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Seeds For Change Network

Seeds For Change Network is a non-profit training and support co-op helping people organise for action and positive social change. The network started in 2000 with informal co-operation between people who were doing…

Fully Informed Jury Association(FIJA)

The FIJA mission is to educate Americans regarding their full powers as jurors, including their ability to rely on personal conscience, to judge the merit of the law and its application, and to…


If you are arrested you have the right to remain silent. You have the right to a lawyer. If you are arrested, do not rely on police to inform you of your right…

American National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense

Then National Lawyers Guild initiated a massive Occupy legal support program. Read the press release here. Persons interested in volunteering assistance or Occupy groups in need of help should contact Abi Hassen, National Mass…


Rote Hilfe (Germany)

Wer ist die Rote Hilfe? Die Rote Hilfe ist eine Solidaritätsorganisation, die politisch Verfolgte aus dem linken Spektrum unterstützt. Sie konzentriert sich auf politisch Verfolgte aus der BRD, bezieht aber auch nach Kräften…

Mobile Tactics for Participants in Peaceful Assemblies

DOWNLOAD Introduction If you are participating in a peaceful assembly as a journalists, rights defender, or activists, your mobile phone is an invaluable asset. It allows you to communicate with allies, to document…

El Código Europeo de Ética de la Policía. Razones y directrices para el cambio

El Código Europeo de Ética de la Policía. Razones y directrices para el cambio BJÖRNJANSON Dirección General de Asuntos Jurídicos del Consejo de Europa Secretario del Comité de Expertos sobre ética policial y…

How the Indignados from Bayonne won their trial and obtained the legalization of their camp (fr)

Download the judicial referred HERE  

The Occupy Portland Model   We’ve witnessed an exponentially growing list of communities that are banding together with our brothers and sisters on Wall St. by organizing solidarity actions in their cities. This rise in support has…

Course of Action for squares in case of eviction attempt

Course of action in case the square is evicted: · This guide was first used in the squares of Spain and was firstly developed by the General Assembly of Madrid on May 2011….

Bring your camera!

 Bring a Camera and Use the Internet #usdor Remember to bring a video or photo camera. If it isn’t captured in video or photographs, it didn’t happen. Sousveillance is a terms coined by Steve Mann to…

Occupy Together Field Manual

This is an excellent collective wiki for all occupy movements, but city-specific sub-categories are encouraged:   Tips for starting your own Occupy Together Self-Sustaining Community for Long-Term Activism  

Help, I’m getting arrested!

Imagine you’re in New York (or perhaps another major metropolitan city) peacefully protesting. Your cause? Let’s say, to curb excessive influence of big business and the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans on U.S….

Legal issues and risking arrest

The decisions that we make are political, not legal. The reaction of the government to what we are doing, to what we stand for, will also be political. We can have quite an…

Documenting the wounded for non-activists

Download here.

Documenting the wounded for activists

Download here.

Police Misconduct Report

Download here.

Legal Support Person

This handout is geared for activists, not the legal team. It covers how to be the legal support person for your affinity group and a form for people to fill out before the…

Organizing Mass Defense

This is an overview of the different work that can go into legal support if you are taking a large number of political cases to trial. A lot of these things can be…

Phone Script

This document is for volunteers to use as a guide while answering phones. We cover calls from jail, from the street, from the media, and from concerned family members. We also outline how…

Legal Team Action Roles

This document is a description of the various roles that need to be filled during an action in addition to answering phones. We cover office roles – Information Coordinator, Media Flak, and Office…

Setting Up an Action Legal Team

This document was created to help organizers form an effective legal team for a mass action. It is a general overview of places to begin discussion and work. We briefly discuss questions to…

Legal Support for a Small Action

This is the handout for our Small Action Legal Support training., and is oriented towards folks supporting actions with fewer than 50 arrests. It covers roles of legal support, basic office setup, how…

Court Solidarity

This guide focuses on using Legal Solidarity in court. More in-depth discussion on court support, lawyers, and plea-bargains. (6 pages) Download here.

Legal Solidarity Handbook

This handbook covers the basics of Legal Solidarity both in jail and court. Topics include: police, media, deciding to use Legal Solidarity, plea bargains, jail, court, lawyers, etc., all in concise and straightforward…

Legal Observer Manual

Download here. National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer Training Manual NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD LEGAL OBSERVER TRAINING MANUAL National Lawyers Guild 143 Madison Ave 4th Fl New York NY 10016 212-679-5100 © 2003 National…


Know your rights (Multi-language)

To File A Police Misconduct Complaint in NYC: Contact Civilian Complaint Review Board by calling 311 or visit Make sure you speak to a lawyer (call the National Lawyers Guild 212-679-6018) because…

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