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  1. I want to thank everyone of you who are or intend to Occupy Wall Street. I wish I could be there.

  2. I would like to help out however I can. Just turned 28 and spent my Birthday wishing I could occupy. I am a Licensed Optician and speak English and Spanish fluently. Pretty proficient on certain aspects of computers.
    Please tell me how I can help or lead me to the right place.

    Thank You,

    -Carlos H.

  3. - I believe that we should demand amending the constitution to include economic sustainability as a requirement to make business. We should demand this as a # 1 priority.

    - I believe we should demand that the universal declaration of Human rights become law.

    - I believe we should forbid the selling of any product that hasn’t been made according to our own social & environmental standards here in the US.

    - I believe we should obligate big corporations to guaranty the disposal of any and all their products and assets.

  4. hi there, i want to help with translations (to spanish (latin american))

  5. i could help you translate this to spanish



  6. I someone should video the LIVES of these1%ers and show just how they live vs how the average person lives. Kinda like Kim K and her 18 Million $ wedding.

  7. Ellen, Occupy is not a place, it is a state of mind. You are there!

  8. We’re health care consumers who are upset about the high cost and high exclusion of under served people. We just started Occupy Health with a facebook page and welcome everyone.


    misunderstanding? Nobody believes this crap and minds in victoria are turning against this solutionless movement. Of course the solutions have been put on the table by those of us at the legislature, whom dare not to list, or respond to. We find this “excuse” highly unlikely when you compare it to the likelihood of this being a united nations master puppeteer con job on the people to usher in new world order. In fact the “anonymous” logo looks far too much like the U.N. logo, Kalle Lasn has dubious communist/socialist beliefs and there’s a link between adbusters and the, which as we know establishes that all three groups are U.N. puppets. I am sorry but I am totally busting your next GA meeting with this information seeing as people still seem ignorant of it and it is time to throw the guide to protesting and all the bs associated with this movement out the window and come up with something new. A) consensus is not important, B)rule by volunteerism (not by force of the consensus), and individuals opt-in or out on their own to single aspects not whole systems C)this political correctness can go out the window. D)The facilitators can take a hike E)Self-credit issuance solves the “money” issues. Whatever it takes to stop this “world government” plan, because we don’t want that and certainly not from the united nations, g20 tyrants who made up “free speech zones” and want cops to use badge covers and lrads for example at the phili g20. Nobody is falling for this crap seriously! This saturday hope you got a nice gathering because it is totally busted! We are going to make sure everyone knows the truth and why they need to gather against this movement and make up a new one that works for people.

  10. we need to take a stand and if there is no back up from a religious point of view, well there is now.

    • Why not occupy the streets around the largest Police Department in downtown NY? Obviously not blocking police and then stop by Bloomberg’s house?

      • What wrong with you people. You have no actual cause. Your just upset you dont get t o live in a penthouse. All your doing is raising our taxes and putting millions of innocent people at risk including police and every day citizens. Several police had to go to the hospital today for trying to keep the streets safe. You know whos gonna pay for this police action taxes. Your screwing yourselves over wake up. Have an actual goal and dont just stand and march because your upset ur not rich. Meanwhile, the millionaires of the country are asking for extra tax burden what else do you want!

        • OWS has dozens of causes, and they very throughout each state and country who joins in. It’s not about living in a penthouse, it’s about resuscitating the American Dream and fixing what has been broken for so long. The main focus is the unfairness between the rich and poor. Why is it that America is the only 1st world country that does not offer all it’s citizens full health benefits? Why are African Americans still overwhelmingly living in poverty and receiving a poorer education? Why were my parents able to afford a house at 23, yet that goal to me seems unfathomable because I have $40,000 in school loans, and although have amazing credit cannot get a loan because of what I owe. The list goes on.

          Yes we pay a lot of taxpayer money because of the protests, but that doesn’t mean our taxes have gone higher. The way I see it is we bailed out Wall Street and all those failing companies with taxpayer money, why doesn’t OWS deserve it? No matter whether you agree with OWS or not, every American has the right to free speech and voice their opinion. To me it is not a waste of money, they have been doing what I wish I could do, but too busy to join and commit.

          Lastly only a few handfuls of wealthy celebrities and politicians have been asking for a tax increase. The overwhelming majority of the 1% has not, especially the one’s who lobby the Republicans to block all advances to raising it. You shouldn’t be gloating either about this, it was either higher taxes on the rich or steal health benefits from the sickly and elderly. We will not be happy alone with this, because OWS fights and stands for many basic human rights and ideals which they have addressed. When those are met then we’ll be happy.

          • Veronica,
            Part of the problem is that you have a mass of causes and complains that vary by location. This leads to the easy ability to discredit your various causes. A unified front would be more effective.

            Also, you are the one who accumulated the $40,000 in school debt. That was your choice. Some of you folks need to stop and look at the choices you’ve made.

            Ask yourself, is my degree in Art History going to pay back my student loans? Most likely not. Maybe I’ll get a degree in something else.

            They offer PAID internships and other opportunities all of the time at my school.

            Who has the ability to create a job a millionaire or some schmo on the street with a protest sign?

            It seems that the OWS people have forgotten the American dream. If you work hard, bust your butt, come up with some really great ideas, start your own company, you may become satisfied and successful. Hell you may even be able to give someone a job and then you’ll be part of those evil 1% rich fat cats.

            The immigrants still know this.

            If you want to protest someone. Head on down to DC. Those are the ones that profit the most from Wall St. with inside information, give themselves sweetheart deals, make rules that apply to everyone BUT themselves. Give themselves pay raises on your tax money EVERY freaking year no matter what.

            Grow up and get a clue folks, you are much stronger being a political movement instead of a bunch of repugnant characters standing somewhere with signs and no clear message.

          • Veronica,
            If you join the military, they will pay back every last cent of your college tuition, you will have a good job with a steady paycheck, food in your belly, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head. You will travel around the world on Uncle Sam’s dime. You will also have the honor of serving your country, not just yourself. After you serve your tour of duty, you can receive an honorable discharge, receive VA benefits, and be preferred for job openings. Stop walking around the streets whining about your college loans and get your butt to a military recruiting office. I did.

        • Steven, Here is the cause: Billions of dollars go to wars, corporate subsidies and foreign governments. I have been self employed with my own small business for 28 years. I used to have 5 employees. Now I have none. Those unemployed employees can no longer be involved in our economic system as consumers. This is the begining of the implosion of the downward spiral of our economy. Why did I lay them off? It is because a lack of consumers like them who could no longer afford to purchase the goods and services that my company provided. Small businsses are at the front line base of our economic system. After two years of cut backs there is nothing left to cut except my utilities, insurances and mortgages. So next you will see one more liability on some banks’, utility and insurance companys’ balance sheets. Then there will be another auction dumping goods on the market for pennies on the dollar. How will my competitors compete with prices for goods like that. This is the same as the forclosure crisis. I am 61 years old. My retirement was my equity in my real estate holdings. Kiss that goodby. What hope is there for me looking at recieving $489 a month from Social Security. Ha ha. If you think people like me want some penthouse you are a fool. I have worked hard every day of my life to be successful. All I want is to keep my home and business and hopefully keep working until I am 80 years old to take care of myself. No big business is going to step up to the plate for me that is for sure. The only hope that I see is for our government to infuse a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY into the system to stop this downward financial spiral. Banks get loans from the fed for 1% interest or less! What about the feds giving emergency micro small business loans for that rate? It may already be to late. Hey Steven maybe you will be caught up in this mess too. Won’t this be fun to watch everything that we have worked for go to HELL!

