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    We can celebrate life by starting a love movement ARM in ARM, instead of hiding consensus in Katrina camp hills. Our lives are connected to the earth and to each other… Our actions should then be well willed and non-violent, with a damn good message. TO CLARIFY …non-violent: a surge of pleasant vibes even within… that’s what the GOOD VIBE TRIBE in my opinion was trying to bring to the table. Get your group motivated in the right light they shine! I meant it when I screamed out “I LOVE YOU ALL” in the streets and before I left camp on the last day. I was there with the group that went to investigate and try options for outreach on the 4th day… You really can’t shout to get answers. D.A.W.G. (aka Marco? I think?), knows this now on his own. He found out by experimenting with reactions… I learned from acting in the 13TH Gate Haunted House in Baton Rouge how to scare people forward and not back up. So, listen to your mom’s advice and kill them with kindness. Hug them when they’re frustrated, (even if you are too) Get them on your side, read the body movements, and you can kind of judge and see what happens when you start asking the right questions. People that don’t know about what’s going on are starting to ask why people are all talking at once. Use signs….they get uncomfortable and don’t know how to answer these questions you ask … give them the answer…. bring them softly to this conclusion… “What change would help to better your life from how the community is working to helping your problems…. TO CLARIFY, community: any force holding you back from full happiness what affects you”. Its one thing to act by example, but the approach should be a movement in the community, a march that parades and never stops to rest without an answer from the community outreach. You’ll get answers. You’ll get a war if you ask but you need the guns to fight it…. look within…. what is your secret weapon?….. I had a good way of scaring people at the 13th Gate Haunted House; I was disturbing… on the streets in NOLA I sang what I wanted to say it made people look… in missions they put on dramatic plays to share the word… STOP TOP-HATTING!!!! don’t out do each other with ideas of your own cause they’re better in your own opinion… its all an idea even the movement for women’s rights was an idea of how to react and coming to a consensus agreement on that could force civil unrest at this point in NOLA occupy… Aren’t we all there to see the world happier, to change one part of something? … Change starts with love. Tell listeners you love them, each in you’re own ways and agree with their frustrations… no voice should be stolen away by another choice…let them all live-stream, all outreach, get together, and play it out! Do it in a way that works and with each good vibration flowing outwards and within. Now since we’re already out and in action all across the world, TAKE ARM!!!! THAT’S HOW WE MAKE WAVES! START THE REVOLUTION WITHIN OR WE NEVER BEGIN TO CHANGE THE PLANS WE MAKE FOR OURSELVES! In Baton Rouge, there is nothing but questioning about why were protesting and people ready to roll for issues of their own concern on October 22nd.
    If you give them ANY advice tell them to change one part of the problem at a time. Take your time to get armed with the right questions and take to the streets. Take back the revolution for the right reasons and clear reasons. The ones with foundation, and the right answers for the goals you need to reach… Consensus is nothing, General Assembly is nothing, mic. check is nothing, if we aren’t agreeing on a good start love the people you’re working with…..whether their views are different or not… none of us should be striving for each others energy… build it up with love…. Without a stable foundation you have NOTHING…A foundation of love, understanding, and the right movement issue can gather anyone’s attention… if you act, if you write, if you sing, if you speak eloquently, if you scream loudly, if you can do a cartwheel, if you drum to live, if you hoop…. Good job bring that to the people and organize those gifts by using them immediately quit finding conclusions it’s a revolution of community unrest… quit giving up on the people you’re trying to organize with don’t rock the boat you sit in! We have a problem with something in our hometown, create a solution and DO IT!! TAKE IT!! Don’t wait for it to fall in your lap! Like the other day, I asked Ethan M., “WHY ARENT WE MARCHING!?!?”.
    Power in numbers.
    WELL….. ?
    I am a Baton rouge native looking for a change in transportation and education racism and rights for women…still also New Orleans dabbler looking for help with homeless shelters and money for police and Bobby Jindal’s respect for his NOPD… still
    Much love and peace
    Denise Gaines

  2. I can translate from english ou spanish to french.

    • Great! choose texts you find the most important. Thank you!

  3. I shall submit a french translation by tomorrow, for you to use as you see fit.

    Here’s what I’ve done in the past hour:


    Comment mettre en place des assemblées constructives

    Ce texte est une synthèse de plusieurs travaux portant sur la méthodologie que nous avons analysés, mais est aussi inspiré de notre expérience qui s’est façonnée au sein d’assemblées auxquelles nous avons collaboré de Barcelone à Bruxelles, en passant par Lisbonne et Athènes.
    Nous avons observé que la plupart du temps, les assemblées sont très longues et peu productives, souffrant d’un manque de participation et devenant réellement anti-démocratiques. En bout de ligne les gens les voient comme des fardeaux, peu attractifs et souffrent d’y retourner.
    Quelques problèmes sont récurrents :
    – Debat trop long sur un même point
    – Création de bandes et rivalités personnelles avec perte de confiance
    – Votes sous pression avec manque de compréhension
    – Entrée dans les polémiques qui demandent des assemblées ultérieures
    – Problème d’accès et de circulation de l’information
    Sur cette page nous allons détailler les connaissances de base à acquérir pour prévenir ces problèmes, résoudre les conflits et développer des assemblées constructives.

    1 Préparation et rencontre
    Il est important d’arriver à la rencontre avec des idées préconçues sur problématiques qui seront abordées. Cependant préparer les problématiques ne consiste pas seulement à s’assurer que les participants soient conscients d’elles, mais aussi qu’ils s’en fassent une idée claire et distincte pour encourager le succès des décisions prises.
    1.1 Travail Préalable
    – Préparer les documents contextuels et les envoyer aux participants en pensant à traduire les informations compliquées en termes compréhensibles pour tous.

  4. I like this post. Occupy site in Oregon very little resources in human power, so infighting is starting. You say keep the postitive flow on the individuals. Like build in positives, like a Valentine’s day message any way shape or form, but build up those aroung you…is this the idea?

    The greatest “gripe’ in GA is many who show up just for food and do no “camp” work to carry the load. Tents must be lifted and carried out everynight.

    • Try and get up with Starhawk or any of the pagan clusters of California, or locally.
      Try her page and seek references. They really gave us a great start in DC, and we have used their wisdom to keep things going.
      They have GREAT non-violence training workshops & facilitator training. Or try reaching out to university folks in your area who are supportive. There is so much talent out there, and many people looking for a way to assist and get involved. Make use of that strength and talent.
      You absolutely need to have organized, purposeful general assemblies that do not deteriorate into resentments without actions to resolve them. We have slackers amongst us and they are annoying. More importantly, find a ‘job’ for those folks. Everyone can do something. But, most importantly, be sue to plan well enough to maintain security shifts so no one is injured or threatened. The 99% includes some dangerous cats, so, beware! And, good luck from the east coast! xo m

  5. Hello brothers, first of all is very motivating for us to be actually working together, eventough is the first direct contact we have with you, we assume that we are closely linked regardless of the distance between.

    We are occupying the central square, wich you can see in our website.

    We dont hace much experience but the response of the people and organizations has been motivating.

    We stand here with this humble translation.

    Any support helps.

    ¡Hasta la victoria SIEMPRE!

    Translation of:

    Curso de acción en caso de que la plaza es desalojada:

    · Esta guía se utilizó por primera vez en las plazas de España y fue desarrollado por la Asamblea General de Madrid, en mayo de 2011. AP = Asamblea Popular.

    1- En primer lugar, mantener la calma. Estamos organizados. Contamos con un equipo de juristas trabajando para todxs nosotrxs. Se darán instrucciones precisas por parte del sistema de sonido de la AP sobre cómo proceder. Estas instrucciones deben ser seguidas por todxs.

    2.- La estrategia de resistencia sera en postura pacifica sentados, no se debe responder a ningun tipo de burlas o provocaciones.

    3.- Si no apoyas este tipo de resistencia, por favor dirigete a uno de los Puntos de Encuentro.

    4.- Una vez que la resistencia es iniciada, nosotrxs nos moveremos hacia una zona visible de la plaza, cuando sea indique el sonido de la AP.

    5.- Mantener un mensaje de texto SMS listo para ser enviado con el siguiente texto “¡han comenzado a desalojar el campamento, ven a protejerlo!” para ser enviado a tu lista de contactos cuando la AP confirme el hecho.

    Y recuerda:

    Por favor, trata de no crear rumores. Recuerda que la unica informacion confirmada es aqueñña que emite la AP. Porta siempre tu Identificacion Oficial. Manten la calma. Juntos Resistimos. ¡No nos moveran!

  6. We can translate from english to russian.
    And we want to ask using info on our site?

    • You can use all the info in your site and please send us translations by mail! You can also add a link to this page if you want!

  7. We can translate from english to russian.

  8. I can translate to Portuguese

    Translation of:

    Curso de Ação para praças em caso de tentativa de despejo

    Este guia foi usado pela primeira vez nas praças da Espanha e foi desenvolvida inicialmente pela Assembléia Geral de Madrid, em Maio de 2011.

    AP = Assembléia Popular.

    1 – Em primeiro lugar, manter a calma. Estamos organizados. Temos uma equipe legal de trabalho para todos nós. Instruções precisas serão dadas a partir do sistema de som da AP sobre como proceder. Estas instruções devem ser seguidas por todos.

    2 – A estratégia de resistência será um assentamento pacífico, não-responsitivo a qualquer observação de insultos ou provocações. Vamos todos sentar-nos em silêncio e vamos tomar o braço da pessoa ao lado de cada um de nós.

    3 – Se você não suporta este tipo de resistência, por favor, vá até um dos Pontos de Encontro.

    4 – Uma vez que a resistência é iniciada, todos nós vamos passar para a parte visível da praça, como o sistema de som da AP vai indicar.

    5 – Mantenha um modelo SMS com o texto “eles começaram a evacuar o acampamento, venha e protegê-lo!” Para o enviar a sua lista de contatos, uma vez que AP confirme o fato.

    E lembre-se:

    Por favor, tente não espalhar rumores. Lembre-se a única informação confirmada é a emitida pelo AP. Ter sua Identidade com você em todos os momentos. Mantenha a calma. Juntos estamos. ¡No nos moverán!

  9. Hi,

    I can translate from English to Arabic and vice versa….I live in Clovis, CA
    I support the movement as much as I have supported the Egyptian revolution against corruption, big corporation greed…and definitely against the wars

  10. I can translate from English to Arabic or to Spanish. What do you need?

  11. Abolision of the ”Consumercratic Global System”

    WE should; Through the UN

    Demand the Robin Hood tax be applied globally.
    Ban Lobbyism unilateraly.
    Reform Global Banking codes for the private sector and ban offshore banking havens. Transparency is a must.
    Ban Corporate Laws and Regulate Large Company Structures and codes of conduct to suit The Earth and her life forms environmental needs.(Greed and unlimited profit do not work to build a sustainable production foundation)
    Set a ceiling value limit of all humans gross accumulative wealth. (Symbolically 35 million Dollars, to be determined by some sort of popular consensus later )
    By say the year 2013. All excess wealth over that Limit to be given to relations, charity ect. Or the UN monitary body would confiscate the excess and impose penatlies. Which would go into the world development fund to eradicate poverty and illiteracy.
    The result would cause a tricle down effect of the board room decisions made in business today. In effect more human involvement and democracy in the sharing of wealth and resources.
    Limit advertising.
    Stop private limitation of the flow of information and use of the Internet.
    These fundamentals are a very good start to reform the Global ”Consumercratic” glutonous system which prevails at the moment.
    You economic academics take My ideas and run with them!!!

  12. Hello, I can translate from English to Russian. My login on n-1 is Maria78. Please contact me, because it is not simple to find important documents in English.

    My sources of information regarding Russian movement:

  13. I can translate from english to afrikaans, if you can e-mail the text to me I will have it back to you as soon as possible. 🙂

  14. I can translate from english to russian. Just tell me what I can do!

  15. about how to occupy in spanish

    HowToCamp está diseñada con el fin de promover los métodos, técnicas y conocimientos en la consideración de la plaza. Estamos muy interesados ​​en la investigación sobre la forma de comenzar por él / ella un levantamiento pro-democrático y no violento de su región. Estamos abiertos a todo el mundo, somos una comunidad abierta de sapiencia, nosotros creemos en el poder de la sinergia aplicada a la información, creative commons, copyleft. Queremos establecer una red mundial que es capaz de ofrecer al público mundial las herramientas necesarias de levantarse. Estamos en el principio y nuestro proyecto va a depender de todo el mundo. Tenemos previsto instalar más funciones a esta plataforma pronto, a medida que desarrollamos y unir. Sea bienvenido, vamos a hacer juntos!


  16. I’m currently building two websites that have language translation capabilities from If we are going to create a social network that provides access for everyione, I would suggest looking into as a potential solution.
    Here are my two sites:

  17. If you would like translations in maltese please email me , I am happy to be of use to the raising of global awareness. together we occupy earth 🙂
    malta is a beautiful island in the mediterranean where the knights of saint john occupied and established one of the first banks in the world many moons ago

  18. i can translate from English to Arabic.

  19. Hey I can help you , I can Translate arabic

  20. Hi,
    I can translate from English to Afrikaans and vice versa. Email me the text and I’ll be happy to help too.

  21. Hi. Im leading the occupying of Bergen, Norway. I can translate into Norwegian. Im happy to help out you guys and spread the word around!!

  22. Thank you so much for this! I am so excited to have a place to direct people for the basic needs of getting started with an occupations and to answer the basic questions every one is having! This is great! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  23. I can translate english to german if needed

  24. Hello, I can translate spanish to french.
    Merci de nous donner des pages à traduire afin que nous ne soyons pas plusieurs à traduire les mêmes articles.

  25. Hi!!! I want to take part of it and I offer to translate into Portuguese-French-English languages … I’m from Brazil and I’m with you! Let’s occupy the world togheter!!!!!

  26. Hi!!! I can help translating into English-French-Portuguese and sharing all possible information in sites and profiles …
    The world needs to change and I’m with you!!!


  27. I can help translating form english portuguese.
    If you need any help let me know.

  28. I am disabled and support the cause but I can’t get out for very long. Nor do I have much money thanks to BIG PHARMA – to offer. I think it would be great to be able to buy a sign that I could post in my yard (others too) and have Flash mobs for shorter periods of time. It would be a beautiful thing to drive through neighborhoods filled with signs supporting Occupy! A bumper sticker wouldn’t do because people might scratch your car. I also think once you had the signs out in peoples yards we could judge who it is safe to talk to and then we could gather up what is needed by the street occupiers and get it done.

