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Quick guide for a revolution [multi-language]

[MULTILINGUAL] Quick guide for a revolution [PDF] [ENGLISH] Quick guide for a revolution [ESPAÑOL/SPANISH] Breve guía para montar revoluciones [PORTUGUÊS/PORTUGUESE] Guia Rápido para uma revolução [MULTILINGUAL] – English – Español/Spanish – Português/Portuguese [ENGLISH]…

Guia Rápido para uma revolução (Português)

Quick guide for a revolution [MULTI-LANGUAGE] Guia Rápido para uma revolução (pelo movimento 15M/Occupy) [PDF] Índice: Sê os 99%. – Pensa como os 99%. – Pergunta aos 99%. – Abre as portas aos…

Quick guide for a revolution (English)

Quick guide for a revolution [MULTI-LANGUAGE] Quick guide for a revolution (by the movement 15M/Occupy) [PDF] Index: Be the 99%. – Think as the 99%. – Ask the 99%. – Open the doors…

Tools, ideas, concepts and strategies

[From] This is a space to share tools, valuable ideas, concepts and strategies between the different grass-root social movements 1. The use of pads like this is useful to make collaborative work…

Breve guía para montar revoluciones

Quick guide for a revolution [MULTI-LANGUAGE] Breve guía para montar revoluciones. (por el movimiento 15M/Occupy) [PDF] Índice: Sed el 99%. – Piensa desde el 99%. – Pregunta al 99%. – Abre las puertas…

How to cook a non-violent #revolution (v2.0)

How to cook a non-violent #revolution (ENGLISH v2.0)(pdf) Cómo cocinar una #revolución no violenta (ESPAÑOL/SPANISH v2.0)(pdf) Come cucinare una #rivoluzione pacifica (ITALIANO/ITALIAN v2.0)(doc) Как устроить мирную революцию (русский/RUSSIAN v2.0)(doc) “Greek, Italian, Romanian, Serbian-Croatian,…

How to Set Up a Live Streaming News Cell by

This “how to” will focus on how random teams of 2 or more people can set up a coordinated Live Streaming Video News Cell with minimal investment using the technology that you may…

Seeds For Change Network

Seeds For Change Network is a non-profit training and support co-op helping people organise for action and positive social change. The network started in 2000 with informal co-operation between people who were doing…

The Movement Action Plan: A Strategic Framework Describing The Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements

By Bill Moyer, Spring 1987 The United States anti-nuclear energy movement was launched in the Spring of 1977, when 1,414 Clamshell Alliance activists occupied the Seabrook nuclear power site and spent the next…

Strategizing For A Living Revolution

By George Lakey 1 Otpur (“Resistance” in Serbian) began as hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of young people took to the streets to rid their country of dictator Slobadan Milosevic. Impatient…

The Legal Fiction – How They Control Us

Throughout the ages mankind’s ingenuity has allowed one group of people to control others. The creation of the ‘legal fiction’ is a superb example – it is the very foundation of how we…

Ad-free Live Video Broadcasting

Livestream is offering free, premium streaming to Occupy groups. Write to the editors of at to request your channel be upgraded to a premium account. Through Livestream, you’ll be connected to a network of streaming…

Web Hosting

MayFirst is waiving initial membership dues to Occupy related websites. May First/People Link is a politically progressive member-run and controlled organization that redefines the concept of “Internet Service Provider” in a collective and collaborative way. Just…

Derechos y libertades para la lucha social y sindical – Guía Antirrepresiva

DOWNLOAD   INDICE: presentación  8 I  ACTUACIONES REPRESIVAS EN LA CALLE 10 1.A   IDENTIFICACION: 11 ¿Dónde se regula? 11 • ¿Qué sujetos pueden llevar a cabo nuestra identificación? 11 • ¿Qué actitud debemos…

Afirmacion y resistencia – La comunidad como apoyo

DOWNLOAD Comentarios:  Texto que en apenas unos años se ha convertido en un clásico del trabajo con comunidades afectadas por violencia política. A partir de su experiencia en Centroamérica, los autores proponen metodologías…

Planning your action – Media Manuals

  Download here

How to Start A #Revolution – #globalrevolution

A camp in Athens, Greece (via wikimedia) By Willie Osterweil The protest camp proved a central part of the revolution in Egypt. It’s impossible to say where the movements built around the camps…

How to cook a pacific #revolution

“How to cook a pacific #revolution” translated to multiple languages 1. We are “los indignados” On 15th May 2011, a number of citizens of different ways of thinking started a non-partisan political movement…

Anonymous Guide for Citizens in Revolution

Download here.

Security Culture: The Puppet Show

Download here.

The Ruckus Society : An Introduction to Security Issues

Download here.

Ruckus Media Manual

Download here.

Media Manual

The Ruckus Society Media Manual provides an introduction how the news media works (or doesn’t), and covers wire services, newspapers, radio, and television. A checklist for effective direct action media is included. Downloadable…

Documenting the wounded for non-activists

Download here.

Documenting the wounded for activists

Download here.

Remember to bring a video or photo camera

If it isn’t captured in video or photographs, it didn’t happen. Sousveillance is a terms coined by Steve Mann to describe the recording of an activity from the perspective of a participant in the activity, typically…

Anonymous Survival Guide

An interesting guide for citizens living in violent revolution areas. Download here.

Guide for Demonstrators

Download here. GUIDE FOR DEMONSTRATORS First Amendment Activity And Potential Consequences You have a constitutionally protected right to express your views in public spaces. This includes sidewalks, parks, as well as other locations…

Planing your action

Ruckus Scouting Manual For planning your Action (PDF) The Ruckus Society : Action Planning Manual Creative Direct Action Visuals Manual (PDF) Ruckus Ballon Banner Action Manual (PDF) Climber’s Knots Manual…

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