          • Bud, your comments are totaly correct. I just want to keep the house that I own and live a decent life. Small business employs more workers that large coorporations, yet it is the large coorporations that get the tax brakes, bailouts etc. Why? Because they are the biggest contributors to polical campaigns. If you asked the 1% if they would pay 3% more in taxes, they probably wouldn’t care. From a business stand point if the middle class is less burnded with taxes, they will have more money to spend on the things that the 1% produce.

        • Hi Steve,
          Maybe you haven’t been informed about the free masons and the Bilderberg Group but I’m here to either inform you or reinform you that the richest people are truly corrupt. Some of these people including Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands had strong ties with the Nazi regime. They meet illegally once a year to discuss what they plan to do in the upcoming year to the economy, to the media, etc, because they can. One of their primary goals is to reduce the population by 80% because they feel that the less fortunate, less wealthy, low-income, what-have-you, are dispensable and a drain on their assets which includes the God given earth. If you look up Bilderberg you may find videos where they give speeches openly admitting that they want a one world government of which they will be in charge. Anyone who disagrees will be thrown into a concentration camp or killed. This is just a glimpse of why occupy is so important and more than that, detrimental, to our well-being. If you don’t believe this part of it, let me give you one more example: We are the people which the constitution states are the people the government exists to serve and not the other way around. We were created equal and given the rights to life and liberty. If certain people who live in penthouses, as you say, are preventing others of their God given rights, then there is a definite problem that needs resolved. I’ll leave you with these words: “To secure our rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their JUST powers from the CONSENT of the governed that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of THE PEOPLE to ALTER or ABOLISH IT…-Thomas Jefferson

          • I don’t think you meant detrimental when you wrote, “This is just a glimpse of why occupy is so important and more than that, detrimental, to our well-being.” :P


        • It’s a redress of grievances that is so obvious it does not need a goal, or a list of demands. Our founding fathers set up the constitution for just this purpose. And, it’s just this rhetoric from people who want the status quo that leads to dictatorships

        • If you paid any attention, whatsoever, you would know perfectly well what our goals are. as for injuries …does anyone remember SC university or how many people had to go to the hospital because of the abuse of pepper spray?

        • After a month at the occupation. I was able to stream line the causes that echo from sea to shinning sea. Most people are not “Haters” and since I have never lived in a penthouse I am sure I won’t Miss what I have never had.

          But, since you mention living in the penthouse!. When you gazed down onto the streets from your penthouse, ask yourself a few questions: Did I arrive at this digs because, I beat, conned or by some other dishonest means acquired such lap of luxary? Are my associates honerable people, who also acquired their humble means through ethical practices and means.

          Then look at your family history, are you from any of those lines, who bloodied hands sold, traded during the Transatlantic slave trade. Did your family supply merchandise to any of these companies?

          Or extorted the Native people out of their lands.

          You can answer these questions, you will find that your shallow response “Your just upset you dont get t o live in a penthouse.” does not rise to the occassion of being sold out”

          Yes, It baffled me that the cities 1% would pay so much money to prevent me from speaking. Boy, I had’nt felt that important since I became a victim to the prison industrial complex.

          Those Gray haired men running around swirling there batons ain’t complaining. its just OT to them…..

        • Check out 60 Minutes Prosecuting Wall Streets Parts 1 and 2.

          Have an actual goal and dont just stand there and let them take all your money and march because your realize you aint really rich…..

      • I recall some body saying that under a capitalist system those in power will use the media and sometimes the police, military etc to supress protest againts the system they control (Karl Marx) well as an outsider to the US, so much for the land of the free, but then again I really was a keen follower of superman as he fought for truth just and the American way.

        Power is not an easy thing to throw away. Best of luck

        • @ Marx, You are correct. So glad to see a Karl Marx reference. It is not about capitalism, it is about PEOPLE. One day we will answer for what we have done, we will have to explain why our love of money was more important than a love for man-kind.

    • Living from paycheck to paycheck is nothing new to me. Ramen noodles have been my main entree for several years. My vehicle was once my home before I was granted the opportunity of choice between rent or groceries. I’m one of the lucky ones and a big support to family and friends. the company I work for makes more off of me in a month than I bank in 6 months. I am the 99%

  11. Let me know if you need shirts!


      How about allow the “TAXPAYERS” vote on where our money should be invested. Instead we vote on politicians we dont know anything about who’s campaign had been vested by some rich crook to make decisions not for us but for these crooks. Its time for America to make serious changes with our political system. Let us have the power to vote on our money and not some dirty politician. This would put an end to “Corporate America”.

  12. Reason has never yielded to the overwhelming force of ignorance or pointed interests. Instead this generation has seen a new aspect rise from this hydra; one of careful exhaustion. We deal daily with a careful efffort of being human under the watching skies of insidious lobbies, and special interests hidden by ill-wrought laws.
    This is our challenge to rout them out; our generation’s Clarion call.
    Should we fail in our decade then it is not the end. No, it will not be a hellish nightmare of plutocracy; instead the fight will continue. It will last on even after we win, such is the unique task of real liberty, one of diligence alongside necessity. But the task will become harder to accomplish.
    Our pains will multiply and be handed over to another generation, confused and uncertain as our fate was passed to us.

    So, let us not fail then.
    We will show the historians in a hundred years who with cold stomachs watch the dizzying madness of corrupted television, of the fanatic radio host, of the truth escapist similar so to the spoiled child that it had an end. We intend to write it.
    This is not in bloodshed, no violence has ever been needed except by perverted logic and evil politics. But sweat.
    Together we will show the fanatics, the holocaust deniers, those who despise civil-rights, the profiteers by corrupt laws and those demagogues preacing vile logic.
    And we shall do this reasonably, safely, eternally.

    • Occupy, A Word From Within
      From a small tent in L.A. just eight yards off of Spring St. At 56 my bones are aching wide awake at Four AM. Thinking about the “PROTESTOR I’VE BEEN”. Vietnam, No Nukes, Women’s Rights, and many others, leading up to Afghanistan and Iraq. All with a central significance not just something ‘ [ɑː] FREE FLOAT THRASHING ABOUT THE SEA’. A movement (of change) just can’t be about Numbers it needs stride with various Chant’s “Each Day, If In Fact We Have Something To Say?” I see the writing on the wall this morning in this malodorous taffeta tent as the once unfamiliar scent of cavvy, base, begins to swirl once again through the camp. A vast population (among us) owned the surrounding City Streets before we showed up to provide a safe haven to flock to, where “WE” ‘OCCUPY’ are now a complicit camouflage! Yesterday there was a new “Vibration” among the Police, Somthin’s Burnin’ and I fear it will be all inclusive. I consider ‘OCCUPY’ to be of Political Intellect capable of a Legacy. The ostensible leaders need to conference City Officials’ and YES invite them to come in and clean-up “OUR” encampment. We are thinking people we don’t need contraband nor the anarchy these impostors are itching for.

  13. Is there a plan to have voter registtration at the OWS sites?

  14. As seen in the 60 monutes lead story 11/13 Congress is the basis for the wall street power. If the laws are fair the rest will take care of itself.

    Push a political agenda to have congress adhear to the same laws as the citizens, no more no less (Social Security, health care, ethics, retirement based on years of service starting with the 2nd term, etc.).

    You cant get good wine from bad grapes, same goes with our representatives.

    • The entire Occupy movement should come down to DC and camp in Anacostia Park, site of the original Bonus March Encampment in 1932. Do what the Bonus Marchers did. Set up a clean, formal encampment. I’m sure there are enough sponsors who will pay for potties and showers.

      Then, every day, all those at the encampment should get up at 6:30 a.m. and march down Maryland Avenue to the Capitol and spend the day visiting their Senators and Representatives. Every day until they get something done, like a nationwide Section 8 subsidy program so that everyone pays 1/3 of their monthly income for housing.