  29. II LOVE THIS SITE! <3 <3 portugese<spanish & viceversa of course.
    BIG UP! keep rocking xxx

  30. hello, just to let you know, i can translate texts from spanish, french, italian, and Arabic.!! i work for a communications company so i am very familiar with this.

  31. I think a good old fashion petition promoting the movements call for change and core values would help gather more followers quickly and make a forceful impact to the 1% and our government officials in light of the upcoming election year.

  32. Hi,
    I read that you need translators for your project. I can translate in Hindi and Punjabi.

    Are you looking for some particular qualification in the required field or anyone who knows the language can opt.

    Kindly revert asap.

    Thanks n regards,

  33. i can help with the translations to portuguese.
    im gonna e-mail you people as well.

  34. Hi, I can translate texts from English to Portuguese.

    Can you send me the ones you think most important?


    General Electric GE Building 30 Rockefeller Plaza Rockefeller Center ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 18h


    Areva India Bangalore 11 Embassy Classic Building, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Bhubneshwar 14th Forest Park Bhubaneswar, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Chandigarh, Sco 222-223, Sector 34-a, Chandigarh, 160022, India, ANTI NUCLEAR DEMO EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Delhi Devika Towers 6 Nehru Place, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Mumbai Narottam Morarji Marg, India, ANTI NUCLEAR DEMONSTRATION EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva T&D India Ltd, Tamil Nadu 601301, India, ANTINUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Kolkata D-2 Subhas Road, India, ANTINUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India, M G Road, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva Japan Japón, Tokyo Minato Toranomon 1??16-4, +81 3-3597-8791 ?, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva Poland, Strzegomska 23/27, 58-163 Swiebodzice, Polonia, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva Turkey 320BarisMahallesi GuneyyanyolCaddesi Kocaeli Turquía +902626483300 ANTI ATOM DEMO Herzaman pazertesi saat Altida EVERY MON 18h

    Areva Turkey Gaziosmanpasa Mh TahranCaddesi6 Ankara Turquía +903124664820 ANTI ATOM DEMO Herzaman pazertesi saat Altida EVERY MONDAY 18h



    AREVA Finland Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant Finland ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm in front of Parlamento de Finlandia
    Mannerheimintie 30 EDUSKUNTA Suomi Finland Ph 09 4321,


    Diablo Canyon Power Plant, Earthquake Zone, California, USA – ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Earthquake Zone, California, USA – ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    South Texas Project, Earthquake Zone, Gulf Coast, USA – ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Waterford Steam Electric Station, Earthquake Zone, Louisiana, USA – ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Earthquake Zone, North Carolina, USA – ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    PS: our observation is that Anti Nuclear Protests EVERY MONDAY 6pm is ideal……of course a second or a third Anti Nuclear Protest
    on Friday 6pm, Sat 3pm, Sun 3pm is great as well….the more protests the better !!!
    We fould having a “EVERY MONDAY 6pm Anti Nuclear Protest” for a start is a great asset to start with….all activists always meet Monday 6pm………

    PSPS: it is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGOUS that EDF sponsors the Paraolympics 2012 – EDF and AREVA polluted ALL of the Pacific with hundreds of Nuclear Bomb
    and destroyed the WHOLE OZONE LAYER in the Pafific. EDF and AREVA dumped MILLIONS of Tons of Nuclear Waste into the North Sea
    and into the Atlantic and manufacture NUCLEAR WEAPONS for many countries and THESE COMPANIES ARE THE MAIN SPONSORS FOR the Paraolympics !!!

  36. hi, i saw you are in need of translators.
    if you need translations in german, let me know its my mother tongue.
    i live in los angeles, ca.

    thank u

    • Is there a website for LA activities? I teach HS

      • I am a sociology major on Oklahoma. I would like to help further this cause. How can I help with the ows movement? I will for sure write about the movement in my thesis. As a future sociologist, I will devout my life to social causes such as these. Let me know what I can do to help.

      • Let me know about So Cal activists? I have info on the person who has sighned off on 90% of the home foreclosures in the US and they live in So Cal! Put more people out of their homes than anyone in hystory!

    • you can find good German translators online

      All the best

    • Hi …I’m willing to do French translations … I’m from Montreal Quebec !

    • my brother has a degree in spanish. Anything you need translated send to me and I will forward to him

    • If you need a Brasilian translator, i’m here to help, just contact me.

    • Hello, I can help as a English/French-to-Spanish translator. I am a native Spanish speaker, with high fluency in English, and intermediate fluency in French. I live in New York.

    • Can help with polish translation if needed.

      St. Bonaventure University

    • Please allow me to contribute this world wide rise
      I translate
      FROM ARABIC TO ENGLISH and vise versa
      I love the American democracy, independence and Justice.
      I know about Islam and Arabia so we can communicate to clearify both ways


      • “I love the American democracy, independence and Justice.” we all love the idea of it, but in truth and actual form it has not existed in a very long while. that is what we are fighting to be able to get back. i am glad so see more arabs stand and realize that it s not about east and west or religion anymore…. it is to late for and way beyond that now. we are in the finall years of anything we did before can bring us. we all see now it is about us the human people all over the planet and our cuntiued existance as a spices and the rights we all should have as humanbeings when this is all over. I hope we can all realize what this movement actualy means and where it will inevitably take us in the future if done properly. we need to realize that if done properly this move ment will get more and more dangerous ad those 1% lose more and more power it is inevitable. we also have to realize that when things get dangerous it will be harder us to make sure we keep our movement passive and peacefull cus that is THE mst important part. we have to realize that for ever majorchange that we make there WILL be ptential lives lost on the road to it and we have to personally prepare for the possibility of that. and finally we have to understand that where this road will ultimatly lead is inevitably to the entire paradigm shift of the structure of the world we are used to into something compleatly diffrent that will actualy be able to evolve along with us and vice versa as we continue on our evolution as a spicies… meaning money and econimica and gov. structures will all have to be changed compleatly or insome cases done a way with or rewritten entirely. it is inevitable. that or something simmilar is what WILL happen if we succseed. we have to know what we are working toward. i salute all of you and love you till my death 🙂

        My name is Akram Ziada. This is the concious revolution, it is time to evolve, where do you stand…?

        P.s. sorry for miss spellings. 🙂

        • i agree completely with that guy. And i think it’s a beautiful thing that people can simply put aside all the un-important things, ”religion, race, ethnicity” to once side and actually focus on what is important. The equality and well being of ALL OF US, as a human race.

          (london – 17 – female)

    • Can translate into Russian since it’s my native language. I’m not a professional translator, though.

  37. Do you still need someone to translate into Afrikaans?

  38. Hey, I’m a Spanish university student that wants so help you translating any text you wanna translate. I mean, I’d love to translate the whole site, but I’m kinda busy, so I’d to do it little by little.

    Anyway, I hope I can help you.

    Sincerely yours, Gaspar.

  39. Saw the message about needing mandarin translations. I’m a huge fan of the protest. Mandarin is my native language and I’m currently an undergrad in Upstate NY. I’d love to help out remotely. Please let me know what I can do! Thanks and good work! 🙂

  40. Hello! I can do French translations! I live near Paris, France.

    • Hi Marc (or anyone else)

      I am American, I live in Montpellier, I am looking for film about the Occupy movement either in French, or better yet, in English with French subtites. We want to show a film at an event we are doing here in Montpellier on Martin Luther King Day (Jan 16). Do you have any ideas contacts or links to share with me? Have they contacted you about translating the film on the OWS website, Right Here All Over? Are you participating in Occupy Paris? Occupy Montpellier is just beginning…

      Merci de me faire savoir. You can write me back in French or English…


      member, APJ (Americans for Peace and Justice), Montpellier

      • Salut- je ne suis pas le Marc qui habite pres de Paris, j’habite a Santa Barbara en Californie. Je suis franco/americain. Ma mere est francaise. En lisant ton mel je crois que tu auras besoin de quelqu’un de New York. Ici, Occupy Santa Barbara est petit mais on fait du progres. Mais, fais-moi savoir quand je peux vous aider. Je comprends tres bien la lange d’affaires et ausse la politque francaise et americaine.

        Bon courage-

    • is there any occupy idea in india

  41. Hi, I can translate to spanish.
    – Im from Nicaragua but currently going to college in the US

  42. Hi,

    I´m from the Czech republic and would like to raise awareness about this issue also in my country. How could I help?


  43. I would like to use some of these poster images to make shirts. I would like to know if that is okay.

    • Of course,spread the message!

  44. I have a B.A. in Spanish & have ample experience translating texts. Let me know if I can help.

  45. Hello !
    I saw ur message about needing translations to Arabic, if you still need translators i will be glad to help 😀 I am a Lebanese and my native language is arabic.

    I hope I can help, Best Regards.

  46. Hello!
    I see that you need translations to Arabic, if u still in need to translations, i will be glad to help. I am a Lebanese and my native language is Arabic.

    Hope i can help
    Best Regards

  47. Hey i wanna know if theres going to be any occupations in michigan

  48. I am more than willing to translate in Spanish!

  49. If you need a translator for Kinyarwanda (the language of Rwanda) I can help. The Burundians will be able to understand as well. So far I did not know what I can help the movement with as I am home with small kids- I can also help with French and can locate somoene for Swahili, Lingala and Yoruba.
    I am praying for the success of the movement.

    • Thank you very much. It is very important to have all this content in as many languages as we can. We are sending you an email!

    • pray not for the success of iniquity and evil disputings as such is against the teachings of the holy scriptures

  50. i would like to occupy ARGENTINA! how we can do it?!

    • Iam an established member of the Conch Republic of Key
      West , FL. My community is finding it very frustrating to not
      be able to participate in The Movement. We would appreciate it if we could be your local affiliation. If you are the New World Order, which we know
      camouflages as every element of the population then bring it on. Once we are united publicly, we will have the beginning of the leg we need to stand on.

      Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

      • Hello my friend, interested in working with you…please contact me ASAP.

  51. So watching David Icke – a bit of an odd guy according to his bio but he has some good points – where does money come from? Most think it is the government but they are wrong. What do the financial guys want? A World Bank and A World Government. Getting there with Europe and all the trade agreements. Very scary.

  52. Hey,

    I would love to be a part of this movement. I am a native urdu speaker and have studied it throughout my academic life. My services are available a a translator.

    Let me know if my help is needed in any other way.

    Best of luck!
    Vajiha atiq.

    • Thank you very much. It is very important to have all this content in as many languages as we can. We are sending you an email!

  53. Hi occupier!

    I hope some thing good comes out ofthis movement. It’s absolute MUST a lot of things has to change in USA at large and worldwide.
    I believe it’s high time to do so now before it gets too late and this is it!

    I may help with AMHARIC transilation.

    Victory for the people!

  54. why don,t they demand that put the banker on trial for fraud tracy all the money that was made and make them return the states pension money and take their belonging and sell it and give the money back to the gov

  55. Hi occupiers!

    I hope some thing good comes out of this movement. It’s an absolute MUST a lot of things need change in this country. It’s high time to do some thing before it gets too late and this is it!

    I may help with AMHARIC translation.

    Victory for the people!

  56. Hello i am English and Frence i know both languages perfectly i live in Quebec so i speak both languages everyday so if you ever need help in either languages, Email me id be honord to help.

  57. I’ll demonstrate and protest for money, otherwise I need a job!

  58. Hello,

    I would like to help translating to Spanish. Please let me know how can I help.



  59. We need good public transportation. Why are all these roads being built? How many people spend all half their disposable income on car insurance, maintenance, and payments. All that extra money could be spent elsewhere. Demand better buses. More express routes. Forget roads that feed the car industry.

  60. Mandarin is my mother tongue. I would like to know all the possible things I can do to lift the cause. I will be waiting for a response.


  61. Hi!

    I would like to help translate these pages into Dutch…

    Kreep up the good work, this site rocks!
    Cheerz from Holland

    • hi

      what are you looking for, what are you interested in and how would you see your world different than the one you live in currently?
      there is nothing constructive about those thugs who are trying to disorganize and fails to keep an progressive message together without becoming vilant and obsene. so, come into reality and smell the coffee…no one ever have been archieving anything with destructive behavior and without a firm message. so, It’s easy to conclude that they have no leadership and are less than intelligent and need some more studies in history and culture in order to be successful.

      read and study and don’t follow the sheeple, They will lead you to emptyness and darkness, try to reason with what you are looking for as a human beign first before it may be to late ……..and history will change your course forever.
      there is such thing as accomplishment and getting satisfaction out of something you created and keeping in tune with creativity which in turn will enhance many other wonderful creations as we have known for hundreds of years. humans are not perfect and never will be, we have all an dark side to our exsistence…discover it and find deep inside what make ones happy without leaning upon society. The wise words of Kennedy,” ask what you can do for your country, not what they can do for you”..he was still a man with a conviction and stemina. today we have a empty politicians with no spine or conviction and all are currupt. vote them out everytime …. and slowly society will heal itself and by good men to do nothing is giving into bad.
      a dutch citizen US.

      • Hi Everyone. Dariusz here! I’am a poliglot born in Poland and I got an idea!!!!!!! Why not for example demanding worldwide authorities to allow everyone, equally have rights to any withdrawals of taxpayers’ money up to 1000 pounds, at any time and more ( up to everyone’s need) more then £ 1000 by applications? That’d deffinitely decrease crime due to lack of poverty and need of survival?

  62. Greetings from Greenland. Ive been following the Uprisings around the world. The united people fighting for freedom, and fairness. It is beateful how people spontaniosly can unite when something is wrong, and this is too big to ignore. I would like to Demonstrate and protest, but Greenlandic people cant understand how Economy works. Any suggestions how to explain this World wide event of freedom?

  63. If you still in need for Arabic translator i can help, I’m egyptian and live in Egypt

  64. some OCCUPY HISTORY…

    >> Don’t_Bank_on_America
    >> Richmond_Oil_Strike
    >> Columbia
    >> Peoples_Park
    >> Young_Lords

  65. Hi. I am an English person living in Germany. I can speak and write in both English and German. I can therefor translate in both languages. yours faithfully.

  66. I you need someone to translate into French, I can help!

  67. I read that you might need translators. I am proficient in Telugu and fluent in Hindi. Please let me know if I could contribute as a translator.

