are committed to our Ethical Policy.

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  1. How do I start a Occupy movement in El MOnte Ca at the veterans park for the veterans?

    • As a beginning,you could find occupations nearby or call for one on

    • Pauline, if you know how to create a facebook page, start there, by creating an ‘Occupy El Monte’ facebook page and send invitations via facebook to facebook friends who share your concerns about the direction our nation is headed. Ask them, in turn, to share the invitation with others they know who are potentially interested.

      All Occupations started with only one person who reached out and found like minded Americans in their town or area. Chicago only had 7 people their first night.

      There are places that have only one person occupations, but that can be a powerful occupation, too. It really is one of those “build it and they will come” kind of things.

      Don’t be afraid of failure, we are too big to fail!

      El Monte probably has a hundred people who are all just waiting for an Occupy movement to pop up so they can join. I’ll betcha! Be sure to reach out to the Asian, Spanish and African American communities. These communities are among the hardest hit by the economic destruction rendered by the 1%!

      Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at,, okay?

      • THANK YOU YONA!!!

  2. or you could advertise on This has been utilized l for occupations a lot

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