      Let’s get organized, Fellow Workers!

  15. Here is an idea from my wife, how about hit the money makers where it hurts them most, their pockets. Why don’t we start a movement where everone takes out all their money from their bank accounts and hold them for 1 week. This will create a huge cash shortage for the banks and wall street depends on banks to move stocks. Stop feeding the FAT CATS. Let’s plan a date and get it rolling. Who’s with me????

    • Great idea, more than a week. Permanently.

    • Great idea!! For it; withdraw all our monies and not pay our taxes at all!!!

      • I like this idea! And I was also thinking that if we aranged a day or two where everyone avoids buying anything. If business has no money rolling in for a day or two that would really effect the stock market. Not exactly sure how but I think that would work in combination with withdrawing all of our money. I’m with you. Lets get it rolling.

        • Closed my bank acct at BOA on Tuesday!!!!

        • I agree that taking money out of banks would be ideal, but about not buying anything for a day will hurt small business owners. I for one work for a small business and there fore depend on them for my well being. I think that not purchasing items from say Wal Mart and Target and other Big name stores would hurt the stock market harder than taking money from small business owners who are just trying to make a living like everyone else.

      • Nope. Our taxes keep the country going no matter how dysfunctional. If we think taxes are spent on the wrong things or are unfairly levied, then we need to convince people to vote for politicians who do a more equitable job.
        We do have a democracy, but we can only make things better for the 99 by voting in radicals. By “radicals” I mean those who are not beholden to corporations.
        Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough Americans who are hurting enough to vote for true radicals.
        There is power in voting numbers and we don’t have enough…..yet

        How do we convince people that more equitable government would be much better for them in the long run than the flat screen TVs and Iphones that are keeping folks distracted today?

    • That,s a great idea. How about a general strike? when the 1% can,t shop,take a dump,call the cops,get thier fires put out or have electricty maybe then they will get it!

    • I think this is a good line of thinking. Keep it going.

    • Are you guys nuts. Do you not understand global economics. If you do that the whole stock market will crash! This will cause millions of regular ordinary working people that are not just sitting around and protesting to lose their jobs. Everyone will suffer, you guys will suffer. The global economy could collapse. Do you not realize how radical this is! this is what caused the great depression. You have to realize if you do this, you will stick the United States so far into recession and ruin its whole economy and you will not have food or anything, mass famines living in Hoovervilles. The only thing that alleviated the Great Depression was government which you dont want! your digging yourselves in a hole if u do this and we may not be able to get out of it. Please for the good of all people, children and yourselves dont do this

      • Steven, you are living in the fear that the 1%ers and their advocates want you to be in. To be truly free in a democracy is hard work and often times calls for bravery beyond concern for one’s life or possessions. Why are you so worried about Wall Street and a crash…it has happened many times in the past and it will again in the future. Jamie Diamond of Chase said last year that perhaps we will just have to get used to what happened in 2008 when it all blew up and he put it on a time table of every 7 YEARS! It is a game for suckers to believe that the 99% will ever win with Wall Street! We pulled out of the market months ago and don’t intend to go back in. When we hit “hyper inflation”, which is coming, we will put it in interest bearing accounts and play “that game” for a time. You are foolish to think that it is wise to sit and do nothing to rock the boat…change never will come for the majority if they sit by and acquiese to the autocrats…you are merely part of the serf class to all of them!

        • Excellent point Carol…….that’s what 1%ers count on that in many instances people are not willing to give a little to get much more in the long run. And, that’s why I’m proud…finally, to be an American because of OWS. This is courage that I’m witnessing. And, as you say that’s democracy at work

      • Government is not necessarily the problem, rather cooperations buying votes is an issue.

    • Slam; Your wife is a smart lady! Even a boycott day on credit card/debit card spending would cause a substantial shortfall on the street. A position of power to negotiate demands, i.e., fair credit card interest rates.

      I have not heard a definitive plan on what the movement plans to accomplish.
      Where is it?

  16. Why don’t we get people to close their bank accounts on black Friday, November 25th. Wouldn’t this hurt the banks, wall street, the 1% and the IRS all at the same time? Where will Corporations borrow money if the 99% take their money out? With our money out, how can the IRS track us (I am not advocating cheating)? Where will the banks make their money? Wall Street will obviously be affected? We can all go home, be warm, accomplish more and do something. If they shut the banks down Friday, continue each day until sucsess is achieved. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Ur hurting not only the banks but the whole global economy!!!!!!1 Why dont you realize your not only being a grinch by not buying christams gifts, your hurting all buisnesses big and small and with no businesses there is no jobs and therefore no one has money its a lose lose

      • well clearly our economy isn’t working, no matter who it affects it needs to be brought down. People need to learn how to live without money, and all of the crutches our society leans on.


  18. Peace was the main ingredient of the greatest revolutions. Lets use the tools of our times wisely and quietly to combat the system.

  19. Is there away that we can buy only from companies that are hiring people? We could demand % of jobs required before we start buying from them? If we are the consumers, how can we control? If large companiees do not do well, how can we help small local business to succeed, create jobs and meet local needs.

  20. anyone wishing to continue the occupy movement, just dress very warm and the guys carry “manbags with a fluffy towel for a pillow. No sleeping bags and no tents, and more security. For rain bring a rain tarp. No tents, no sleeping bags, no problem.
    Der Doc

  21. SLAM I’m with you. I think we need to do things like that which will rattle wall street. Remove their cash flow for a week sounds like something simple 99% of us can do.. so they realize how powerful we are !!

  22. I’m Tunisian and I really like what you do… STAY STRONG !!!

  23. I believe in the cause but how do you make 1% give up their wealth for the good of mankind? How do you convince them to give up their designer clothes so a child in Bangladesh never has sleep hungry or turn their thousand acres of land california into affordable housing for thousands of people. The truth is, they are living the american dream. They won’t want to jeopardize that so everyone can be equal let alone equal opportunity. Unless these bastards share the wealth share the wealth we should take it from them. How did get rich? By exploiting us, its only fair

    • Actually millionaires are asking congress to tax them more. Number 2 they are often filanthropic these millionares, number 3 they earned the money through their hard work. Either through schooling or business deals. They may have just been dealt a good hand or worked harder than any of us to get what they got. Its not fair to just take their money. It wont solve anything either

  24. Do you plan on promoting any voter registration activities?

  25. Hey, guys ….. I just want to congratulate the courage and strength of the americans standing together to change the reality of the world. I’m from Uruguay I lived in the US for many years and my daughter was born in Arkansas. I have grown to love all the good-hatred, hard-working americans I had the pleasure to share moments with. Here in Uruguay we had very dark times in the past, we endured 11 years or dictatorship, lots of young guys arrested and tortured, missing and broken families. We are only 3 millon and we did change it. Please defend your rights, help educate the public and stand together. IT CAN BE DONE! ……………. The world is hatching, the 1% is scared ………..

  26. from a dedicated OWSer:

    We have to get involved in the process to change the process. I undertsand and respect the idea of “a leaderless resistance”, but we need leaders in order to take this cause to the next level. Why are republicans so successful at driving the narrative and why do they have such a hold on half of the population? Because they are an extremely organized propoganda machine with clear leaders. We could be the “anti-propoganda machine”- the truth machine. But we do need leaders- maybe a panel of leaders that could represent a variety of interests (Michael Moore would be one great spokes person!).

    We need to support politicians and other powerful organizations that fight the good fights on behalf of the 99%. (Ex: doing all we can to get Elizabeth Warren elected)

    Campain finance reform is one of the best ways to start real change happening. Taking the money out of politics is 3/4 of the fight. This should take all of the focus at some point. One major issue at a time, using all resrouces at once to make the most impact.