  68. This movement may benefit from a boycott sight that targets businesses and institutions that abuse Americnas or workers worlwide.. In line with having masses change their banks. a movement to change spending habjts could send a massage. Choosing corporations that go after wages and benefits to bolster their already record profits. Companies that lay off employees and put more responsibility on other employees might heaitae if the end result was a mass boycott. Rain snow and inclimate weather can stifle physical demonstration but cannot interupt boycott information distributions. Consumers ahve power when and should harness that power to fight back. Consumers are manipulated by businesses to spend when it is advantageous to them. We need to manipulate those who profit from our spending habits. If we rarget one month where no one spend an unnecessary dime beyond living expenses would demonstarte consumer power.

    • 1. For one month, make no payments that charge more than 15% (?)

    • RE:
      If we target one month where no one spends
      an unnecessary dime
      beyond living expenses would demonstarte consumer power.

      This is good.

      A lot of the discussions I hear is that
      there needs to be a nation wide strike
      planned for the entire country.
      Such as ie:
      first Monday of every month.

      That a general strike would be more effective
      than a civil war.

      You are having the effect that you want….Barb

  69. Can help translate in French

  70. I can translate to Japanese. Do you need a translator?

  71. Hey let me know if you need translation to Hebrew, I would love to help!!!

  72. Hey do you guys still need Afrikaans translators, Im South African, from Cape Town, but am in Illinois right now. I’m planning on coming to your movement over the Christmas holidays, been participating in it on campus (EIU). Let me know if I can help out, would love to contribute more to this movement!!!

  73. I just want to thank you for all you are doing!!! Keep up the good work and know that there are many of us out here supporting you in thoughts and prayer!!!

  74. I can help with russian translation! please let me know how I can help..

  75. hey if you still need a translator , I can help. I can help u with translating your texts in French and some African languages. let me know if you need me.


  76. Congress can participate in insider trading, and get away with it because the laws were written to exclude them. Please let those in the movement know, and take this to Congress. Occupy Congress.

  77. hello Occupiers!
    I have heard a lot about your movement, but am having trouble understanding what your purpose is. As of now, I understand it to be a declaration of deserving better. Is that accurate? And after receiving so much recognition, do you have a plan to eventually move from protesting to presenting a plan to move forward? I look forward to your comments.

  78. Good Morning.

    I am an Afrikaans speaking English Higher student, willing to translate anything you need. Send me the text you wish tobe translated and I will happily do that for you.

    Good luck and I wish you the best

  79. I’m a twenty year old youth from Houston, My wonderful city needs to wake up and realize what is going to harm us.We are surrounded by oil tycoons who haven’t payed q penny back to the millions of workers that work in the refineries to refine natural gas and oil which powers this country…. these people have no real benefits from the companies. most refinery is done in bay city which is 10 miles from downtown Houston. Is there anyone i can talk to whom could help us start a movement in the energy capitol of the nation?

    Please email me so i can get advice

  80. Does any one know about the movement in Houston?

  81. i can translate english to spanish, spanish to english (spanish native)

    i’d be more than glad to help

  82. Hey here,
    Just noticed that you guys are in need of ESPANOL translators. Spanish is my Native tongue, I speak, write and read fluently. I’m located in NYC so if you need my services please dont hesitate to contact me.

  83. I was reading you need translators, I’m italian so if you need I may help you to translate texts in italian. I also knows spanish and french, so if you wish contact me and it will be a pleasure for me to translate for you in those languages.
    I have also something to suggest you….. such a provocation during the next campaign for the presidential elections: why don’t find a your candidate as President of the U.S.A. and titulate the campaign “OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE”?
    I follow your activities with a lot of HOPE!
    Ciao, my bests wishes. Gianni.

  84. Hello, i am a french and obviously english speaking Canadian. I would be interested in translating anything that you guys need. I wish i could do more honestly and if it is at all possible i would.

  85. Many of you claim there is a direct message to these protests. Can you please help me understand why it has become a war against police instead? I feel someone actually needs to form a lobbyist group for Occupy Wall Street’s demands. Have you encouraged these people to write their members of Congress with a mass mailing of well articulated changes to be made? Higher taxes for rich? Stricter laws on bonuses? Did you know bonuses are already taxed 40%?

    I’m not sure people understand concretely what this group wants. I don’t even see a mission statement on this site or a list of changes to be made here. Can someone please do this? I’m all for the rich paying higher taxes, bonuses for those making over $250,000 to be taxed more heavily, especially on bonuses, but can you PLEASE articulate that on your websites?

    Clarity is more important to your cause than getting arrested, beaten and mased by frightened police officers, or those on power trips. If anything, you’re just racking up a list of future unemployed because they have criminal records.

    Stop getting arrested, start articulating a message that can be understood by Congress, and take some legitimate action. Stop sitting in tents in NYC and come down to Washington and talk to your public representatives!!!

  86. WE ARE THE 99%

    We are the 99%, the 99%, the 99%
    We are the 99%
    The 1% you know who you are
    We are the 99%, the 99%, the 99%
    We are the 99%
    The 1% you know who you are

    Occupy Wall Street
    With so many feet
    1000 to 1 CEO pay
    Rain, hail or sun, the faithful stay
    Corporate greed
    Mouths to feed
    Shining down with neon light
    Shining brightly in the night
    Our fair share
    They don’t care

    We are the 99%, the 99%, the 99%
    We are the 99%
    The 1% you know who you are
    We are the 99%, the 99%, the 99%
    We are the 99%
    The 1% you know who you are

    Peaceful protest
    In heart of west
    Blood sucking leeches get bigger everyday
    Sucking your blood, controlling your every way
    Right to defend
    Stand by my friend
    A new way
    A new day
    Corporations aren’t evil like man
    They cannot die like you or I can
    They’re not human, they do not care
    That’s why they treat you so unfair

    We are the 99%, the 99%, the 99%
    We are the 99%
    The 1% you know who you are
    We are the 99%, the 99%, the 99%
    We are the 99%
    The 1% you know who you are

  87. Get back to the Atrium at 60 Wall Street. Hold strategy meetings! Above all, keep this movement Non-Violent!! The online communications will be very important now. This is not just a downtown gathering to confront authority in a small park. This is a global surge of consciousness. Zuccotti Park has been transformed into an open public forum that we have never had in NYC before! Even if you can’t camp there, continue the dialogue, educate the on-lookers, form alliances with supportive politicians. Elizabeth Warren is a good start. Send Memos to Pres. Obama to let him know: The Time is Now!

    • Go to Washington, DC!! The Whole Movement!

  88. I can translate into Spanish. Please let me know.

  89. I have recently been following what you guys have been doing, in New York particularly. After finding out what you guys are protesting over (social and economic inequality, corporation influence on the government and jobless rate), I am now curious what, as an organization, will be achieved by living in tents in parks? By wanting to close down subways and Wall Street, jobs of other American civilians could be lost, even for a day; wouldn’t that be going against what you stand for? By not working for two months at your own choosing, you are defeating your purpose…how can you speak for unemployed people or lower class people when some, if not most of you left jobs to live in poverty? Unless you still have an income, which would be laughable in itself, homeless people getting money. Why not do something practical like donate what you have to charities, or volunteer at a charity, or if you’re unemployed, settle for any job that is hiring rather than being picky. Living in tents in parks is foolish; fighting for the rights of people is noble, but the way you are going about it is tacky.

  90. I believe that not only do we need to occupy parks and streets, we also need to take these financial institutions to court. For that you need money, and if everyone who believes were to donate we would have enough to take these bastards to court, and win!

  91. hey guyz,
    I’m an Arabic speaker. I can do some translations. Not as full time but I can help!
    Let me know what you guyz want me to translate?
    Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!

  92. I saw the special on insider trading in Congress on 60 Minutes Sunday night. It generated a large article in a major newspaper, of which I do not know which. I called Dennis Kucinich’s office about The Stock Act which prohibits insider trading among Congressional officials. Although the original Stock Act had expired (and it only had 6 sponsors), it has been reactivated and now has 19 sponsors, including Dennis Kucinich. His office is sending me a copy of the act. It is set to go to Congress in the next couple of months. I urge the Occupy Wall Street coalition to contact their congressional officials to get them on board with the Stock Act. It will keep Congress from using insider information to make millions in buying and selling stocks. They are becoming richer as the middle class becomes poorer.

  93. I’m a native spanish speaker, please let me know if you still need translation to spanish, I’ll be happy to help out.

  94. hello.

    Let me first congratulate the movement for its inspiring strugle for justice.
    I would be very pleased to help you by traslating from english to portuguese.

    waiting for your contact

    Ricardo Carvalho

  95. We get it in Hollywood. We want to support the Occupy movement. But how?
    We need a central headquarters. Any suggestions? Does this already exist?

    More power to the people!

    Kind regards,

  96. Hi!
    If you need translations into Danish maybe I can help you.
    Love Nanna.

  97. I just wanted to say thanks for getting people talking. Everyone knows the world is in trouble, but no one seems to know what the core problem is, or how to fix things. I think people should realize that right now we have a world of global warming, where our oceans have continent sized masses where there is more decomposing plastic than food for fish, we are using dangerous energy production in the form of nuclear power, frack mining and oil production. All of these are problems that are easily solved, and the people responsible for the mass disasters we are seeing right now are living like royalty while everyone else can’t even count on a secure future of semi-comfortable servitude. What has been mentioned above is nothing less than a list of crimes to humanity, and the people responsible must immediately start making amends and be held accountable for their crimes.

  98. Please continue to peacefully demonstrate. Don’t fall into letting the police provoke you to be violence. That is the only way that they can defeat you and they know that.

    Understand that far more of American’s like myself support you than the media is telling you.

    I see your efforts as the best chance our country has of recovering and being restored to a great country.

    Thank you for all your time and efforts.

    God bless all of you.

    John Bridges

    Keller, Texas
    54 years young
    We Are The 99 Percent

  99. Hi. I visited Zuccotti Park on Sunday, October 16, 2011, and saw that the OWS demonstrators are good, reasonable people, justified in their views about the unfairness and abuse that the 99% are facing at the hands of the 1%, the banks and large corporations.

    I am appalled that Mayor Bloomberg would call out 1000 riot police in the middle of the night to root out peaceful demonstrators, who were merely exercising their first amendment rights. The rules of the park only prohibited bicycling and roller skating in the park. Clearly, the demonstrators were only protecting themselves from the elements, in order to continue their legal protests.

    From NYS utilities being able to charge 18% compound interest on utility bills, to students being held responsible for unreasonable, even fraudulent loan amounts that they can not afford to pay, to middle class homeowners held responsible to pay for mortgages, when the banks were bailed out—so much of our current financial structure is unsustainable and unfair.

    I am an accountant with a legal background, and would like to help with the legal work, in defending the OWS demonstrators. Please contact me via email.

  100. Is there any efforts to contact corporations or governors and other leaders via email?
    Would it be an idea to write to the fund managers of the mutual funds and ask them to go to stock holder meetings and make motions – such as to increase US employment? Or to limit upper management compensation?
    Is there a compensation level that is generally considered obscene?
    I personally disagree with public universities paying coaches more than President Obama.
    Has anyone got a nice letter to email to Apple, Reabok, Nike, Colgate, IBM and others asking them to bring some jobs back? And Cisco and Apple need to bring the money back to the US or issue dividends.

  101. S-o – if you can’t take sleeping bags and tents into Z. Park, work in shifts –
    the night shift – 11-7a.m. – reports and STAY”S AWAKE. Sign up for 7-a.m. -3 p.m., and 3-ll p.m. Post a sign-up sheet and I’ll take a 3-ll p.m., just like when I worked
    in the hospitals as an R>N. Is this a no-brainer? Good luck! and stay safe, but
    not TOO safe! Katherine

  102. A general complaint is that there are no specific complaints. You might do a complex thought in a series of hand signs. For instance:

    (First sign) Slavery was racist.

    (Second sign) So we freed them.

    (Third sign) Now everyone works for Slave Wages.

    (Fourth sign) Thank God, Thank God! Equality at last!

    One unifying thought, repeated across the country, could possibly resonate with the world.

    Good Luck!

  103. 1. Alternate months, pay no bill charging more than 15 % (?)
    2, Send e-mails to a specific state or congressional committee or company.
    3. boycott companies or products.

  104. Please do not put me on an email mail list.
    I just want to know what the goals are of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I agree with everyone’s concerns but don’t know what the movement is trying to accomplish.

  105. Moving forward by Bank Run….

  106. Where can I mail books to help rebuild the library?

  107. Hi, I can translate into Spanish.

  108. While preparing my clothes for work tomorrow (ironing) I got the idea that Occupy Wall Street should Incorporate… that’s right become a corporation! Let me explain. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that corporations should be afforded the same rights as an American in this country and they can spend whatever they want in terms of money on elections, so my thinking is since “corporations are people”, and they have that right given to them by law which people, Americans inherit by birth, they should also have the right to voice their displeasure openly, such as a protest.

    I think this may be an unorthodox method of forcing the courts hand… if a corporation can “give” it should be able to speak. Just a thought.

    • Getting back to you about incorporating so we can take unlimited money. And, the police can’t remove a corporation. This is a great idea to take to a lawyer involved with OWS. I can see the other side from this. With unlimited money there could be fees set aside for legal protection of activists.

      The only challenge may be that ows in order to reach its goals is incorporating. I’m thinking that a ows could also be a model corporation and show the difference between one run on greed and one run on balance and respect for each other. In California they are called “D” Corporations that can be set up almost as non-profits and can donate earnings to charities etc…

  109. I have videos of the OWS walk from 6th av. And canal street to liberty park! How do I send it to you ? Or its better if I just stop by ?

  110. I am so inspired by the Occupy movements which has so swiftly taken over the world. This is something I felt was coming, but it still caught me by surprise. WE WILL NOT GIVE IN! We- are the 99%! The people of the world who have been taken advantage of, watched our environment be destroyed, and who have been mentally polluted and by a culture of brainwashing ads and false promises of happiness. Our true nature is to lash back and say NO!!!! We will NOT take this any longer! Keep spirits all. We will win. Together. Peace and eternal love, Carly

  111. I am willing to help make the OWS movement bigger on Staten Island to help gain support from this borough.

  112. hi there,
    Still looking for French translators? That’s my job, and I can spare some time for the only cause worth bothering about,
    keep going, you’ve got all our support here in France!

