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Translators needed!!!


HowToCamp/HowToOccupy is conceived to promote and spread the methods, techniques and knowledge about peaceful occupation of public spaces while developing sustainable ways of living based on participatory democracy. We are an open community based on free information, we believe in the power of synergy applied to creative commons and copyleft for the benefit of the many.

Our goal is to establish an universal and accessible database made up of documents related to peaceful civil disobedience and grassroots practices, spreading it physically and on-line to the very assemblies, occupations and groups around the whole world.

We hope to put together all the experiences the older camps have had in order to put them to the service of new occupations in a successive way, creating a collaborative chain of information . These are necessary tools for a peaceful rising up.

We plan to install more features to this platform soon, as we develop and unite. Our project is only beginning, so we need everybody’s help!

Consider helping and/or donating.

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  1. HowToCamp (Como Acampar) é projetado afim de promover métodos, técnicas e conhecimentos em “tomar as ruas”. Nós estamos muito interessados em pesquisar sobre como começar por nós mesmos uma revolta pró-democrática e não violenta em sua região. Estamos abertos para o mundo inteiro, somos uma comunidade aberta de sapiência, que acreditam nos poderes da sinergia aplicada para informação, criatividade em comum, copyleft. Nós queremos estabelecer uma conexão global na qual é possível oferecer ao público em geral as ferramentas necessárias para nos levantarmos. Nós estamos no começo e nosso projeto dependerá de todos. Nós planejamos instalar mais conteúdo para esta plataforma logo, enquanto progredimos e nos unimos. Seja Bem-Vindo, vamos fazer isso juntos!

    #GlobalChange #OccupyTogether

  2. Hello, how might I be of help. I speak and write in swahili?

    • you can put your translations in “comments” or send it to “contact”

  3. Hello. I can try to help with translations into russian. What exactly is needed to be translated?

  4. The chain and command structure has to be built with a cell structure. Those cells (think about the efectivness of the al quaeda cells — to be clear I do not agree with their objectives). Each cell should have no more than 10 individuals.

    You would use the cells to disrupt the city.

    You make a plan that no more than five individuals get to know. Then you establish a process to instruct on a need to know basis down to the cells.

    You preposition the cells with the objective in mind but never get to be obvious.

    This keeps the police and the inteligence agencies off balance.

  5. Translator:

    English, Hindi and Bengali

  6. I can translate into Español and Français. Do I just translate all of these pages on the site? And should I submit each page as I finish or all at once?

  7. do you need into > ROMANIAN translations ??

  8. I think it is time to go home, it is cold and I am hungry, we haven’t accomplished nothing and if we continue to demonstrate and hang out, man I fear the public will start to go against us. Let’s all go home and have a bath and go back to our jobs.

    • Giving up? Thats how people lose

  9. what is the cause again?

  10. Whatever you do, don’t give up. The harder they hit, the taller you stand. The way a people lose is to see the fist and to back down to it. The way a people win is to see a fist, and refuse to tolerate it.

  11. I can translate punjabi if needed…what’s this for anyways?

  12. Translator Punjabi, Hindi

  13. Hi! I’m a brazilian fluent french and portuguese speaker, think I can translate the texts from french and portuguese.

  14. The occupy movement is accomplishing the first step to create a new world: getting the actors together and mobilized.

    However, after three months, the so called leaderless movement will continue facing the tireness, frustration, and disappointment of those mobilized if they do not see any progress soon. They know they can not keep breaking the rules in order to be heard.

    The next strategy should be to engage with the assemblies the development of a real manifesto or proposal by which the movement will abide. Once the new world proposal, which should blend social initiatives even further into our corrupt capitalist system, is approved by the assemblies over the U.S. it should be published and followed.

    Contact me to continue this quest for a real future.

  15. What I don’t understand is that you are pushing for a change, but you have no solutions to the problems you want solved. AND, you don’t have a leader, and don’t plan on having one, which doesn’t benefit you. A leader would boost morale, be a good speaker for the movement, and maybe actually have some answers. Some people think you are hipsters, bums, or just plain unintelligent. How are you solving this problem? You blocked up trucks in CA and caused issues, and people (like you) lost money, not just the big evil business people. Good luck, cause I don’t know if you will last.

  16. The time for diplomacy, civil-disobedience, and peaceful protests are over. Those in currently in power wont give up their position willingly (look in any history book). These tactics would have worked over 30 years ago, but not anymore. The game has changed, the players have changed, tactics have changed, the toys used have changed, everything has changed. America, the land of freedom, opportunity, and liberation from persecution is slowly changing for the worse. If it wasn’t for a recent decision made by the senate, events in Manhattan, and the people overthrowing governments around the world i would not even be typing this. Those in power are using our fear of terrorism as a way to take away our rights so they can ‘protect us’. The situation is bad right now, but it’s about to get worse. A lot worse. The most important factor now is if the people want to act NOW (when we still have a chance to salvage SOMETHING from this shit-show) or when its too late. Pretty soon an event is going to occur that is going to allow our government to openly detain/interrogate/incarcerate anybody they deem as a threat to ‘national security’, or the government, themselves. This is going to divide the American people into two groups, those who give up their rights out of fear, and those who are prepared to fight for the rights the government has taken away from us. Riots will erupt in every major city across the country; the streets will turn into battlefields between riot-cops/military officers and the people. From this point on, it’s all a matter of who has the stronger will to fight on. When the smoke clears and the body count is tallied one of two forces will emerge, the American people or the existing government. If the government is not overthrown, may whatever God you believe in help you because the America you once knew is going to turn into a totalitarian power ruling with an iron-fist, crushing the will of the people and operate using fear to stay in power. It is not a manner of ‘if’ this will happen, but ‘when’. The only thing that is missing is the initial catalyst that will start this snowball-effect. During these events many people are going to die (im not sugar-coating it), that’s the truth. If you think what I am saying is absolute bullshit, then close this window and go about your day as planned. But if you feel as i do and would rather stand against tyranny: i suggest you start to prepare yourselves for the coming days. The day will come when you, the people, will have the opportunity to spit in the faces of our oppressors and yell, “WE WILL NOT STAND BACK AND LET OUR LIBERTY DIE WITHOUT A FIGHT”. The game is decided and the stage is set. It is only a matter of time before this fight will make its way to all of us and each of us will have to make a decision to stand for our freedom or stand back, obediently silent, and let our liberties die. For those of you who are prepared to take your stand and die fighting, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Join your brothers and sisters in the fight against tyranny and the darkest parts of oppression just as our founding father’s have fought over 300 years ago against overwhelming odds. Remember their message, “NEVER STOP FIGHTING”. And I never will.

    “When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

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