    Create a “99% Pledge” (similar in idea to Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protesction Pledge) to keep politicians honest and to be able to clearly identify those who go against the interests of the 99%.

    All Occupy sites should have voter registration tables. Also, information on how to obtain a valid ID that might be needed to vote in the next election. And people need to be given factual information about the various parties and candidates, what they stand for, what causes they support and how they have voted on issues in the past etc…
    Most importantly, we need to learn from history so we do not repeat it OR so we can imitate it (The French Revolution, The Arab Spring).

  27. Hello, I live in San Pedro, California and do plan to give San Pedro it’s own “Occupy”, San Pedro is an community in Los Angeles, California. I will be shure to promote this page to every one of the people I know:)

  28. I would like to get involved, are there any protests going on in Phoenix, AZ? I

    would love to be a part of this movement and look forward to ways I can help..

  29. We can register to vote but who do we vote FOR? We have no good choice, a third party of moderation and the ability to work on real issues is a must. The extremes are the problem, we need a real voice in the election, not more of the same lies and deceit. The 1% is supported in elections but the people have no real choice, let’s form a third party alternative!

  30. Where do you post needed items for donations? I want to support you in some capacity…. Please post what your needs are;) I’m sure there are others who will donate as well.. Thank you, thank you, thank you {{{{big hugs}}}}

  31. I spent a year in Afghanistan in the hopes that with my military service i would be able to find a job but now i am disabled with two kids and haven’t been able to find a job that pays enough to support my family since i came home 2 YEARS AGO! and to make matters worse i got denied for a $30,000 VA home loan because of two credit card debts that were forgiven because of the servicemens credit relief act still tarnished my credit. I guess the “guaranteed VA home loan” didn’t have a very good guarantee so i’m renting and paying student loans going deeper in debt by the month and the only way that my children will see a decent education is by going to war like i did. This is indeed a sad world for those who’ve worked their life away and weren’t born into a wealthy lifestyle. What ever happened to America the land of opportunity?

  32. I am interested in helping with Translation. Im fluent in Swahili and would be more than happy to participate in bringing equality to all walks of life.

    I am poor and naked but I am the chief of a nation. We do not want riches but we do want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches. We want peace and love.
    –Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux~

  33. You are being used by the other few powerful…the leftists like the Communist Castro, Russians, Chinese, etc…Oh how they love us down so they can be up and we will be like another poor third world country!

  34. Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.

    Benjamin Franklin

  35. I don’t understand why you’re ‘occupying Wall Street’ – if you were to research the history of several recent legislative decisions, banking and otherwise, dating back ten years, you’d find Obama’s name ALL over them first as a Community Organizer, then as a Senator, now as a President – my point?

    Not only does he SUPPORT this ridiculous movement, along with his friends…he supported nearly all of the decisions that led to the dissolution of the banking industry that has led to the destruction of our businesses.

    My solution? don’t decamp – simply MOVE – to the White House.

    Occupy Washington DC – and yes, I’m Serious. Obama is a serious tool. research him – he’s a retard. you guys should be picketing HIS house. right now. with all of your friends. NOT the bankers. they practically held guns to the bankers heads, forcing them to make those loans – (look it up, guys, completely serious here, this is a matter of public record, next time, do your research before taking something on!)

    Good luck but you’re crapping in the wrong yard!

  36. I have just today discovered your organization. These 1 percent should not underestimate us. Our real power lies in our wallet. Try choosing particular companys to boycott. For example if Walmart has sold us out to the forign markets then boycott them for a month and choke off their sole resorce, the American dollar which comes from your wallet. Force them to bring our jobs back home for what goes around comes around. If I pay 20 dollars for a pair of shoes made in China my money goes this route. If I pay the higher price for the American made shoe my money goes around the US and will come back to me in a different form. This is what the Execs fail to calculate when they try to cut costs. Martin

  37. I believe the number 1 demand we should be making is CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM!!! CFR encompasses pretty much all of the problems with congress and our politicians. Money is the only reason why politicians legislate in favor of huge corporations, banks and the rich. Once the money is gone then the important changes we need will be made and our voices will be heard!!!

  38. I live in Casper, Wyoming and would like to get involved here.

  39. is there any active OWS chapter in India?

  40. Occupy corporations Black Friday. Their bottom line is relient on us the 99 percent.

    Deliver the message of hope to those who are forced to work on Black Friday for only a measly minimum wage job while shareholders and stock market clowns reap the bigger benefits of bigger bonuses.

    Occupy the Port of LA once again, Black Friday is very reliant to what is delivered out of any port.

  41. I am happy that we are standing up america!!!. Its about time. I do feel we need to bring this movement to Washigton DC. We need to stand up for the people who have lost there jobs and homes etc…

  42. Now the quarterdeck is empty, waiting
    For a child of the sea to hear her cry
    We’ve drifted far too long without a sailor
    And the madman at the helm won’t get us by

    The crew waits beneath the deck in hunger
    For the courage that it takes to face the night
    So high above the waves in empty wonder
    Where a brave man first sees the morning light

    It’s time for a new direction
    Time for a resurrection
    Time for an insurrection
    It’s time to pray
    I know the universe is vast
    And I know the earth is sinking fast
    And I know I hear a madman laugh
    As he leads us to the grave

    Why have we been so overlong in waking?
    When the lookouts rang the bell from every tower
    Very soon the last dawn will be breaking
    If we don’t move to make the future ours

    I sing a song of doubtful consolation
    Outside my time, and desperate to be heard
    While pride and profit ride on two wild horses
    To pillage lives and rape our mother earth

    And it’s time for a new direction
    Time for a resurrection
    Time for an insurrection
    It’s time to pray
    I know the universe is vast
    And I know the earth is sinking fast
    And I know I hear a madman laugh
    As he leads us to the grave

  43. I want to help the cause, but I’m from the UK.. Any advice as to what I can do?

  44. There are 40% of the people who can’t vote or will not vote. Concentrate on getting that 40%. Change the laws so people who are covicted of non-violent drug crimes do not loose their right to vote, and felons who have paid their dues have the right to vote also. End the long, costly process to have rights restored. Right to vote should just be automatic for these peolpe and keep the court costs down by the billions, we need that money to create jobs. We need those votes, they are people whom are no different than others but just got caught. The only reason there is even a law to imprison most is because it supports legal slavery in the prisons industries.
    Lobby for a new law to allow the 40% of the people who have a equal right to vote or to hold any employment as all others do. This will decrease crime by ten fold and make our country a better place to live.

  45. I am Italian and I am happy to help with translations.
    You are great guys and I think you are starting something that may finally change the world. Keep going!!!

  46. I think OWS needs a theme song and Stevie Wonder’s YOU HAVEN”T DONE NOTHING seems to fit the bill.
    I’m think Flash Mob choreographed events in major public spaces that are youtubed can be a powerful tool to spread a message and lift peoples spirits as well.

    “You Haven’t Done Nothing”

    We are amazed but not amused
    By all the things you say that you’ll do
    Though much concerned but not involved
    With decisions that are made by you

    But we are sick and tired of hearing your song
    Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
    ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
    “You haven’t done nothing”!

    It’s not too cool to be ridiculed
    But you brought this upon yourself
    The world is tired of pacifiers
    We want the truth and nothing else

    And we are sick and tired of hearing your song
    Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
    ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
    “You haven’t done nothing”!

    Jackson 5 join along with me say
    Doo doo wop – hey hey hey
    Doo doo wop – wow wow wow
    Doo doo wop – co co co
    Doo doo wop – naw naw naw
    Doo doo wop – bum bum bum
    Doo doo wop

    We would not care to wake up to the nightmare
    That’s becoming real life
    But when mislead who knows a person’s mind
    Can turn as cold as ice un hum

    Why do you keep on making us hear your song
    Telling us how you are changing right from wrong
    ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
    “You haven’t done nothing”!