  113. I can help out with punjabi translations. I m pretty good with software development as well.

  114. Just’ve learned about the protests. Could do some translation into Russian, it’s my native.

  115. Folks,
    Humble suggestion from an ardent admirer.
    Look at Max Keiser (former trader) for a way to get corporations and therefore Wall Street to take notice.
    Start a boycot of Fortune 500 companies one at a time. (or 500 at a time)
    Coca Cola is the most vulnerable. Every 1 dollar not spent equals 4 dollars on Wall Street.
    Look to the online ‘Avaaz’ movement for inspiration and help.
    Together we’re stronger.


  116. Hi,
    I’m from Indonesia, I would like to join this movement and do the translation to Indonesian language. I’m working in a research institute and involves in social movement since years ago.


  117. I can do french translations if desired over in occupy sheffield!

  118. Hello, didn’t see any mentions of ASL (American Sign Language) in translator needed list.. not sure if that was simply overlooked?

    I’d be more than happy to translate into ASL for Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities 🙂 As matter of fact, I am starting new website to provide all information about Occupy Wall St. as well as forums in ASL… check out

    Please let me know where do we start? =)

  119. Everybody please read my web page at because on my Current Events section are ideas on how to legally shut down Wall Street, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Congress and the Republican Convention in Tampa this summer. We have to change this revolution from being nothing more than a sit-in into a force that will yield changes that we need in our economic world. We have to pull our nation wide forces together to first shut down Wall Street by tying up the vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, bus and train traffic, Wall Street buildings and elevator traffic, Wall Street offices and phone lines and any other way to prevent those that oppress us from getting to work and from working when they get to work. If we create so much havoc for those that oppress us until they pass laws, regulations and policies that prevent any more oppression then we will win this revolution! Remember it’s either revolution or else submission. Let’s make this revolution a success.

  120. a tactic i think will make them meet and listen. get the movement to dry up their money. millions need to stop putting cash in banks. each week just deposit bill transactions, the rest keep in cash. those with so much money; get a safety deposit box for the duration. do not seek any loans. lets shut down the monoply game. perhaps they will listen. a good spokesman for the occupy group would be professor lessig at harvard. his new book; “republic lost”

  121. You keep on insisting on tax reforms but it is not about taxes; it is about a reduction of corporate salaries, 250K+. At 5% a year for the next 5 years; no more golden parachutes or corporate entitlements. Salary caps and a salary checks and balances by an independent group. Do this and the money will pour into the economy like Niagara Falls.

  122. TRANSLATION: I can help with Urdu.

  123. Hello,

    I’m fluent french speaker. I’ll be more than happy to translate from english to french if needed. If so, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  124. I can translate into spanish, it was my first language. I also speak French and Chinese (Mandarin), but am not good enough to be able to transcribe.

    Contact me,

  125. Perhaps you could use ponchos to protect yourself from the elements. You could layer up under the poncho for warmth and carry your backpacks with your belongings protected as well. They can be made into a simple tent. You stand up and the tent is gone. So you are in compliance with the law. Also similar or same ponchos would provide a unifying message as we are the poncho people when viewed in other parts of the city. Certainly only the 99 percent would even know the utility and need for a poncho.

  126. Hi,
    I didn’t see Polish as a language you need translators for, however if you do, I will be happy to help. I am not a professional translator, but am a native speaker and have some experience and a will to help the OWS cause!

  127. Hello. I have been trying to find the best way to raise awareness and take action somehow for the movement, in Nashville,TN.. On the 17th, i do believe if people sprout up TOGETHER all over America on this day and have the strength to stay standing i believe it would be.. something… Any advice would be wonderful and appreciated. Just email me. Thanks… I would like to add, i am deeply grateful for my brothers and sisters who stand for me and all of us right now.. Thank you, so very much..


  128. I can interpret any message that supports the 99% and the fight for justice into ASL…American Sign Language, for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people..I would love to help if I can…


  130. I can translate into Spanish…

  131. This is an awakening for the national. Let’s make this a world wide movement.
    I live in TX and I can assure that my school and academia are with the case.
    I can assure that the Brazilian population will join the case.
    I love this country so much. Seeing the dreams of many young students going away it’s just painful. Let’s make the world a place for opportunities for everyone.

  132. I hope this can help us. This is my contribuition, from Brazil

    Denude yourself!

    This is the point. We’re all human!

    Show we are human like everybody

    Denude yourself in Vatican, Wall Street, Eifel Tower, White House, Hollywood., Rio de Janeiro, London, Los Angels, Canada, Mexico, Holland… all of world!

    Denude yourself! No war, just Life. Can you see it? We are humans, look. Like you too!

    Denude yourself! Denude yourself! Denude yourself! Denude yourself!…

    I hope this words can take in your mind, heart and spirit.

    Stay with the light of God

  133. need translators: i can translate english to: dutch and french…

  134. Occupy needs to SING!

    Start singing – raise your voices – make joyful noise!
    Every movement in the ’60’s sang; music is what brought our great numbers together. Singing will keep you warm, it will inspire you & others, it will make everyone feel closer, and it will make Occupy unforgetable!
    Please start singing!

    In the case of 24hr sites: If the cops try to limit how many can be in an area at one time or if it is bitterly cold, make schedules and rotate people to Occupy.

  135. Hi there,
    I already saw some offering for french translation, but I can help! Just let me know 🙂

  136. John Lennon knows what’s real, free and right under our feet.
    He left this world with many messages. All the messages came in many forms, however, they all fell into one bigger message which is simply “Peace”.

    This is what I have been thinking about lately…

    The power of love it limitless. Selfish minds, lobbyists, and our government is full of hunger and deceit. Together, with love and non-violent acts, we are capable of stopping all the abuse of power. It is time. The dam is overflowing; the point is tipping. In order to cease and reverse this toxic growth we must unite and commit to our beliefs with sincere, thoughtful effort.

    We must join together beyond the comfortable bounds of family, friends, neighbors and even co-workers. If we let down our fearful curtain, we suddenly become free. The power of thought, communication, and collaborative creation is a great strength. This could all be attained tomorrow if everyone happen to immediately stop what they were doing and act upon their true belief(s).

    We could create good discussion concerning our human, social and political rights as a civil people. The current abuse, whether it is rooted to one individual or many, continues to reveal unsustainable, thoughtless, selfish acts. This behavior is beyond excuse, disguise, or any cover up “story”.

    Enough of the gossip or shared media online. It must be bigger than a virtual presence. Even beyond Occupy Protests. We shall not just talk about it unless we are going to do something about it. The internet has been, and continues to be, an awesome communication tool. And a sign is informative, but not enough.

    These tools have given many people the power and transportation of their voice. This is all so encouraging, but now it must overflow into the streets. I’m ready (i think). Are you? Let’s bring it back to the town hall. Let’s bring our individual voices together to be a bigger voice. A sand grain to a pyramid. A tree to a forrest. A wave to an ocean. A star to a universe.

  137. If you still need a translator in Farsi, please contact me.

    • You can write translations in “comments” or send me a mail (

  138. Hey guys, if you need translations into slovak, czech – here I am…

    • You can write translations in “comments” or send me a mail (

  139. With so many people standing by this cause, I see there must be some rationale behind it. However, pardon my ignorance, what exactly did the banks do wrong? They, after all, worked within the regulatory framework. It is the regulation and the oversight that had had failed. It is the legislature that has failed us. And it is failing us as we deliberate. It is the super committee that is heading in the direction of failure right before our eyes in the nearest time. Then the Congress and the hyperpartisan politics that are going to seal our and our childrens’ fates. I am puzzled why the campaign is directed towards something that had failed us in the past and that too within the legal framework, while turning a blind eye to something that is going fail us big time right before our eyes. I don’t understand why the frustration is directed towards individuals that cannot be made accountable under legal framework, while it is not towards the handful of individual political leaders that own the responsibility and can make a difference!

  140. OWS should take the money it has amassed and INVEST it, use the system for the people’s gain, on behalf of the 99%. Multiply that money and then we can play “THE GAME”, in its current form, BUT we will now have the money and power to CHANGE THE GAME.

  141. I have a pickup truck with an eight foot bed, and I would like to help.

  142. spanish is my first language, some french and italian. i am @ portland occupy

  143. boycott banks movement, do not use credit cards take your money out of the banks
    small amount of the 99% are huge amounts.

  144. Hi, I can translate Arabic for you.

  145. Can translate From English to Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish, and from the previous to English if needed. Also if people inquire about Occupy Curacao, please let me know. Good luck on the 17th of November 2011

  146. Translators for dutch and german language needed?
    Just send me texts and targets..

  147. Hello, I can provide translations in French and Czech. Living in Belgium.

  148. If you still need a translator in Português, please contact me. I’ll be glad to help. Keep going!

  149. I can translate into Italian. Marco

  150. to all the people who believe in the movement I feel it’s time to show the big corporations that they do not run this world. A simple step. Do not buy exxon mobil gas. If we cripple one the rest will listen. Start today , even for just a week will send a message that will be heard around the world.

  151. I would like to write articles like the following for Occupy.

    Review all policies passed by the Reagan administration, many of which are causing the economic conditions we are experiencing today – Reaganomics in he real sense. One of the most prominent poplicies was to change the nation onto a system of Pure Capitalism (supply and demand determine price as long as there is no manipulation). This condition only works when GREED cannot set in and when there is a system of checks and balances in place to correct wrong doing. Deregulation eliminated the system of checks and balances and allowed GREED to set in which is a strong contributing factor in the near collapse of the nations economy and free rein for Wall Street to rob the middle class and poor of everything. If you recall Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Bush II all mentioned in their speeches that the economy should be a “Service” economy. Which means we cannot purchase the products we make, the 99% must Serve the 1% this does not work because there are too many of us and we shall prevail.

  152. please watch

    or don’t i dont know i’m exhausted dont know where else to turn


    You walk down into a crowded street and mix in the crowd of bystanders (don’t forget to pretend to be non-protesters) then after the signal is given pull your sign out and then protest. The people to the left and right of you will be considered as protesters. The bystanders next to you will either be part of it or not but they would puff up the protest. Those nonprotesters will provide us refuge with their presence as it will hurt our enemy if they hurt non protesters.

  154. I have been on top of your developments. I just have a few suggestion to not loose momentome.
    Please try to get a clear goal out to the people that are getting interviewed on TV, try getting Veterans in front of the police lines( wearing something that will idetify him as one).A police officer will think twice before handcuffing a vet and if he does and it makes the news you will have more support from all the vetreans in the US.
    On the news we hear about so many cities & counties that are filling for bankruptcy. recrute some of the public workers from these areas. I do belive that the police lines will be easier to deal with if you put some of there own in front of them ie. laid of police, ambulance divers, nurses excetera.
    I am fluent in French and German and offer my services if you can use them.

    Bruce Alan Arrighi

  155. keep it up everybody! I am in sherbrooke quebec canada.. will do what I can from here.. would be nice if there was easier information to find on where other protests are taking place, and how to get involved..


    • do you know It’s the main website for the global movement

  156. To Whom it may concern:

    In following your efforts, I make these suggestions:

    1. Define Your Demands (what, succinctly, do you want to happen?)

    2. Present These Demands. (to the media and the government who is the partner of Wall Street)

    3. Time Limit (these demands must be responded to by XXX)

    4. Penalty For Non Action By The Government. (what will happen if they ignore you?)

    5. Acta Non Verba.

    Yours for freedom,

    Steven J. Conners

  157. This is why the 1% has begun to PANIC..they fear your movement will place their goals in the dust bins of history. This is the 1% aim and purpose.

  158. I am teaching in university and absolutely agree with your cause. I am offering you my services as translater both in urdu and punjabi.Looking forward to hear from you and praying for the success of truth.

  159. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.
    Every second counts!
    Poor palestinian people count on us!!! Não existe peace without justice !
    Let’s fight pacificamente for them!!! Occupation palestine is robbery. Israel must be punished or let’s ocuppy everywhere too! What is your and my life if we are no longer useful to others? Together will be stronger !!!
    Palestinos de coração

  160. Hi,
    I can make translations into Kurdish if you need.

  161. Noticed you needed help with translation, i am fluent in spanish and english, live in L.A. would love to do anything i can do to help!

    • No way, in LA, and you speak Spanish? I can’t believe you can speak English!

  162. Dear How To Camp For Global Change:

    I would like to recommend two articles for your Website as a resource. The first is “Strategizing for a Living Revolution” by George Lakey @ and the 2nd by Bill Moyer (not the PBS guy) “The Movement Action Plan” @ . The first is a 5 stage Strategic Framework for nonviolent revolution. and the second, an 8 stage model of nonviolent direct action campaigns and movements. In light of the Occupy Movement around the world, these articles have extreme relevance to the 99% Movement.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  163. If you need translation to Russian, I will be happy to do that. I am in Boston right now. Want to participate!

    • put your translation in “comments” or send it to “contact”

  164. I know Spanish, English (duh), and enough French… I also know people who are fluent in French. I’ll be more then glad to help! I’m in SD.

    • you can put your translations in “comments” or send it to “contact”

  165. Do you need spanish translator ?

    I can help.

  166. I have a suggestion for a protest.. I love this movement, and believe in it wholey. I suggest that since we want to affect the way these companies conduct business we should not only stand outside them but get inside. One idea is that 300 or so protesters dress up in business suits and stand in line at the bank, wait for the bank to open then walk up to thellers and say oh nevermind then go to the back of the line. This will deter any customers from wanting to enter the bank, and will cause the bank to not make any money due to no transfer of money, and the tellers will be paid for doing no work.

    We should also target these large brokerage firms, they do a lot of business over the phone. So lets time up the phone lines, they cant make money if they make no deals.

  167. I am available to assist in translation to Arabic and in many other fields if required.
    Your movement touches the heart of every one of those who endure from injustice.

  168. hello, I’d like to to provide for you translations into Russian and be involved into the movement. That’s my native language and Russia novadays is much more than in need in this kind of improvement of civil right and power.

  169. I can translate in Bosnian Keep up good work 🙂

  170. I do not understand the talk about re-establishing democracy in the USA. I do not recall a time when there ever truly was a democracy. The USA was founded as an Oligarchy which was fashioned as a republic. In order to vote when the constitution was originally created one had to be a white male with $250 dollars in the bank. I understand wanting democracy I too would like to see the end of the hierarchical reign of corporations and elite ghost families however I feel that if real change is to take place that it is imperative that the government is seen for what it truly is first and foremost. It operates as an oligarchy, and has from conception. In my opinion in order for it to change the structure of the government, its priorities and its allies will all have to change.

