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How not to block the black bloc

The headline in the Philadelphia Inquirer told us last week that, on the other side of the country, a brick hit a police officer in Oakland and sent him to the hospital. Civil…

Global Nonviolent Action DataBase

Visit: The researchers identify the cases in this database by which of these clusters of issues the campaigners are struggling about: Democracy Economic justice Environment Human rights (including free practice of religion, women’s…

Global Non-Violent Action Database

Why this database? To provide free access to information about hundreds of cases of nonviolent action for learning and for citizen action. We research campaigns that have reached a point of completion. The…

The Movement Action Plan: A Strategic Framework Describing The Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements

By Bill Moyer, Spring 1987 The United States anti-nuclear energy movement was launched in the Spring of 1977, when 1,414 Clamshell Alliance activists occupied the Seabrook nuclear power site and spent the next…

Strategizing For A Living Revolution

By George Lakey 1 Otpur (“Resistance” in Serbian) began as hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of young people took to the streets to rid their country of dictator Slobadan Milosevic. Impatient…

From Dictatorship to Democracy – A Conceptual Framework for Liberation

Download here:

Derechos y libertades para la lucha social y sindical – Guía Antirrepresiva

DOWNLOAD   INDICE: presentación  8 I  ACTUACIONES REPRESIVAS EN LA CALLE 10 1.A   IDENTIFICACION: 11 ¿Dónde se regula? 11 • ¿Qué sujetos pueden llevar a cabo nuestra identificación? 11 • ¿Qué actitud debemos…

Afirmacion y resistencia – La comunidad como apoyo

DOWNLOAD Comentarios:  Texto que en apenas unos años se ha convertido en un clásico del trabajo con comunidades afectadas por violencia política. A partir de su experiencia en Centroamérica, los autores proponen metodologías…

Las distintas etapas de una campaña de acción noviolenta

Las distintas etapas de una campaña de acción noviolenta Jean-Marie MULLER * La lógica de la noviolencia activa necesita una estrategia con etapas premeditadas que gradualmente se desarrollan en un proceso según el…

The Occupy Portland Model   We’ve witnessed an exponentially growing list of communities that are banding together with our brothers and sisters on Wall St. by organizing solidarity actions in their cities. This rise in support has…

Course of Action for squares in case of eviction attempt

Course of action in case the square is evicted: · This guide was first used in the squares of Spain and was firstly developed by the General Assembly of Madrid on May 2011….

Non Violent Struggle – 50 Crucial Points

This book is a primer on applying strategic nonviolent action in real campaigns.  The techniques outlined in the following 15 chapters have been used successfully in many parts of the world.  The British…

How to cook a pacific #revolution

“How to cook a pacific #revolution” translated to multiple languages 1. We are “los indignados” On 15th May 2011, a number of citizens of different ways of thinking started a non-partisan political movement…

Nonviolence focuses on communication

1. Your objectives must be reasonable. You must believe you are fair and you must be able to communicate this to your opponent. 2. Maintain as much eye contact as possible. 3. Make…

Nonviolence Training Manuals and Materials

  Manuals and Training Materials Nonviolence Handbook | War Resisters’ International (Multilanguage) Midnight Special Law Collective – Materials & Resources – Trainers Historically, nonviolence training was used extensively during the civil…

Non Violent Civil Disobedience Training Talks

We made these videos to introduce people to nonviolent civil disobedience training. We call them non violent civil disobedience training ‘talks’ because they are not a substitute for in person affinity group trainings….


Download here. HANDBOOK FOR NONVIOLENT CAMPAIGNS PUBLISHED BY WAR RESISTERS’ INTERNATIONAL FEBRUARY 2009 ISBN 978-0-903517-21-8 Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales. See…

198 Methods of Non-violent action

Download here. Research, Publications and Consultations on Nonviolent Struggle 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action 427 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02115 USA tel: 617.247.4882 fax; 617.247.4035 e-mail: web: THE METHODS OF NONVIOLENT…

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