    Jackson 5 sing along again say
    Doo doo wop
    Doo doo wop – oh
    Doo doo wop – co co co
    Doo doo wop – sing it baby
    Doo doo wop – bum bum bum
    Doo doo wop – um
    Sing it loud for your people say
    Doo doo wop – um um um

    Doo doo wop – stand up be counted, say
    Doo doo wop – co co co
    Doo doo wop – ow
    Doo doo wop – bum bum bum
    Doo doo wop – ah hum

  47. I live in Cobalt, Ontario…a small mining town in North Eastern Ontario. Before the discovery of silver in the area Bay Street in Toronto was non existent.
    Toronto Got the Silver – Cobalt Got the Shaft

    The ‘silver mining boom’ in cobalt from 1903 to the late 1920’s was a tremendously important and exhilarating time. Veins of highgrade silver were found in Cobalt and the rush was on. Miners from around the world flocked to the remote bush camp to work the richest known vein of silver in the world and to lay the foundation for what was to become Canada’s hard rock mining industry.

    After the silver was mined out and shipped to Toronto – Cobalt was forgotten about. This is the norm for mining towns – however our town has not become a ghost town. We’ve a small population of 1500 now…but we’re working hard to keep the place alive.

  48. Banking system work on others money, it will start with 0 Dollar of its own, it takes money from people and lends to business men and makes profit. This how banks work. If money is not owned by bank, then don’t have right to lend to others its virtual money by which banks work. The root cause is because of the interest, and it will continue till people stop taking and giving INTEREST on money.

  49. We need a Black Friday protest.

  50. The inequity present in America is historic and unacceptable. If anybody should be thrown off the bus, I recommend Grover Norquist until such time that the 1% acknowledge they can no longer benefit at the expense of everybody else.

    We cannot accept the continuing flight of jobs from America nor the import of cheap illegal labor (no disrespect to human beings) that further erodes wages and benefits and deprives the most vulnerable of Americans of job opportunities.

    Neither is it acceptable to continue booking record corporate profits that come at the expense of the workers who make those profits possible and which ultimately impose on the middle-class to subsidize those profits AND to subsidize the myriad needs of the labor used to earn them. It’s wrong..

    Last, we should never allow Americans to be beaten or maced into submission and prevented from exercising our First Amendment rights. Fight back, America. This is OUR country, not the playground of a few elites. It’s a place where every child should have the opportunity to pursue his or her dreams and not ever be defined by birth station.

  51. I can help with Russian and Spanish.

  52. I”m with joe’s idea below…on mass holistic living on black friday…no shopping, no financial transactions…nlothing…let’s call for everyone to stay home and spend quality time giving thanks and spending time with the ones they love…

  53. I thing moving your money to a local Credit union or bank is a great start. This helps support your local economy. I think there is a another group we should look at and that’s the insurance industry. We all have way more insurance than we could ever use because we live in a fear based society. Thats the way they set it up for us. I have already taken a step in this direction by canceling my dental and vision insurance through my employer. I now take that money and put it into a health savings account and will use that money to pay for what ever medical issues I may come across. I am basically insuring my self now.
    Does anyone have a good Idea for going after the insurance company’s?
    Or what if we could start our own Not For Profit insurance company
    Take away their money and you take away there power.

  54. Link to an easy-to-understand explanation of the mortgage crisis:

    Encouraging participation via individual Occupation:

    Identifying those who have suffered from Wall Street’s crminal actions [everyone]:

    New content can be found at

    All content may be freely shared & reproduced to support, promote and further the goals of the Occupation.

  55. Banned baby…Banned! Wear it like a badge! …and the fledgling “Occupy the Failure” has the NERVE to ask why the police are shutting them down?

  56. Support Black Friday Retail Sales in the Greatest Country in the World: The United States of America!

    If these “protests” (lol) were peaceful…then why the police?

    • @Wooly Really, Wooly? Why the police? Maybe because there are more laws than simply those that pertain to violent acts. Maybe because a citizen might be perceived as unlawful even if they are simply standing, sitting or lying down in the “wrong” place. Enjoy your bliss, Ignoramus.

  57. This sounds like a noble cause and I too would love to see greed exterminated and fairness prevail as we expect in a country like America but I don’t see the 1% backing down because they are so high up. How can we reach them with such an indirect goal? I want to help! This movement has me inspired to fight for whats right, If anyone can send me more information on the movement and any updates on recent rallies or protests in the NYC area I’m ready to join!

  58. 1) Why did the bush administration in 2005 change the law allowing student loan to be discharged during bankruptcy?
    2) Personal loans can be discharged during bankruptcy
    3) Business loans can be discharged during bankruptcy
    4) Only the big businesses, the rich and those with name recognition can take large loans
    5) These loans are used to fund the education of the rich and the connected
    6) The children of these rich graduate from college without student loan debt
    7) Education is an investment or a business like any other business
    8) If the business doesn’t work; not getting a job after graduating, then the loans should not be paid
    9) Only the poor end up owing student loan
    10) It is not just unfair to allow the poor to shoulder these loans, but it also unjust
    11) The congress should pass a law NOW to change the status quo
    12) All student loans should be bailed out for ALL

  59. Washington, Congress, Executive, Judicial, Lobbiests, Wall Street: YOUR SOLUTIONS JUST DON’T WORK!!!

  60. With any well balanced civilization there needs to be a means to market and exchange goods. Instead of performing blanket boycotts across all businesses and industries. You need to make the “Black List” and “The Red List” (use the corporate and investment terminology). The lists would simply be companies that publicly say they will or will not stop making political contributions to any politician (no matter what party/position/ etc.). Make it very simple in nature…..Kiss principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)….they all start on “Red List”…and only move to “Black List” once they publicly announce they will no longer be a part of the problem but want to be part of the solution. They don’t even have to necessarily agree with everything that is being promoted by OWS. They just need to get out of the American Citizen’s business…which is political representation.

    Have the corporation pledge to not contribute anymore money to political campaigns nor endorse any lawmaker moving forward. They don’t have to agree with the movement. They simply have to agree to stop all campaign contributions to be a OWS “Black Listed” company.

    The 99% has power….but the system is set up to not let us win…you need food, water, shelter, and a way to make money (job). These are basic human needs for any civilization. So the question becomes what is the most powerful tool the 99% have? Buying power. Don’t boycott. Reward the companies who are standing in solidarity. If Exxon doesn’t want back the movement and Chevron does. Buy only gasoline from Chevron. Pretty soon you will have them battling themselves for being the exclusive sponsor of OWS. If Wal-Mart wants to contribute to political campaigns and Target says it does not…. the 99% needs to go to target to shop. Rewarding companies and small businesses instead of punishing all companies is the way to regain control of the economic system and remove that power from the elite. They are only elite…because they control your spending habits. Don’t call it a “Boycott”….call it an “Corporate Embargo” against corporations who want to continue socially corrupting political practices. It is simple act of having them publicly acknowledge they will no longer pay to elect politicians. Once the list is created….once they (corporations) are on the list….or not on the list….big changes will take place. At that point in time they will be forced to cast their lot.

    My prediction — they will not risk not being on the 99% side. It’s corporate suicide. As soon as you create an event where half the companies will benefit…and half will go without…all corporations will fold like a cheap suit….and the politicians relying on their funds will be scrambling as well….they can’t afford not to.

    To start – OWS needs to select a chosen “Starter Company” or companies. If you have four to chose from…..then select one. This keeps the initiative from being diluted initially.