  171. me and some buddies occupied the corner of commercial and university in fort lauderdale

  172. Hello I lived in Orlando,Fl.

    I am fluent in Spanish and English…I will be willing to translate.

    I just came across this movement, and I am very interested because it is definitely targeting a lot of issues which a lot of Americans are too busy to pay attention to……..we need change, and that can only be possible with the force of unity!!
    I’m in!

  173. I’m fluent in: (obviously besides english) French, Japanese, dutch, and portuguese.
    So if you need any help translating, you can email me.


  174. boycott gas stations lock up their pumps put a stop to high gas prices


  176. I can translate to portuguese, please send me an email.

  177. To translate a wordpress site download the Google Translator App. And install it to the site as a widget. Then readers can choose any language!

  178. I’ll translate anything you want into GERMAN and MANDARIN. Send me stuff asap and I’ll get it done. You people are doing an amazing job!! Love from Germany!

  179. Plan a occupy congress, they are the ones getting paid by the corporations! They all are bought and paid for.

    • We all need to fill Washington DC – every inch of it – NOW!

      Congress is getting ready to lay some Big Hurt on the weakest of us.
      Are we really willing to do nothing?

  180. God bless this Movement . I agree with the Occupy movement. I am also sick of seeing the Republicans wanted to hurt the Elderly and and poor. Wanting to cut the elderly’s Social security shame on the Republicans shame on them.
    God bless all the protesters its about fairness i see this movement as that and im
    very proud of this movement. For better Jobs for the Middle class.

  181. What is the workload for portuguese translator?

  182. Hi,
    I saw you needed translations in Portuguese.
    That’s my mother language so if you need any help, I’d be happy to translate.
    A Luta é Alegria!

  183. I can assist with translation into Swahili, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Yiddish, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, and Balochi. Let me know if you need help with some of those. Also, I would really enjoy some active footwork in the South East USA. Let me know if you need any assistance on any front. I can organize legal counsel, medical treatment, psychiatric help, financial backing, or media representation. If you wanted to set up a childcare service in any of the areas of occupation or demonstration i could assist with that as well. Let me know if you need me.


  184. Hello!

    I am responding to your need for a translator. I can go from Spanish to English and vice versa. I’m not in a position to physically occupy at the moment, but I can do this. Let me know what you need and I’ll do all that I can.

    In solidarity,

    Brad Ward

  185. Glad to keep attending events. From New York to Oakland we’re here to stay. Love you brothers and sisters. Keep it going. Let the light of equality warm your hearts and keep you strong. As Mahatma once said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” This is what America’s all about. Fighting for what’s right. Be the change.

  186. Should you need any more translations into German, or from Spanish into English and/or German let me know.

  187. Hi there. I saw you need translators to Spanish. I will be glad to help you guys from OWS.

    I am an activists currently founding OccupyCostaRica (WE NEED HELP BY THE WAY).

    I am ready to go. Let me know what to do.


    Francisco Molinero H.

  188. Willing and able to translate in Spanish if still needed.

  189. Occupy a desk……..GET A JOB!

  190. Hi, I can translate french, it’s my first language.

    liberté egalité fraternité


  191. I saw that you need a translator in Portuguese.
    I’m brazilian and I would be very happy to help.
    I live in Brooklyn – NY

    • I´m Brasilian and live at São Paulo, I´dreally like to help and translate.

  192. Hey,
    I can speak fluent Farsi if you guys still need a translator!

  193. Hey,
    if you need a translator in french, ask! i’m right here

    thanks for all that you are doing.

  194. I would like to help in any way I can. I am 45 years old, have 2 kids, living in a small town in Germany. I can help translating in Serbian, Croatian (former Jugoslavian languages) and a bit of german and russian. I can also try to organize something in a place I live. Just let me know. My best wishes to all of you!
    Thanks guys!

    can anyone tell me what this is really all about? I have read some rhetoric that lets me know everyone is pissed…but why? Describe please?

  196. Do you need a Norwegian translator?

  197. Supporting “Occupy” movement and what it represents I have an idea how to allow many more millions all over the world to be an active demonstrators, show the world their anger and frustration, from their own front yard.
    My idea is to set a specific time, at which all of us, people of the world, would get down to the street in front of our homes/work places, waving our hands for 15 minutes. We are going to show the world we have the will and the power to regain control over our own lives.
    Just imagine this sight, the impact, of millions waving their hands at the same time.

  198. Do you need a Danish translater?

  199. hi,
    this year for history day I’m doing a documentary on the occupy movement.
    I am hoping to get an interview from an expert on the occupy movement.
    If someone could email me to help me contact someone. That would be great.

  200. By forming a consumers union with millions of frustrated Americans, we can boycott their businesses if they do not listen and level the playing field. The only thing they hear is money.

  201. Hi, if you still need translator to Portuguese-BR I can help you.
    I´d really like to give brasilian people more info about the occupy moviment since local media when show the protest get some group types like people playing songs to make an image of something been doing by homelees and drug dependents and as far as I notived this is not.
    We need a beeter market e and we need jobs not war, so if you can contacte me.
    Tks in advance.

  202. I can help you with Japanese translation. I’m Japanese currently living in Tokyo.

    This is a historical moment that everyone of us should take a part. I personally believe that this information is helpful for Japanese, who are devastated and torn apart by the recent earthquake…so here I am; I’d like to show the solidarity with U.S.(and us), and make the world better by doing my part. Let’s work together!

  203. Hi

    I am fluent in French it’s my mother tongue
    i’m in New York let me know what I can do to help.

    Vive la revolution

  204. Spanish is my mother tongue. Let me know if you need me to translate anything. I’d be happy to help!

  205. I’ll be glad to translate for you in spanish! I’m originally from Colombia, S.A., but live in Boston, MA!

    This is a universal issue. VIVA OWS

  206. Great time for all of us!

    To make this information more globaly available this site needs to be translate .
    I have sent the link to friends in South America and Mexico but many of them do not speak English…. I am willing to help ….

    mar (a 99er)

  207. A secondary notification:
    I sent an email to takethesquare regarding translating for spanish and english. let me know your requirements.

    Matt Domser

  208. Let me know if you need a Hungarian translator. I’d be proud to help with anything. OCCUPY!!!!

  209. hello,
    I am a freshmen student in the greater Hartford region. My classmates and i are making a documentary on the Occupy movement. We were hoping to get in touch with an expert on the movement and asking some Questions about it.

  210. Guys, I appreciate this movement so much, but I fear it is being diluted because it does seem to be getting kind of aimless. I believe the next step is to mount a mass occupation of Washington, DC. That is what will make em’ sit up and take notice when we park it on thier doorstep…remember the March on Washington for civil rights? Quite effective and they (politicians, the press) can’t just write off the movement as a passing trend and just keep arresting people. A lot of “99ers” still gotta work and you are messing them up by limiting thier ability to get to work which does not help the movement and pisses them off when we need the support of the common folk-I am not talking about the Wall Street types, but the secretaries and janitors and coffee shop workers….give them a break…if we are all a part of them then cut them some slack and take it to the real powermongers and the ones who are screwing up the landscape for everyone else…remember, Washington bailed out the banks….take it to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Hi.

    I can cooperate translating from english to spanish.
    I am in Mexico City and I following your movement, we all know it is going to arrive here, we do have 50 million people under poverty conditions.
    Count me in for the translations you need.

    Gabriel Cabello M.

  212. Perhaps we should begin sending a message to Congress that EVERYONE, regardless of party, will be voted out when up for re-election if they don’t get with the program of ending the unfair influence that Wall Street and Big Business have over our government.

    Perhaps we should be looking for some OWS supporters to run for office in every state.

  213. If you need help with spanish translations, I can help! My parents are from Spain and I’m currently living in Missouri now.

  214. Let’s get some leaders that care about the 99%…We need a mayor and congressman and new president. We have the momentum-skip both parties-two sides of the same coin!!

  215. File a legal complaint to all of the banks on the same day.

  216. Is there a need for translating in Haitian Creole or Italian? Contact me!

  217. OCCUPY WITH THE TITS!!! Watch this video:

  218. I can translate Spanish in New York.

  219. Lets put the matter simple. For centuries always was like these everywhere in this world. Why? Because there is a countryless RACE pyling up the money from all places around. Everybody knows who they are, Is hipocrecy to say otherwise. Lets mention some of them: who are behind: BOEING?, MARTIN MARIETTA?, BRITISH PETROLEUM (BHP)?,COCA COLA?. EXXON?, STANDARD OIL?, GENERAL MOTORS (GM)?, PFIZER?, DUPONT?, ITT?, AMERICAN STEEL CORP.), THE MONSTER MINING COMPANIES?.THE BUILDERBERG ORGANIZATION?, THE MORGAN TRUST?, BANK OF AMERICA?, WALL STREET?, CHRYSLER?, MERRY LINCH?, GOLDMAN SACHS?, JP MORGAN?, DEUTCHSE BANK?, DEPFA BANK?, CHASE MANHATTAN BANK?, UBS SWITZ BANK?, MONSANTO?, CARGILL?, CNN?, NBC?, WORLD BANK (BM)?, IBM?, FMI?, and many more???. To have the control all over, there are the WATCHMEN with their herd of army, assesins, dictators, mercenaries, well organized by the Rockfellers, Hochschilds, Warburgs, Lazards, Rothschilds, Morgans, Moses Israel Seifs, Lehman Brothers, Tirans like the King of Saudi Arabia supported with the big money from the oil controled everybody knows by whom. Henry Kissinger, and so on as Waismans, Mitmans, Simons, Netanyahus, Goldmans, Lets be sure that FORBES is a lier, Warren Buffey, mexican Slim. or Bill gates, are only the courtain to entertain the public opinion. Those big money hunters are well protected and properly hiden and control the governments, the dictators, the coups, they are the big corruptors of authorities decition makers all over the world and have under their command the public media, tv, www, news papers, magazins, and all kind of communications, webs of all kind and all over, because when the population mind is controled, they became like sheep don`t think and go with the herd without even thinking.
    The MONSTERS who control the key tools to manage the world population are the ones who said THE ONES WHO HAVE THE MONEY, HAVE THE POWER. AND HAVING THE POWER CONTROL TO THE REST. Is there something more clear than that?????. CONSEQUENTLY have to address to OCCUPY WALL STREET promoters that the action has good purposes. However, unless there is a well organized leardership worldwide those 99% will be as before eaten by that small 1% and everybody knows who is who. Be careful the POWER OF MONEY might also corrupt the key groups and the world will go as is going now. Lets think that besides OCCUPY WALL STREET, the world population is facing a somber 2012 and so on with the ECONOMY, CLIMATE WARMING, POLUTION, UNGER, EPIDEMICS, WARS, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, OVER POPULATION, DROUGHT, FOOD SHORTNESS, and the unavoidable NATURAL DISASTERS. THATS WHY ALREADY THE WORLD CONTROLERS AND INVESTING IN CHANGING THEIR WORLD AND WILL SEND EXPLORERS TO PLANET MARS or THE NEPTUNE satelites AS EUROPA OR GANIMEDES in SEARCH TO MAKE THAT RACE SURVIVE WOMEWHERE ELSE. Our sociologists, researchers, economists, investigators, promoters, scientists, do not realize whats is what?. Finally for this moment this author is thinking helpless that what we try to alert will end in nothing. Lets hope not this time. Wake up and follow every corner of this world action and support OCCUPY WALL STREET. There is a good start. Pirulin tin tin. And addition: if there are mistakes is because my mother language is Spanish and also I speak QUECHUA the Inkas Empire idiom. Until I receive any comments. Bye.


    Who out there can build an internet based platform that will voice the 99% ers like myself who is working my ass off to support my family of 4, without health insurance and without the time to join in and support this awesome movement and prove to the nay sayers we do exist.

    Can someone out there create a youtube type forum where people like myself can go make a short video highlighting how each person or family is coping through this crisis. The videos could then be bundled together into a (video petition) to be delivery to any disbelieving politican or corporate leader.

    • occupy

  221. I can help with translations in Spanish. I live in The Bronx, NY.

  222. I can translate to spanish just let me know what you need.

  223. I can help you guys translate into Spanish, I’m originally from El Salvador and fluent in Spanish.

  224. Hi, came across the message about needing mandarin translations. I’m a supporter of the protest. Mandarin is my native language. I’d love to help out remotely. Please let me know what I can do! Thanks!

  225. Hey! I’m an American student studying in Germany right now… I’m learning both German and French. While I’m not fluent in these languages, I’d love to do something to help the movement and would like to help with translation if you need me to.



    Role of TDM in Organization& Trade


    We can strengthen Democracy as we are crusaders against corruption. TDM is an anti-corruption movement to the core! Ultimately, we will become the deciding factor, whom will rule! We decide policies, not silly politicians. We remain shadow power! We remain as the inner-conscience of democracy. None can hide anything from us! And the knowledge society keeps on growing every-day!

    Anti-Corruption Movement

    When the society becomes more organized with knowledge, rate of corruption will drastically reduce. ‘If you don’t interfere in politics, politics will interfere in your life’, Lenin said long back. When the open society propagates anti-corruption movement, it has to subside. TDM will remain as the inner-conscience of society.

    Anti-Inflation Movement

    When the intellect of the collective overtakes the limited source of Corporates, it will be impossible for them to compete with TDM. It is impossible for them to compete with the word of mouth publicity of TDM! Intelligence pays everywhere! Inflation will reduce drastically every year!

    Tax evasion

    Naturally, every deal of TDM is accountable and since it is transparent. TDM is the shortest path towards an ‘accountable society’. Gradually we can reduce the impacts of Black Money in the society. As the movement progresses, the rates of tax will have to come down drastically!

    Media Bias

    “I don’t care for my readers! I care only for my advertisers!” This is the mentality of corporate media! When TDM picks up, media bias will reduce drastically. The reason is very simple. Our marketing strategy is word of mouth publicity with ultimate integrity ‘The cheapest and the best’. So whatever we deal, will be free of advertisements and our competitors will easily understand that it is of no use to create new advertisements. Media will then heavily suffer economically. Then corporate media will be forced either get closed or coming down to main stream of open knowledge society! Beyond all, media can never fool knowledge workers. We won’t fall for their gimmicks. FSM operated free media will support us in every movement. Every knowledge worker is a citizen journalist. Media with minimal intellect cannot cater the needs of people with higher order thinking skills!

