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Translators needed!!!


Spreading grassroots practices for a #globalchange
The initial proposal was to be an online archive for resources related to helping camps and assemblies get around the initial logistical problems: setting up an Internet site, dealing with police or assembly dynamics. Now we would like to take a step further and engage in different activities offline, such as spreading the movements ideals by creating assemblies in towns, rural areas and schools: we will deal with participatory democracy, horizontality, transparency, sustainable development and so on.
Future Activities:

  • Resource Network: Create a contact centre to share donations, hardware, books, clothes or food with different camps.
  • On the Road Operation: via our international network of contacts we will provide materials to organize workshops in various locations, especially those which might have limited Internet access.
  • Offline distribution: Using the ordinary mail system we plan to print out information and guides to send them to places where Internet access is limited, in this way we intend to be more inclusive in our practices.
  • A global school: Help to establish or nourish educational centers with the values practiced by our movement.
  • Hire translators so our content can be available for people in Africa, Asia and Oceania as well.
To get this going we need your help! Donate whatever you can, even a little amount can help. We will be absolutely transparent with everything we recieve or spend using an open source accounting tool. We will also provide scans of receipts whenever possible. Thank you for your help, we are looking forward to complete our first project so we can present everyone with the results!

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  1. Keep going with the wakeup call to the world…. you’re doing great!

    • I am curious to know . Has any one of the scoundrels responsible for the housing crisis been held accountable or punished yet? Also does anyone know (for a fact) if any new regulations have been put in place to avoid this gambling on toxic assets again?

  2. great site.

    you should start a series of “who we are” where people relate how they have dreams and familys and friends just like the unoccupiers.

  3. I’m Asian-American .
    I am so proud of you people !
    All over the world deep respect your hard effort !

    사랑해요.. ( We love you ! )

  4. Welcome to the revolution (new testament)!! Change starts in the streets. Do not fear the Man! Change will happen with determination and numbers!!!! Checks this out………

  5. You Inspire Me and are having a significant hopeful impact on clinically depressed people! Thank You.

  6. Thank you for your efforts!

    You are the hope of the world. All of a sudden, the same old ways just won’r do.

    I am disheartened by foreclosures, unemployment, high health care costs, the widening gap between the rich and poor, the huge deficit the next generation will have to deal with.

    It’s the middle class that always suffers.

    Keep up the good work. God Bless you all!

  7. This clarion call of yours is long over-due. Congratulations and good job. You speak for us all. I do think, however, that while the inequities of wealth and opportunity must be high-lighted, more of the focus must be placed on Congress and its ineptitude, greed, and corruption, all of which facilitate these inequities. It is an absolute insult that elected officials who, under the very principles of democracy, must necessarily speak for the majority–the 99%, not only do not, but, moreover, they have demonstrated nothing but contempt for the majority’s plight, situation, needs, and wishes. Our present system which focuses on getting elected by spending the most money and empty promises must be re-vamped. Politicians must be held accountable with greater immediacy for their failure to represent their constituency, than the end of their terms by which, too often, people’s memories and anger fade. Onward. May you awaken us all from our deep slumber and stimulate our collective consciousness.

  8. Idea for sign:
    “Do not steal, they do not like competition!”

  9. Send a request to US Army and NATO to protect demonstarations from violent police. Maybe they could deliver some bang bang, same like in Libya…

  10. I don’t feel alone anymore.
    I’m disabled but I walk with you in my heart hoping for a peaceful, caring, sucessful country. Thank you All.

  11. You give us hope for a better future. This is a beautiful thing.

  12. we need more leadership!!!! We need to educate our brothers and sisters of our generation! This is one of the largest scams in the history of humanity!!!!!!! But how can we live without supporting these corporations when we need to go to SAFEWAY to eat

  13. saul, their jobs went to china, yours is next…

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