  61. Hello,
    First of all, I am nobody–I work, I teach, I do what I can, and I am very fortunate.

    I don’t want any cred or any props whatsoever for this submission. I wrote this on July 4, 2010, after having endured what everyone like me has endured since 2008, since 2003, since 2001, since 2000, since 1996, since 1980.

    I offer it here so that you can steal it, use it, toss it, turn it, disagree with it. The one thing I will say is that it’s from my heart to yours, and it’s as honest as I can be.

    JULY 4, 2010:
    A new economics, woven into a new ethos of governance on which public trusts may be nurtured and brought to fruit, shall be our mission while the wars and terrors continue into this new century.

    A new economics presupposes the following about America’s current state of affairs:
    1. That since Reagan, a drive to deregulate industries, finance, and a host of state functions including education, resource management, and infrastructure, including the military, has benefitted a powerful minority that essentially controls dialogues and media of communication.
    2. That this ethos of “small government, weakly regulating” is predicated on the supposition that the private sector, and private, individual initiative, will both aid the growth of the American economy and benefit all Americans—an ideology variously known as “trickle down” or “supply side” economics.
    3. That while correct in locating the initiative, the spark, for change and growth in private, individual hands, the small government or supply-side models that have governed American politics and economic trends since 1970—even prior to Reagan—have so warped and mangled the basic definitions of “individual” and “initiative” and “government” that large swaths of the American population now live within economic and political movements that bear no relevance to their needs, that are so alien to their interests, so hostile to their efforts to plant and nourish a sustainable future for themselves and their children, that people are in effect forced to participate in their own economic and social demise.
    4. That laws elevating the corporation to the status of personhood have solidified the disintegration of the American political process, and have rendered representative government anachronistic and largely ceremonial.
    5. That these phenomena have created an existential threat to land, water, atmosphere, ecology, and ethics; that the extraction of mineral and fossil resources, while performed ostensibly for the public weal, has in effect created an oligarchy that has sought to undermine every movement for independence and self-determination across the globe; that is predicated on the objectification of people and environment; and that has consolidated such unprecedented power and wealth that these extractive corporations are now more powerful than the nations they serve, and have made the governments of these nations their foot soldiers.
    6. That these same interests have no intention, no motive, and no plan to design anything other than a topical, co-optive modification of the status quo.
    7. That finally, all initiative and all responsibility for a substantive change in economic and political models—for the creation of something truly and originally American—lies with people whose consent Thomas Jefferson states was the ground and legitimation of all power. The “consent of the governed” is, in effect, lost to this current incarnation of the American social contract.

    A new economics, woven into a new ethos of governance on which public trusts may be nurtured and brought to fruit, must be built upon the following principles:
    1. It must be local again.
    2. It must be cooperative.
    3. It is not alien to great wealth; it is hostile to vast consolidations.
    4. It is coequal with other nations; its greatness lies in example.
    5. Its military might protects our lands, bodies, and constitution only.
    6. It elevates land, water, air, mineral, animal, and vegetal entities to the status of full personhood.
    7. It restores government to its role as steward and protectors of people and resources.
    8. It returns all modes of communication, media organs, to the public trust. It repeals the sale or gift of airwaves and telecommunications to private entities and opens the same to all.
    9. Its foundational texts are those upon which the architects of American government built representative structures and monetary principles.
    10. It recognizes that the legal, formal implications of these statements are enormous in content and extraordinarily complex in depth; but that the threat posed by extractive and economic avarice on a scale unimagined by the founders demands a real and thorough reordering of both national and existential priorities. To wit: Russian, Northern European, and American governments are now jockeying for position in the Arctic because, with the melting of the polar ice cap, new opportunities for oil extraction are now imminent. This is but one significant example of an energy-society paradigm gone berserk.

  62. i am tryin to spread the word on my facebook page. so please help spread the word if u have fac book.!/pages/Raise-taxes-on-the-RICH/248768331842820 this is the link for the page.

  63. We have to stop expecting changes to be made within the confines of a flawed system of government. We need to break the mold and think outside of the box.The change we need is a change to the entire system as a whole. We need a complete overhaul, a new way of a approaching problems and offering solutions, a real way that can work,thats logical and something that really just makes sense. There are so many things that go on today that just don’t make sense and are not right. Stop complaining to one another and take action, help make a difference, we have the power to do so, stop being cynical and accepting the status quo.Ask why is this like this? How can it be better? What can I contribute to help make it better? and then DO IT! We need to move towards achieving idealistic goals, we need progress.Its easy to turn away, its easy to forget what happens in the real world outside of our own bubbles but We can do better. This country was born out of an idea that we the people can be better as a cohesive unit of democratic power than an oppressive controlling regime of aristocracy.But now were back to that, we’re back to being held at the kings ransom. What we choose to do today will define who we are as a people and if we can create an impact then we can give hope and create real change and inspire others to be great.America has been good in the past but we have always had flaws. As we grow and move forward into the futre we should strive to be better, not look back and say we were great lets be like that again, but say we want to change,we want to be better than we ever were and fight for real progress. The problem lies with a problem that has been around since the dawn of time and a problem that is not easy to fix. The problem is with the people we give power to to be the decision makers for us. People are greedy and have egos, people look out for themselves and no one else. Corruptions run ramped and we say well thats the way it is and we accept it instead of saying no. We have to stop putting the blame elsewhere, we have to stop looking for a hero to save us, each person individually can contribute to change, we just have to accept responsibility, if we want something bad enough we gotta go out there and get it . Things are not good, we need a real change. I believe in True Freedom as a real thing not just something we say because we think we will sound patriotic and be perceived as a real American, but real freedom , real liberty and an honest chance for all Americans to peruse happiness. As a proud member of generation Y I see great things happen all the time through collaborative projects online,blogs and all kinds of altruistic endeavors as well as entrepreneurial business ventures and its a great thing but I feel sometimes people think they have to be an app developer or a blogger or a you tube star to make a change. Everyone has a voice, everyone has an opinion, lets create what we want not just choose from what already exists. I believe that the time has come to really step up to the powers that be and try and make a change for the greater good.This is our world and we need to take it back.

  64. The problem is not Wall Streeters on Wall Street, its Wall Streeters on Capital Hill. That is where they get their unconditional power. OCCUPY CAPITAL HILL!!!

  65. This may have been brought up already….

    The past week has been, relatively speaking, light of Occupy News in media that most Americans subscribe to. For example, the New York Times, which had been reporting heavily of the movement on a daily basis, lately has barely reported any news in comparison.
    This seems to be an increasing phenomenon as more and more movements are pushed out of their occupied locations. I personally feel that social networks, while great for viral communication, do not serve as sufficient substitutes for the occupation.
    It was beautiful to see local governments being pressured to deal with the movement. OWS is too easily blown off in its’ online format.
    It would be great to see a strong continuing physical presence.

  66. Queria hacer este comentario, los policias del norte osea USA , son tan tan tan que someten a mujeres con esos gases, y me pregunto ellos no estan para cuidarlas mas bien de los malandros, entonces a quienes defienden ellos?

  67. I am in full support, anyone who feels they need a little more information watch Capitalism: A Love Story. It moved me to further action.
    Or read this quote
    ABRAHAM LINCOLN, reply to National Union League, June 9, 1864

    I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and cause me to tremble for safety of my country; corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in High Places will follow, and the Money Power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the People, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic destroyed.

    >>>>>NEVER GIVE UP.

  68. Saludos hay que ocupar todos los espacios el mundo no es del 1% el mundo es del 99%.


    101 reason NOT to use Bank of America Spread this link

  70. I have a great idea but I know the police read these, someone contact me. It would convey the whole message that the 99% are the majority, we are strong, and we can do this. A peaceful protest has to change with the times. We cant just wait until someone gets killed to make the statement that we need to make. It is going to be dangerous, but yelling at pepper spray and batons is too. You guys have been bringing a squirt gun to a gun fight. I can offer you a non-violent solution to your ineffective protests. This WILL get our point across!