    Let me tell you a very personal experience. My wife, a Doctorate holder in Botany and an expert in bio-technology wrote and gave a detailed article about food adulteration in India. She analysed almost each and every product. They threw it straight to the dustbin! Why? If they published that, they might have lost so many advertisements of those who might have affected by her article! TDM is an anti-adulteration movement! None should die by cancer!

    Public Sector Companies

    TDM can influence public sector organizations too. If they dont function properly, they won’t be able to compete with products of common man and cooperatives! They can even make use of the expertise of TDM brain bank to improve their operations and products.

    Anti-Consumerist Movement

    TDM concentrate on the distribution of ‘the best at the cheapest price’ products in every segment. When you supply the best, trying for other cheap quality and costly product is absolute foolishness. (We still die for cheapest and the best!) Corporates spread the cloud of fear either directly or as by creating inferiority complex among consumers. Let’s degrade those who run behind Corporations as idiots! Nobody likes to be known as an idiot in a knowledge society! So, TDS becomes anti-consumerist movement. We can simply burn the brand image to ashes! When nobody cares for brand images, what is the point in spending excess amount for them! Can the intelligence of limited people from their workforce beat the intelligence of the collective? A brand addict will become branded as a holy fool!

    Anti-Corporate Crimes Movement

    When the knowledge society grows fast, corporate crimes reduce. So, TDS becomes movement against corporate crimes! Corporates will sink on its own!

    Anti-Globalization Movement

    When current financial set up of Crony capitalism can be challenged to the roots by the spreading up of TDM, when the knowledge society become key players in democracy, the unholy relationship between the government and Corporates will have reach full stop! We can use the same weapons of globalization to resist its ill-effects. We can fight the best with their own weapons against them! So, TDS becomes anti-globalization movement.

    Public Safety/ Social security/ Unemployment/ Terrorism

    When TDM flourishes, the interaction between the individuals in every community grows very fast. So the society will become more and more dynamic. People will be more vigilant in a dynamic society, which in turn improves social security. In such a society, there will be more and more employment opportunities that can keep youth away from criminal activities and terrorism, children will not abused as TDM builds up intrinsic personal relations.

    Anti-Pharmaceutical Exploitaion Movement

    Quality of modern life depends on the quality of medicines! Paracetamol is a widely used pain and fever reliever in India and this simple medicine is available in more than 50 trade names with exorbitant prices! There is no standardization in prices as well as chemical content! TDM can produce and distribute these medicines with maximum quality and minimum price. For us, the end user is enough to give word of mouth publicity, which will put an end to the greed of doctors who prescribe under-quality medicines to patients! We can develop generic medicines to fight against AIDS and all other epidemics with the help of Medical Geeks. We can make the people aware of every medicine sold in any nation just by word of mouth, for that faith is free of cost! We can demand our doctors to prescribe suitable medicines produced by us. We empower every patient to know about his rights with an ultimate aim: medicine-free life! We can put an end to the unethical practices of doctors! Every medical Geek can easily convert 500 greedy doctors to collaborate with open society!

    Hundreds of patents in pharmaceutical industry are getting expired every year and they become generic medicines. Naturally we can produce those quality medicines with at most quality care and the cheapest available so that even the parent company can’t even compete with TDM! One thing that you should remember is ‘the medicines distributed in India are either export surplus or mostly export reject! Sad, there are no restrictions! With this profit margin itself, we can invent new medicines to compete with them! The word ‘depression’ will vanish from the world as everyone can enjoy active social life!

    Labour Movement

    Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM) is a prominent movement in Kerala, with deep roots among people from poor financial backgrounds. They stand for agriculture. ‘Even the IT personnel eat, rice which we cultivate. But, they are getting paid more. Agriculturists are committing suicide as there products are not getting good price. An agriculturist should also get equal reverence as any professional’. Their argument is absolutely correct. But, till now, they are not able to find a practical solution for their problems. If they can create a nationwide workers-bank, if they can take the abundant uncultivated land on lease, if they can cultivate crops and convert them to value added products and distribute directly in the society, I bet within 10 years every member can become financially stable and highly revered by every individual in the society! TDM can sure solve these problems. Thus TDM becomes landless people’s movement too!

    Adbuster’s Movement

    Commercial advertisers often seek to generate increased consumption of their products or services through “branding”, which involves the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate certain qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers. Non-commercial advertisers who spend money to advertise items other than a consumer product or service include political parties, interest groups, religious organizations and governmental agencies. Advertisement is bi-product of industrial revolution. But, TDM is “reverse industrialization”! Our mode of advertisement is the most powerful of all “word of mouth”. When TDM flourished, the word advertisement will vanish from daily life! So TDM belongs to Adbuster’s Movement!

    Open Access and Open Publishing

    Open access (OA) refers to unrestricted access via the internet to articles published in scholarly journals, and also increasingly to book chapters or monographs. Open content is similar to OA, but usually includes the right to modify the work, whereas in scholarly publishing it is usual to keep an article’s content intact and to associate it with a fixed author or fixed group of authors. Is that enough?

    Publishing industry is a horrible place now, they are not protecting the interests of readers and writers! They simply promote cooked literature which is a threat to modern society! A 100 page literary book printed in India, costs just below Rs.20/- They sell it with a minimum price of Rs.75/- The writer may get (?) Rs.11/- as his royalty! For buying a wonderful book why should we pay all these huge margins? TDM can do wonders here.

    Barriers or Nations will diminish… Every man will become a Global Citizen… No wars…. Just a world government will be remain! Will one day, money vanish from our lives?




    “Poverty is not a sin” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    “God does not create poverty, we do, we don’t share” — Mother Theresa

    CCDM’s mission is to collect and distribute the much needed item, new and used clothes, within the community. We are sure that TDM will convert CCDM to an international service organization. Simple life is meaningful life. In India, the daily income of the 75% of population is below Rs.30/-. Here is the room for CCDM.

    CCDM can provide FREE clothing to those in need. Charity should start from the heart. The most lovely hearts belong to children. The future of any nation depends on them. They should learn the virtue of charity from the very starting point of education.

    Students, with your help we want to collect as many clothes, new or used but in good condition, to distribute to some of the most needy in India and abroad. Life is just sharing and caring, the wise people say. Let’s learn the joy of sharing right from the school.

    Our clothing appeal is very simple scheme for anyone to participate in. We all have clothes lying around we don’t wear, either they don’t fit right, sit right, look right or whatever! Most people impulse buy- decide they don’t like it and it sits gathering dust or simply thrown away. Please hand them over to us. May be they are of no value to you, but it will be a treasure to someone in need. Again, by donating used clothes, you can discourage the cloth mafia selling second hand clothes by cheating in broad sunlight!

    Please donate clothes of all types for Babies and children’s, and Adults clothes… Exclusions: Please no underwear, socks etc. Every cloth you donate is a lovely present from you to an unknown brother or sister. So all clothing must be washed and clean, neatly packed prior to donation.

    Every human on earth has the basic right for clothes, food and shelter. We concentrate on clothes at present. Your donations will reach a) Children and Adults from the BPL. (b) Children staying in several orphanages in India and abroad. c) People suffering from natural calamities and other disasters. Distribution of the items is an important part of the project. For that, we have to make so many Cloth banks across worldwide.

    This is a dream… Just a dream… CCDM supported by TDM can realize it!

    Only TDM can Cloth the entire World!

    A simple way to achieve this is by redistributing “used products of TDM” donated by members who can go for new alternatives within two or three years of use. We have to do this to provide support for the suffering billions across the world! When we introduce a cheap and best TV for you — that can work as a computer, scanner, fax machine, telephone, integrated with security system with maximum reliability, please donate the existing one in your homes!

    When we are ready to distribute thousands of designs of apparels, please donate some of your old clothes at least. I am forced to say this with at most pain, because Retail corporates in India buy old clothes to attract customers, a system unthinkable for ancestors! How bitter are their practices!

    Common man’s products are more valuable than that of corporates. The downtrodden can do any diverse business for a living. He should also be a part of knowledge society. We are missing the local tastes of food, having history more than hundreds of years due to the attack of ‘Curry powder factories!’. We have to get back everything! Every piece of knowledge!







  228. You seem to be heading in the wrong direction with this website. If you dig for personal information and ask for donations..are you not just like them? Good luck! I’ll do this on my own!!

  229. We need to rally together and show that we are not going anywhere. What made me want to write you today is a news story a young college girl protester getting pepper sprayed in the face, and roughly pulled out of a group of people and arrested. We need to bring people into this by showing them what is going on and what the police are doing. The part I thought was funny was the police said they were afraid of that girl.

    The american people will only rally for what they can see.

    We need to practice Civil disobedience. We need to call every news outlet we can and we need to videotape everything. We need to get the main stream media to cover this all day long. (If it happens in Egypt its all you see on CNN, but in America its too taboo.)

    We should lay down in the parks, where they say we are not allowed to sleep. To show how they cannot control us- let them arrest us, they will never stop our fight.

    I think marching to Washington is a good idea too- we should demand that Wall Street pay back their bail out money when we get there.

    We need to find a leader, someone who can articulate and publicly stand for our cause.

    Power to the People. Power to the Peaceful.

  230. It would be very effective if you guys post the addresses, e-mail addresses & phone numbers of the most influential(powerful) people(leaders), organizations, or companies of the 1% so we can all express ourselves directly to them. thank you for reading this :). Peace to ALL.

  231. Hi guys, I am Daniele, I come from Italy and I can help you translating in Italian. Ciao ciao

  232. I’m Brazilian, and I can translate to Portuguese if you want. I’m just 14 years old, but I want to help with everything I can.

  233. Hi! I saw you needed translation in Russian, so i can help you 🙂 I`m from Ukraine, but I`m good in Russian and actually study foreign languages in university. I appreciate your ideas of non-violence revolution and I`d like to help you somehow.

  234. i/

  235. Hello!
    It will be a great honor for me if I could help you with RUSSIAN and UKRAINIAN translations! I’m sure everyone should know about this movement asap.

    Ukrainian is my mother tongue, but was educated in Russia, so I can translate to Russian to.

    I fully approve your actions! The world has to change again, leaving in the past poverty, inequality and fraud in relation to 99%, as he had left in the past, slavery and the Crusades.

  236. If you need translators for Portuguese language, I am availabe.
    Contact me if you need it.
    Hope to ear from you.
    Miguel Ferreira

  237. As perhaps a protective step to consider, protesters need shields when they are massed against police. These shields should be 18 inches wide – 3 to 4 feet long, and worn on the right arm. Inside the shield should be a restraint for the right upper arm and a handhold below for flexibility. When massed against police brutality, protesters can advance or retreat en mass with right shoulder turned to the police and closed together thus defeating sprays, batons and projectiles. At the same time they present a barricade to advancing police. When directly facing the police the shields are no threat. A second (or third) rank of protesters can raise their shields behind the front at a 45% angle to deflect and redirect tear gas projectiles. By cutting 40 gallon oil drums into 18 inch vertical pieces, these can be easily fabricated. The barrels are therefore doubly recycled and also make a message . Be assertive but not aggressive. Protect yourselves.


  238. Hey, I’m a native from the Netherlands and could translate to Dutch if needed. Hope to hear from you soon, I really want to help.

  239. Still need help with mandarin? I’d love to help

  240. Occupy the white House, that’s were the problem is

  241. hey i can translate italian i live in nyc. we just got rid of berlusconi in my country!!!!!

  242. I just wanted to say that the whole Occupy Wall Street movement is not very clear. I have been hearing about it for months, and although I like the idea of protesting the 1% who is keeping our country (and the world) down, I find that it is still a very general and nebulous idea with no clear goals. This website is also very confusing. I got on here to understand this movement better and I am still mostly at a loss. How is occupying wall street supposed to get the rich to pay taxes?.. How is it going to stop the lobbyists who prevent green energy from becoming the norm in favor of the oil companies that are keeping them rich? Exc. ? This site just seems to be a collection of ideas with no real consensus about what is to be done about it. There needs to be a section on this website which clearly explains the goals, past achievements, message, calendars, exc.

  243. I can translate in french. A belgian chocolatemaker 🙂

  244. I saw you’re looking for translators…I can help with Czech. Happy to help!

  245. Hi! I can make a Russian translations for the Occupy, if you need.

  246. thank you so much for all you are doing for us. i am working and exhausted and have a family that i need to support so i can only give money. because this corporate dictatorship makes unreasonable demands on peoples time and energy at work i do not have that time or energy or money to participate in ows i am grateful you have places i can donate money thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Ready to help. I am a J.D. in law and can help in filing documents or legal claims.

  248. Interested in helping with Swahil Translation-check profile at

  249. Is there anyway to organize this website by state and then by city. More people would come if people knew where to go and when to go. The world is watching and we need to be more organized.

  250. I’m with you guys all the way it’s been a long time comin too damn long !! Kansas city Mo

  251. Are you still looking for English-Arabic translators? I can help and would love to get involved. Solidarity from Beirut!

  252. I can help with russian translations, if you need my participation. Prefer better than faster, love than religion. Live in Russia

  253. I can translate in Russian. Where is the protest in the Los Angeles Area? Thank you!

  254. I saw that you needed translators, my first language is English and I speak French. I speak enough French to have passed the fluency exam at Ohio State University to study abroad. I am able to help I you find a need for me. I live in Ohio.

  255. The Global Village Construction Set shows you how to build your own low-cost industrial machines and make everything you need without relying on corporations:

  256. I am so grateful for all the hard work being put into this movement. I marched with you all on November 17th and it was the proudest moment of my life. I really think there should be an Occupy Black Friday event, what better way to celebrate the holidays?

  257. I have 17 acres of wonderful land in Arizona, there is plenty of water, “a river running through it” irrigation, wells, and lots of growing and camping space. This land is perfect for a community living development. Anyone interested, contact me on email.

  258. I live in Davis, California. I speak Portuguese fluently. If you need assistance I’d be happy to help.

  259. heyy i see your in need of translators in punjabi and urdu. i can help as i live in pakistan punjab and urdu is my mother tongue:)

  260. heyy… inequality is a huge problem in pakistan. we should stand up for our rights and start occupations here starting from lahore. contact me if you want to help….

  261. Bonjour- I am an american living in California. My mother tongue is français, I speak, read fluently. I write pretty well. I can translate from french to english 100% slightly weaker english to french. But, as I am fluent in banking, finance, economic terms in both english and french and I know french politics very well. I can help.


  262. I can translate in russian. i’ll be glad to help you!!

  263. Hi!
    I can help translate in Russian.
    Occupy these 1 % mother fu….. !!!!

  264. why don’t someone sujest that protesters bring their cars into Large Downtown Citys like Califorina, D.C. and New York parking there cars in the middle of the Busy Areas of the City blocking all movement within the City and just leave cars there for a day or two. This would get the Govement attention. Everyone could say that there car got blocked in due to the car beside them being there. Just walk away if reckor truck try to toll any car away then block the Rector Truck from leaving. I think this would be a good way of getting lots more attention and at the same time have protesters assemble at other locations. Thanks

  265. If you need translations into Portuguese or French, do not hesitate to contact me.

  266. I can help with spanish translations. Its my mother tongue.

  267. Hi

    I just saw the post on the website regarding a need for Mandarin translators. I was wondering what are the requirements? Although Mandarin is my mother tongue, English has become more of my first language. I am not sure if I can help with anything but please let me know.


  268. i can translate in to french. let me know!

  269. My heart goes out to you all, we all want change. We are all co creators on this beautiful planet. We will prevail, we are all one and this will benefit all mankind. Come from your hearts and not from anger. You are wonderful. OUR BIRTH RIGHT IS FREEDOM and the realization we are all One. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.


  270. I am from Pakistan, I am good at languages like, Urdu,English, Sindhi, Hindi……If i could be of any help, plz let me know…….I wish i could Occupy and show the blind Rich and Emotionless what is 99.5%…..I wish I could be any of those squares to show the power of the public voice.

  271. Hi if you need any translators in french you can send stuff to me and I’ll work on it ASAP. I send all my positive thoughts!


  272. I would like to occupy a mansion. Are there any plans to do a peacful sit in at a mansion. I can think of no better place that shows divide between rich and poor than a house made for 100 people and only 2 – 4 people live in it – probably par time. If anyone knows a good mansion to occupy, I’m in.

  273. is a spanish translator still needed? i lived in mexico and majoring in spanish

  274. I applaude and support occupy wall street, but PLEASE consider alternative impactful protest such as organized withdrawal of funds from big banks for extened periods, establish information networks for enrollment into local credit unions, and develop organized petitions to bring about national/state ballot measures to resend congressional pay and benefits if congress fails to pass a balanced budget. Also consider more concise protest to target specific polticians who are associated with big corporations who buy access to congress. We must put the spotlight on those who oppose our efforts to get big money out of politics. I think theses approached have more far reaching impact. We have to hit them where it hurts, their pockets. Just my thoughts and contribution.

  275. I’m a student studying Farsi/Persian; I’d be happy to translate anything you might need.

  276. All I hear is everyone seems fed up with our political machine. The politicians are failing miserably and can’t even do what’s right for the country and it’s people. Why is it that the President of the United States serves only two terms while senators and congressman can stay a lifetime. That doesn’t makes any sense does it?

    Here’s an idea. If this is really a grass roots organization. Then why don’t you put the word out and fire every senator and congressman in the white house. That’s right, I said it, FIRE EVERY CONGRESSMAN AND SENATOR WITH MORE THAN ONE TERM. Enough of these rich lawyers running our country. When the elections come up, vote for the politician who isn’t currently in the white house. Therefore firing whoever is in office. Do that to every congressman and senator and let’s take back this country. Let our voices stand, that’s common sense folks. I promise you, if that would happen, Washington will be listening and I mean intently.

    If you can’t do the job, YOUR FIRED!!!!! Why is the 1% running this country, why isn’t joe the plumber, or Bob the electrician, or Jane the restauranteur running for congress or the senate. It’s an exclusive club for the rich. Who’s gonna benefit from their laws they create? Think about it people, that’s just common sense. The rich get richer, the poor gets poorer and the middle class becomes extinct. That’s good politics!!!

    We have the power, we vote. Let’s take back Washington should be the motto. Let’s put back common sense into our country and FIRE THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM!!!!!!



  277. A safer way to protest for the occupy movement

    People for the People (OCCUPY AMERICA)

    This may sound radical, however; American citizens, tax payers and home owners are fed-up with the change we’re experiencing in Washington and the banking system. The people in this country are watching the stimulus money (ours and our grand-children’s money) slip away to wealthy businesses and the banking conglomerates who continue to get richer on our money… we are sick and tired of it… it is time for the people of this country to take action. There are many home owners still facing foreclosure and it will take years for these people to see any effect from the stimulus money, by then, for many, it will be too late. It is heartbreaking to hear of someone losing what would be their largest life time investment. What even makes it worse is that someone else with money buys the home in a short sale for less than half of what was owed or at an auction for pennies on the dollar as the banks do very little or nothing at all to help the current homeowners whose loans are now lopsided to remain in their homes. I currently have two mortgages (a first and second loan) for $139,000.00 on a home that is now only worth $25,000.00 with interest rates of 7.25% and 11.25%. I agree I owe the $139,000 and should pay for it as I committed, however, it is difficult for me in this economy with little work to make these payments. I have tried for 22 months to have them reduce my interest rates to make it more affordable, however, they tell me they cannot as I owe more than it is worth… where is the logic, I owe them the money anyway… lowering my rate would make sense so that I can meet my monthly payments and remain in my home. This scenario fits millions of others. Yet, these are the very same banks that we the tax payers are bailing out; what an unfair concept. It is time to take action. I wanted to put together a class action law suit against the banking industry; however, I could not find a law firm that would take on the banks for years of unfair interest rates. However, if all mortgage payers would (about 50 million plus) band together maybe the banks, the Federal Reserve and Washington will listen and hear our pain.
    The interest rate should be the same for all, regardless of a credit score. Credit score should only project how much one can borrow.
    Example: A $125,000.00 home, a person making $30k per year versus one that makes over $1m per year, would the rates be different, YES. WE SHOULD ALL HAVE THE SAME RATE.

    Example: If a person making $1m per year was driving a new Jag on tax payer roads and stops for gas, just as the person making $30k per year would the price of gas be the same, YES. We all pay the same at the pump but not when it comes to banking. TAKE ACTION.

    It is time to stop talking about what is going on and start doing something about it. If a law firm will not take on the banks as a Class Action suit then we will start an organization called People for the People (PTP). It will be the citizens, the PTP that will pave the way in putting this country back into financial stability one unified wave at a time as the Government can’t seem to get it right and is sinking us deeper in debt while they are only padding the wealthy. If the banks don’t want to listen to the PTP, then perhaps we need to do something to make them stop, listen and respond in our favor. A unified stop payment plan may just accomplish this. If we all stop payment to our mortgage lenders and spent the entire payment on things such as the local hardware store to purchase materials to repair or maintain the homes we are trying keep, a department store so we can buy clothing, supermarket for food or take the family out to a nice restaurant, this way the economy and local small businesses will get a quick stimulus boost. There is an estimated fifty million plus home owners that are paying over fifty billion dollars per month to the banks. We can shift this money directly to the economy for one or two months while the banks can think about lowering the rates in our favor. We know that the banks cannot take our homes for missing a couple of payments. We all demand instantly a sweetheart of a deal, no different than Chris Dobbs who received a 4.25% on his mortgage, why should we be treated any differently. The PTP can set up a Web Site and or utilize Face Book, You tube, Twitter and ALL other well known visited sites to inform the people of America how and when to band together, this would be a modern twenty-first century revolution, a peaceful revolution. There will be no need for Town Hall meetings with angry crowds, no need for tea parties and no marching to Washington which has no affect; therefore, there will be no riots on the streets, no police, no national guard, no military and no union thugs intimidating anyone as in the past, it will be a peaceful online demonstration with action where we, including many on the police force, national guard, military personnel and even the union thugs who are fed up as well and I’m sure they will participate and join in on this national revolution plea/action from our homes, our work places to make a grand statement and where we in a joint effort will be listened to. The internet will be our weapon. Perhaps this concept will be our future method for the government and big business to hear the voice of the people, where we could, in unison and numbers, help to reduce bank interest rates, petroleum costs, electric power, insurance, credit card rates and even remove a crook or bad guy from government office. People… we must unite… we are the numbers that makes this country what it is today but our power is being taken away from us by a small group who are depleting our finances, our voice and power more and more each day. We are the soul and strength of this country and no one should take that away from us. Our constitution reads… “We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union establish justice and insure domestic tranquility” must stand together and force this government and the banking system to do what is right for all and not just the few.

    STOP PAYMENT March 1,2012
    First wave of request:
    1. Give a Chris Dobb interest rate to everyone with an existing mortgage loan upon request without prequalifying or stipulations.

    2. If a mortgage payer can’t meet a payment, the payee submits an extension request form supplied by the banks and sends the form with the payment stub. The payment then would be added at the end of the mortgage life without penalties or credit score implications. The amount of extensions would be determined by the life of the loan, (example, a 30 year mortgage can receive 30 extensions throughout the life of the loan; 20 year can receive 20 extensions, etc.).

    The current mortgage rescue plan has one big catch
    Money-Saving Refi Plan doesn’t apply to 35% of home owners:
    Who Does Qualify? Millions don’t!
    Second wave of requests: To be determined at a future date.
    Let’s make our government and the 1% listen

  278. I’m willing to help with French translation! Keep me posted! Thanks

  279. I was wondering if you needed any Korean translation done. It isn’t listed up at the top, but I’d be willing to help out in support if you need it.

  280. I want to share an idea for bringing occupy indoors in an effective way that can gather collective support.

    Hold DEBATES!!!!

    The duoploly won’t allow 3rd parties in the debates. That’s why Ralph vener debated. Why not get to talented spokes people on OWS and start debating about how to create Peace, fix the economy, grow renewable energy, restore infrastructure, shop local. Make them serious debates. promote them and DEMAND PRESS ATTENTION with rally’s, antic, art, theater, flash mobs, skywriting 🙂

    DEBATES — OWS/Occupy should start debating the issues and coming up with a viable, peace oriented, game plan for a new paradigm. Debates will be a tongue in cheek way to mirror the theater of the two-parties, and also bring solutions to the tabel, a seriousness of opportunity for another path, and mpre and more press and supporters. We need to recruit people who can debate to carry our flag over the finish line. Debates would really help people understand what the movement is about and bring attention to the fact the constitution id no dictate two parties, republican bad cops , and democrat good cops, playing US right and left. We need to do smart, high-profile debates. I heard Bill Dobbs (and know him from WMS) people like Dobbs, he can debate.

    I’m trying to encourage Jill Stein and Conel West to team up as a Green Party ticket. They would shake things up in DC.

    Peace, Love
    & Light

  281. Hi, I’m Brazilian and Portuguese is my mother tongue, so I can help with translations. I really want to help, so I’m waiting for your contact!


  282. Hi , I know spanish and portuguese so if you need translators to either I’ll be happy to help.

  283. I’m Brazilian and I sincerely want to help. Portuguese is my mother language, I can translate anything if needed.

  284. I wanted to submit a Speech I wrote for the movement

    • post it here!

  285. The route supervisor of a famous satilite company has 4 Technicians that service utilities in designated regions. One Employee steps out of line, and is now no longer an employee. The Supervisor had each member do an s or z like patter across Town. The employee suggested that one of each technicians Service in one of the four corners. This idea would save the companies maintenance that needed to be done on vehicles, save gas and cut down on several resources. The supervisor states that “the vehicles are traded in every 2 years and that new ones are sent out.”

    Where do those vehicles go? If every 2 years 4 people traded in their extremely used cars then where do they ago. That means in 8 years there is 32 very used vehicles on the local market. So the cars in my price range by my low income are the junk of some cooperate idiots poor decision. This right here is the fall of America, where corporations are allowed to run free and unregulated under the strict guidelines we civilians are having to oblige by. That is the 1%, it is not a person or group of people. It’s corporate incompetence that is costing the people. We as a people are the 99%, the only flaw in our system is unregulated and untaxed Corporations. As an employee of one of these I might make only $20,000 a year, but my company makes 1.5 million dollars a year. They have admitted behind closed doors that they maybe put 500,000 into the company over a year. That other 1 million gets divided over a select group of people, they might be friends or distant relatives or just out of university students from a fraternity, but they all have something in common. They work for a corporation, one that benefits from deceit, overpriced marketing at our cost and poor environmental choices. The people who run the companies aren’t evil, or corrupt. They are victims of a system build half assed. The entire corporation structure our government has allowed has failed us. I have been unemployed and ineligible for government assistance; I now have a good job. I keep my mouth shut and give it 100%. I’m making it but from a rough start. Now if I was to loose my job my mindset would be different. I went to a technical college for 2 years and know more than a 4 year major. The fact that it wasn’t a “university” student has prevented me from getting several hundreds of jobs. For 4 months I put in 10 applications a day…that’s 1,200 applications. Everywhere from oil fields to McDonalds. It wasn’t because I was lazy and didn’t put in applications, its wasn’t my lack of experience. It was because just in my current city there where 400 others unemployed. In the parish 1,000 and even In the surrounding parishes within a 1 hr drive 4,000 people. People with families unemployed. Most are one word away from being homeless because of the on edge nerve of the house. All those I would be competing with if I lost my job tomorrow. There isn’t a commercial, or kid begging for money, all there is, the attitude. That it’s our fault for being broke and we didn’t try hard enough. Since when is this become the American way?

    You say because we are uneducated and to young to understand, but its your generations mistakes we are having to fix. If you can’t believe in your own education system you given us than believe we have taught ourselves what you forgot. We give foreign aid to countries that don’t care; we continue to fight a war for something that has already happened. We give a ridicules amount of financial support to politicians that should be doing it because they felt they could make the world a better place. We have lost our jobs, our homes and our cars and now you are kicking us off the street. Well who paid for this street, and who built it, who cleans and uses it. I doubt you have ever walked on the very ground I lay. You hurt us because you don’t want this to get violent, then why don’t you lead by example. At the moment there are countries rioting around the world. Wallstreet is sitting at your doorstep as a friend; you can see what we have subjected ourselves to despite you taunts. We want to fix what you have held onto for to long and broke. Police officials, do what you swore to protect and not to who signs your checks. You are the authority you are suppose to protect and serve the people. To the 1%, what is the point of keeping your and our generations resources if there will be nothing left to buy.If you want this world to flourish then you have to distribute the wealth.