  71. Think about this. Occupy does not have to be large. One or two individuals can occupy. It might be a lonely thing but if enough of us do the incividual occupying it can maybe make a difference. I do not know but hey it is worth a try. I am a baby boomer, and I have never seen our country come to the point where big money rules so much over us, and including my son growing up in this dominate mess. God help you as you grow up in this mess. Let us do occupies in small manners.


  73. I’m just now getting involved in all of this. The information on the website is really exciting. I had no idea of how many cities are taking part.

    I think to get what we’d like to see happen, we have to “occupy” every state house and the US Congress. That means running candidates and getting elected. I disagree with the Tea Party people on almost everything they stand for, but I do think they had the right idea in getting candidates elected.

    We represent a much much bigger part of the country.

  74. I do not have education loans; i was in prison at that point in my existence. I said that to say this: what if the CSA would have got to implement their GOVT ? NOTE PLEASE save the part about slavery for another day. I didn’t get the chance to study how their Government structure was. You folks seem so damn smart , is there some one out there who knows if we would be in this mess if the Confederates would have set up shop instead of the US? Serious Question! Thanks

  75. They call me “El Che” because I look like the cuban revolutionary and because I fight back as hard as he did when he was alive for his people and I do the same for our people.

    This morning I was released from jail after getting arrested on Monday night here in Los Angeles for not complying with the Los Angeles Police for us to vacate.

    Anyways, I think we New York and Los Angeles need to get together to discuss a plan on how to link together in other words we need to spin a spiderweb from East coast to West coast.

    El Che


    I am late but glad to join the page.
    To the point: This is a great cause but most people still do not know how important it is, or even what it is about.

    This is how we can help it spread: UNIFY OUR WORD and STATE CLEAR DEMANDS. What should these be? The 2 THINGS THE BANKSTERS DREAD! The 2 things that WILL PUT AN END TO ALL INJUSTICE AND EVERYBODY’S DEBT, without getting one’s hands dirty:


    This is ALL WE NEED. Everything else is a direct result of this. Do you want to see why? You want to know exactly how it all works? What top economists say about it? Have you got 45 min? Then watch:

    Do you want to see what the Banksters themselves think about the two demands above? How devastating they are to them? To what extent they have conspired against the people to avoid them? Here is history as we SHOULD know it:

    MY QUESTION TO THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT: Is the movement willing to focus on these world-changing demands? Is the movement willing to use and spread the above knowledge of the experts (and the banksters themselves) to get the SUPPORT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD? To really incite the 99% ?

  77. hello all you reprobates,you scalawags, miscrients,downtrodend,lost castoffs of society; in short—–my people. dallas lamar edge,jr. here; and i’m back atcha again host of “american heritage”, or as i like to call it;occupy our country by rught, by might, and by any means (peacefully and non-violently, of course) necessary. the news today; denial of the vote to americans who have earned the right via the blood, sweat, and tears of their families,ancestors,and of their being born here,suffering pain and indigneties here,by the very scum that we entrusted, by way of our vote, to protect these very same interests in the name of the american people.all for the few, and little for the rest,yohoho, we’re politcal thinking is simply this;160million sheep can absolutely stampede over a house full of senatorialshiftlesssnakes, and aconnivingcollectionofcongressionalkioatees.the needs of the many demands an accounting from the felanderous few.recompence is surely due.and while i’m at it, these lowlifes threatened to hold the country hostage, threaten the well-being of the families of men and women fighting and dying for god-only-knows what fucked-up cause contrived by the very same despicables who will never see harm; allow that women and children, babies even, while they have their three-martini lunches, while continueing to conspire and feign false compassion.i am dallas lamar edge,jr.;first born,blackknight, true prince, and aivd spokesperson for”american heritage”, of the people, by the people, and, as always,FOR THE,PEOPLE. DLE,JR., AND I FULLY ENDORSE THIS STATEMENT. GAINING ON YA!

  78. OWS has absolutely captured the attention and heart-beat of the American masses. The difficulty is that it is becoming something unique to everyone and is not perceived to represent a constant to us all (if, as below, it can mean something different to someone different depending on geography, we are divided and easily conquerable). Please consider a single, meaningful platform that the 99% can get behind and then a real political movement begins. Consider starting here:
    A. Revenue/ Expense
    1. Adopt Bowles-Simpson, with modifications.
    2. Increase Inheritance Tax.
    a. 0% current to 55%
    b. Antic. $30-$40 B/year
    c. $270-$360 B by 2020
    d. Progressively decreases wealth disparity
    3. Close Tax Loopholes.
    a. Close as progressively identified
    b. Current speculation is $60 B/year
    c. $540 B by 2020
    d. Rehire tax lawyers at IRS (increased employment)
    1. Yields return of $2700/hr worked
    4. Increase Income Tax (3%>$250K,1%>$100K).
    a. $100 B/year
    b. $900 B by 2020.
    c. Shares burden
    5. Increase Gas Tax a minimum of 15¢/gallon.
    a. 19mm bbl/day
    b. 42 gal/bbl
    c. @ 15¢, $44 B/year revenue, with some falloff
    d. @ 15¢, $396 B by 2020
    6. Remove income caps for Entitlement Taxes.
    a. FICA (SS and Medicare) currently paid only on first $106,800 of income.
    b. Rate is 6.2% for SS, 1.45% Medicare.
    c. Proposal removes cap for individual, caps corporate contribution at rate per $250,000 income/ employee.
    d. $150 B/ year
    e. $1.35 T by 2020
    7. Increase age requirements for Entitlement payments.
    8. Tax emails & text messages @ 1¢ per each.
    a. 107 T emails annually
    b. US approx 20%
    c. Email revenue $214 B/year
    d. Email revenue $1.92 T by 2020
    e. US 152.7 billion text messages per month
    f. US 1.832 T text messages annually
    g. Text message revenue $18.32 B / year
    h. Text message revenue $164 B by 2020
    9. Give $400 tickets to calling/texting drivers.
    a. Provides additional jobs.
    b. Provides tens of billions of dollars of additional local revenue.
    c. Provides for the public safety.
    d. Encourages appropriate social behaviors.
    10. Enforce sales tax on all internet transactions.
    a. $23 B/ yr
    b. $207 B by 2020
    11. Demand behaviors from tax-exempt orgs.
    a. Closes loopholes and protections for fraudulent organizations.
    b. Prosecutes social thievery.
    c. Protects the public.
    d. Encourages the active fulfillment of organizational missions.
    e. Provides strong social testimony through action.
    f. Yields strong social good.
    12. Means-test Entitlement payments.
    a. Excludes payment of Social Security and Medicare to citizens in top 20%.
    b. Increase age requirements for Entitlements.
    c. Progressively delays payments to all citizens as our life expectancy increases, removing some pressure on system
    13. Accelerate debt payments to China, et al.
    a. Reduces our obligation to China and others.
    b. Lobby for normalization of Yuan.
    c. Reduces the interest due and our national debt.
    14. Decrease corporate tax.
    a. Frees estimated $1T in foreign-held corporate revenue.
    b. Reduction of tax rate from 35% to 26% permits the repatriation of revenue and $260 B in taxes.
    c. Increases long-term domestic cash-flow and resultant tax-base.
    d. Removes impediment to domestic hiring; creates more American jobs.
    B. Policy: Improve Education
    15. Incent Outstanding educators.
    16. Remove ineffective educators with modified tenure (tenure based upon continuous quality effectiveness instead of strictly time served).
    17. Incent/reward Outstanding students.
    18. Change perceptions and schedules of education.
    a. We no longer need 3 months per year off to harvest crops.
    b. We lose 2 months to regain what was lost over the summer.
    19. Replicate successful educational programs.
    20. Recognize that the two educationally top ranked countries (Finland and Korea) have more students per teacher than does the U.S. Quality, not quantity.
    21. Incent free post-secondary education to the top 5% of Math and Science students.
    22. Modify student loan repayment terms to permit more students to become educated and hirable.
    a. Stop or restrict loans to students for For-Profit colleges.
    b. Reduce interest rates (2-4% annualized).
    c. Recognize the value of educational elevation and the societal contribution of raised income tax base.
    3. Policy: Improve Infrastructure
    23. Increase federal leadership in infrastructure to address the crisis;
    24. Promote sustainability and resilience in infrastructure to protect the natural environment and withstand natural and man-made hazards;
    25. Develop national, state, and regional infrastructure plans that complement a national vision and focus on system-wide results;
    26. Address life-cycle costs and ongoing maintenance to meet the needs of current and future users;
    27. Increase and improve infrastructure investment from all stakeholders.
    4. Policy: Clean-up Washington
    28. Legislate that at least 90% of campaign money raised in any election is raised from within the jurisdiction of the office being sought.
    29. Shorten campaign cycles.
    30. Remove private funding of elections.
    31. Extend representatives term from 2 years to 4 years.
    32. Eliminate earmarks.
    33. Reduce influence of Lobbyists.
    34. Legislate that no public official can become paid lobbyist for seven years after term/ public employment ends.
    35. Imprison legislators/bureaucrats that violate public trust (personal enrichment).
    5. Policy: Mandate Job Creation
    36. Develop extensive renewable energy program for jobs and energy independence.
    37. Rebuild Infrastructure.
    38. Encourage union involvement in the establishment/ownership of new commercial concerns.
    39. Support small, organic business upstarts, realizing that 95.6% of American businesses employ 10 or fewer employees.
    40. Finance targeted R&D.
    6. Policy: Revise Prison System
    41. Equalize powder and rock cocaine laws.
    42. Decriminalize marijuana possession.
    43. Release those imprisoned for excess rock cocaine sentences and non-violent marijuana possession.
    44. Form committee to define the distortion and direct correction of disproportionate incarceration.
    45. Hang the bankers with the bowels of the corrupted bureaucrats.
    46. Reinstitute corporal punishment in conjunction with mandatory public service for youthful offenders.
    47. At-risk youth will be provided an opportunity to gain precautionary insight in “Scared Straight” programs in every state.
    7. Policy: Rethink military approaches.
    48. Assure troops are always supported.
    49. Wind down our military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Germany and Japan.
    50. Implement the Powell Doctrine before ever getting involved in a war or police action to assure moral appropriateness.
    51. Assign every congressman that votes for war a pair of pearl-handled side arms as a member of a company to go into battle. Real heroism.
    52. Consider mandatory conscription (3 years military or 4 year social service) for education and training.
    53. Consider retracting one branch of military, if deemed redundant.
    8. Policy: Societal
    54. Limit Corporate Executive Compensation to a maximum of 250 X least paid organizational employee.
    55. Implement “Obama-Care”.
    56. Initiate American equivalent of the Nobel Prizes and expand additionally into Innovation, Educational Excellence, Social Improvement and Community Development (in addition to or modification of Peace, Medicine, Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Economics).
    57. Strengthen Affirmative Action and recognize it is a much stronger proposition if education is stressed as a fundamental tenet of its success.
    58. Mandate that Tax-exempt organizations must lead in active social demonstration of their faith (i.e., feed the hungry, clothe the naked, educate the ignorant, heal the sick, care for the aged, infirm and orphaned).
    59. Link Driver’s License privileges to participative child support.
    60. As it now is incontrovertibly proven that the DARE Program actually increases the use of drugs, all monies and time allocated will now be used on educational tutoring, better delivered outcomes and excellence in education.
    C. Attitude, Mindset and Service
    61. Encourage individual awareness, involvement and education.
    62. Promote and practice tolerance and unity.
    63. VOTE! (Mobilization of 3% can sway elections).
    64. We must initiate a national campaign to become a mentally and physically stronger people; our choices relative to our leisure time are making us individually and collectively weaker.
    65. Reward excellence again instead of mere participation. You will get what you incent.
    66. Initiate campaign to elevate the American people:
    a. in the quality of their dialogue,
    b. in appreciation of art and aesthetics,
    c. in acceptance of personal responsibility,
    d. in development of values and character,
    e. in encouragement of random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
    67. Create and actively promote a new American vision and seek buy-in and implementation through volunteerism and public service.
    68. Seek moral accountability for national news organizations and for all infotainment/ Talking Heads content.
    69. Celebrate the philanthropy inspired by the Gates-Buffett “Giving Pledge” for billionaires to donate the majority of their fortunes to charity and social improvement (current commitment of over 70 people).
    a. Facilitate project identification in fashion of Carnegie.
    b. Encourage adoption of specific projects.
    c. Seek to accelerate philanthropy now as the need is currently so great.
    70. Review Dr. Bill Cosby’s Pound Cake perspective for all American youth.
    71. Demand parental accountability in education, social responsibility and child development.
    a. Provide tools for those willing and able;
    b. Consider orphanage and adoption for those who are unwilling or unable. No longer should children be relegated to suffer for the sins or inattentiveness of their parents. Solid institutional attention and quality development trumps bad parenting.
    72. Make local and state initiatives to include quality of life considerations at least as much as economic considerations.
    73. Encourage communities to take local control of their unique conditions. Let the cream rise.
    74. Modify end-of-life care processes to increase dignity, reduce cost and permit people to die with dignity in their own homes, surrounded by family and friends instead of alone and unnecessarily prolonged without dignity.
    75. Create a national urgency as time is quickly running out.
    76. Pass the 28th Amendment that we are a country specifically of people (“We, The People,…”) and as a corporation cannot fight our wars or go to prison, it is not similar or have the constitutional rights of citizenship.
    77. Save America for our children and their future; make it a moral imperative to provide them an America better than the one we received.

  79. I would love to see and participate in organized boycotts. If we got as many people as possible in the United States to pledge for one day not to spend any money or buy anything, to show the financial control we as the 99% have, I think could be very powerful!

  80. President Obama, I’m a republican who did not vote for you—-give me a reason to win my vote this time—-for the people who made you president:
    It’s time to end the influence money has over our representatives in Washington—-Stop the influence of money in politics—-Restore the Glass-Steagall Act, which separates investment banks from commercial banks and
    “draft laws against the little-known loophole that currently allows members of Congress to pass legislation affecting Delaware-based corporations in which they themselves are investors…..and, please, make MICHAEL MOORE Chief of Staff—-and you will win a second term.








  82. Heres what i think. First, there is no religion its just a hoax to help keep peace. Over fifty percent of the worl is in religion who dont commit crime cheat lie or steal. Now imagine what it would be like to have no religion. But we would know the real truth. The answer is in the heavens or what we call, (space). Were not being told the truth bout wats up there. And as far as protesting we need to get violent. without the people there is no government so what are we doing taking orders from people who cant even change a tire! We need to take over and take are land back . To me that means what ever means necessary. If we have to destroy then we can rebuild in a much better life and then we can even figure out the truth about everything. It lies in the vatican. If anybodys down im very strategic and do alot of research all the time. I could lead us through the violence lets fuckin do it

  83. Mission Statement….We the 99% Want Our Country Back
    Corportate Control
    Made in China
    Hostage by Oil
    Unfair Trade
    Unfair Taxation
    Unfair Wages
    Corportate Health Care
    Corrupted Politics

  84. We The People
    corportate owned
    made in china
    hostage by oil
    robbed by banksters

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