  286. Please know that I have identified a number of members of various civilian, homeland secuirty intelligence communities who have been at the rallies. I first found it odd. Especially because some of these individuals are know to me personally and work for the CIA and other sub-contracted, quasi/govt intelligence agencies, some with recording devices and others with cameras. I know some of these people personally and they have tried to hide their presence/support in tactical operations and hide their identity, especially around news camera, (I have seen one rather amusinfg agent discovering he was on a news camera and his reaction.). I do not support these efforts to infiltrate OWS, cause disruptions, engaged in covert counter-force measures and insert infiltrating agitators to serve their own ends and to alienate the general puplic regarding the cause. We should have a means to confidentially and discreetly expose them to follow them and minimize their efforts to engage in subterfuge. Importantly, they are potentially breaking the law by conducting domestic spying on our own law-abiding citizens.

  287. Hello,

    I saw that you’re looking for translators. Between my wife and I we speak:

    Francais (Spoken and Written)
    Urdu (Spoken)
    Tamil (Spoken)
    Telugu (Spoken and Written)
    English (Spoken and Written)

    Please let us know how we can help.


    On another note:

    I wish we could occupy the Capitol and tell the Senators that they hold government jobs.. they enjoy government health care benefits… so why should the 99% be denied? Does anyone else agree with me on this?

  288. I speak asshole, so if any of you OWS people have a hard time understanding yourselves, I will gladly come and translate. You people are a bunch of fucking assholes. Go get a job and stop looking for handouts. Also please stop murdering people, raping women, doing drugs, and using the first amendment as a cover for your unlawfulness.

  289. Now is time to develop the political will to go all the way in order to achieve democracy by ending poverty in America!
    Everyone has – – The Right to Live.
    We need to have sufficient Social Security for all from birth through old age.

    No person, family, or corporation should have obscene amounts of wealth. Obscene amounts of wealth are at the expense of any other American person’s health, family’s health, good nutrition; obscene amounts of wealth are at the expense of good housing, sufficient work opportunities, good education, sufficient recreation, and good public safety.
    There are some of us who are knowingly and unknowingly greedy and hungry for power and prestige over others, believing we are the entitled ones.
    The truth is that it is by the luck of the draw, by the use of destructive aggression, and because of the egotistical and impractical meaning of money that there are unreasonably wealthy people; not because unreasonably wealthy people are genetically superior to the rest of us.
    The fact is that our Tree of Liberty is being poisoned to its roots by the love of money for money’s sake, the love of power and control over others for the sake of demeaning others, and the love of self for the sake of feeling superior to others.
    We need to:
    -Genuinely love our selves and genuinely respect our neighbors.
    -Increase taxes on the unreasonably wealthy corporations and individuals; they they did not earn those unreasonable amounts of money by the sweat of their brows.
    -Use some of the resulting revenue to develop economic opportunities in America and to responsibly pay off the amount of debt that needs to be paid off.
    -Use some of the resulting revenue so that poverty is eliminated so that everyone can have sufficient incomes, can live healthy lives in healthy environments, and can have the means and opportunities to contribute their capacities and abilities to the economy.
    – Provide budget management education for everyone so that the wealthiest and the least wealthy can continually learn how to responsibly manage the uses of their incomes, including their disposable incomes.
    -Provide for paid work as well as volunteer work for everyone.
    -Provide health care for all of us.
    -Provide education from early childhood through college for all of us.
    There will still be wealth, just not unreasonable amounts of wealth. Poverty as well as marginal income will be eliminated.
    We will behave much better with one another. Considerably fewer Americans will act in ways which cause other Americans’ lives to be worthless.
    Greed, destructive power, and vanity are unhealthy for children and other living things. End Poverty in America!

  290. Hello,

    I am a student in training to be an American Sign Language Interpreter. I would love to do an internship or volunteer time to spread the message. I love Deaf people.
    currently at Occupy Hartford
    Thank you,

  291. I want to start a Occupy in my town of Janesville,WI. Im having a problem finding people. Any advice? Ive tried everything. Thank u.

  292. I’m willing to help with Javanese translation. I’m a Javanese native speaker both Ngoko (grassroot Javanese) or Krama (polite Javanese). Glad if I can help.

    Matur sembah nuwun. Thank you.

  293. I really want to participate. I feel the need to. But I have a three year old with diabetes, a crippling condition triggered by cold and 20 miles of cornfields to walk through to get to the nearest bus stop,

    What can I do to help out if I can’t be there physically?
    I already pulled my account from the bank and put it into a credit union.
    What can the people like me do , who want to be there but can’t due to health or sick children?

    I NEED to do something to show I am here too.

  294. Hello, my name is Taylor Viera. I was taking pictures of the occupy drum circle outside of Bloomberg’s mansion on Sunday. When I was looking through the processed photos, I came across a picture of a man watching the protests from the 1st floor window. After a lot of editing and research, I believe that I have caught Bloomberg watching the Wall Street protesters from his first floor window and talking to security. I HAVE ATTACHED THE PHOTO, CHECK IT OUT, AND LOOK FOR YOURSELVES.

  295. I have direct CNN email addresses and contact info for show coordinators / executive producers for Nancy Grace, Joy Behar, and Anderson Cooper.

    Who / what is the best source to send these email addresses to, for mass and immediate submission of protest coverage?

  296. Hi, I’m an Argentine-American currently living in Argentina and I’d be more than happy to help out the cause from a distance by translating into Spanish. Let me know if I can be of any help over here.

    Good luck! My thoughts are with you… I only wish that I could be physically present.


  297. You need linguists? Perhaps you could find a lower order tape worm that can speak your dumb-assed, Neanderthal language. You are the 99% of the human garbage that inhabits this planet. You are an incoherent, juvenile, self absorbed mob. BUT……you are great for yucks. LOL

  298. After loosing my family trucking company and two homes. Served to defend a bunch of cowards. I’m ready for the next chapter in my life. One that involves a global voice threw peace. My interest lies in joining up with the occupy movement in NYC. I live in northeastern Pennsylvania and have become accustomed to the harsh winters. Information on rally points and future marches would be greatly appreciated.


  299. Im an active supporter here in new york city, spreading the word as i can. I would gladly help with any translation into russain if you still need that help.

    Glad to help in any way,
    Seva Soloviov

  300. I can translate content into spanish. Have some time on my hands. Just let me know!

  301. Use you can get something like like 40 different languages but the grammar and tense may not be completely correct.

  302. I support what are you doining but, we need to think better, next election many seats of Congress are for grave, we need to start thinking in change all OLD thinking and suppoters of the one( 1% ), some members of Congress DO NOT want to increasse taxes in the one per cent and many of them vote for the banks vail out.
    Lets make changes, lets send a message to Congress we are the 99% we have voice, THE POWER OF VOTE.

    Whittier CA

  303. I am a very good writer and can write propaganda, articles, or anything you need
    just tell me what you want and I can do it in a timely manner

  304. I can do French in a couple of weeks if you still need it then. Maybe sooner, depending on some other pressing business of mine.

  305. I can translate in Croatian. Not the best spelling but I’ll get the word across.

  306. I’m probably going to get a new hole ripped into me, but I’m confused on how the Occupy “Movement” works… These are peaceful protests, of which I have been to a handful in my lifetime, but here in Australia I have not seen the people at these movements become more informed about how systems work when attending these protests. I am a firm believer that protests help to initiate change through sharing of principles, ideologies and understanding; so far I have seen none of this here in Brisbane. So far it’s just a bunch of people complaining and spreading propaganda, which in the long run, is not helpful for anyone.
    I was wondering if someone could please include within the occupy websites, I understand this will take time and effort, on how each individual can help to initiate change rather than just loiter. These are great to spread awareness, how about taking it to the next level and overseeing change and nurturing ideas to genuinely help people. Before anyone says anything, I take a very active role in helping my community through action, information and education- I don’t want people to think that I’m just disrespecting another human’s rights and beliefs.
    Good luck peeps. This world needs change and it’s nice to see people here starting with awareness, but let’s take the next step.

  307. I can translate hindi

  308. Hi I am a French student at Saint Mary’s university in Nova Scotia, currently working in translation. I would be happy to do any French translations for the movement.

  309. Hi I am a Professional Interpreter-translator in these 5 languages. Contact me if there is a need: French, Arabic, Hassanya, Wolof, Fulani.

    I have a Proposal that I believe will help Occupy move forward. That we call for a National Convention in Phoenix around the end of January 2012, so that we can Unify in a much efficient way all Occupy and examine the reels issues and solve therefore most of them.

  310. I am a French student living in New York State I studied translation for three years and I have been living in the US for two, I will be happy to do anything I can to help the movement.

  311. Dear Occupy Wall Street,
    There are many things I would like to say, but I will sum it up with a few words.
    -18 million dollars= is what you have cost us people who work our jobs everyday.
    -That 18 million doesn’t count all the donations and free things people have given your “noble cause”
    -Crime increases
    -Injuries to yourselves and innocent bystanders
    -You disgrace the American people.
    -Take a long hard look at your movement and what you are doing/not doing.
    -I know its fun and exciting to live off other peoples money while you camp out and cause ruckus, claiming to want change, you don’t want change, you are adrenaline junkies. You got angry so you made a sign. Big whoop.
    An American Soldier/Warrior and protector of rights and freedoms

    • You are part of the people who have been brainwashed by the US government into thinking their word/law is equivalent to gold or the lord. People like you are giving these greedy monsters the power they need to continue shoving the rest of the country into the ground. Of course you would have these opinions being a Governmental Drone in the flesh. Tell me how exactly $18 million is spent by people standing on the sidewalk? Might I ask which corporate/governmental pig you are getting your information from? Might it be the same ones that are producing the RFID chips that have a lethal dose of cyanide if a person gets out of line? Or possibly it was one that lied to the entire country of the true events that happened on 9/11.

      I would rather choose to fight and fail any day than to surrender and follow a government that is not loyal to it’s citizens. You are part of the narrow minded and weak at heart. Those who lack the bravery to stand up against the majority.

      I hope you are content with living and breathing a lie “Mr.American Soldier/Warrior and protector of rights and freedoms”

      American Citizen Who Isn’t Blind to The TRUTH

  312. If need be, I can translate Norwegian, Sweedish and Danish.
    I can probably get translations for Bosnian and Russian.

    I would also like to say that Norway needs a major re-organization as it is nothing if not a gilded cage.

    Hoping to hear from you, or anyone in need of translations, soon.

  313. I liked very much the site “the Venus Project” . I feel it is worthwile to check it out and just maybe these folk might be on to something the world needs.

  314. I’ve taken Spanish and can translate. I can use Google translate for any other languages and check to make sure the translation is correct.

  315. I have sent an email to your “contact” address to propose to help you with French/English translations.
    May be it’s better to write here ? Let me now…
    French is my mother language and I live in France.

  316. Hi, I see you need translators in Punjabi/Urdu, I speak both languages being of indian origin, however, English is my first language. I’m located in Greater London, UK

  317. Occupy incorporated.. we need to take back our country one product at a time.
    forget banks and wall street. we need non profit corporation to serve ourselves.

  318. I think that something Occupy should work for is to make Insurance companies nonprofit or government run instead of corporations because then they will help people instead of doing everything they can to get out of helping the people who pay them. I’m not too sure about this whole thing, I’m still a sophomore in high school but I think this is something that might be beneficial. This has probably been discussed already but I haven’t heard anything about it.

  319. I will be glad to translate from English into Russian, it is my mother tongue.

  320. New stage of Occupy Movement.
    The first stage of Occupy Movement is Occupy Wall Street and US cities ( The second stage is expansion of Occupy Movement by global actions on 10 Dec. 2011 etc. ( The third stage of it should be a development of Occupy Movement ideology. It is started in London by setting up of a Bank of Ideas ( The bank may become a creative potential of the Occupy Movement.
    There is a need to supplement it with the tech and social general ideas on Optimal Development obtained in the East (Russia) as an addition to Occupy Movement in the West. These ideas will make the Occupy Movement ideology. It’ll ensure the globalization based on wisdom, general interest. This’ll reduce the power of force, particular interest. The ideology will set up a union of Occupiers (
    Ideology & program of New World.
    The XXI century’ feature is globalization to be added to the countries’ and regions’ development. For its way to be peaceful it should be based on a compromise between the features of the East (wisdom – general ideas) and of the West (force – big capitals). Wisdom is presented by an author from Russia, for the complex phenomena are triune, i.e. can’t be divided into parts and are defined by one brain of triune form, and force is the protesters.
    They and the author will set up “New World”: 1) Optimal Development Center; 2) Counsel; 3) Members. The Center should be set up near Kazan as the New World embryo. “New World” will demand credits for the Center and income to Members, elect heads of states to optimize incomes, economy, science etc. Sasha Sethi said about Occupiers: “They need to focus on some firm intellectual ideas.” They say: “Ideas rule the World”
    Got Univ. ed., scientific degree & title. A. Teregulov. Ph + 7 843 2365517. E-m
    P.S. To set up the New World Bank of Ideas to develop the Bank of Ideas (, the New World University to develop the Tent University (, the New World Fund, to support Optimal Development as Occupy aim, there’s a need to help the author to make the relative web sites.

  321. If you need translations into portuguese (from Portugal) please let me know.

    Best regards

  322. My friend and I are planning to go to New York to Occupy Wall st. I was wondering what we should prepare for, what sort of supplies to bring, ect.
    We are leaving December 7th so whatever information i can get would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  323. Hi there,
    I just wanted to contact you about doing French translations. I am available, I live in New York, and I’m willing to help!
    I lived in Paris for a couple of years and speak French fluently, and I’m currently studying French Literature at CUNY Hunter College. I’m very interested in translation, and this would be a great way for me to get involved!
    Please let me know if I can help.
    Good Luck!

  324. i can translate to spanish, i’ve been an english teacher for many years 🙂

  325. I can speak urdu/hindi/Punjabi (from India), and a sufficient in French.
    Please let me know if the NY/NJ area needs any help in these languages!

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  326. If you need translators let me know. I am a Linguistics major and know a lot of people in my major that are willing to help in all languages.

  327. Arabic translation 🙂
    I am at COP17 if you need the translation here as well.

  328. I can offer translation in Arabic by correspondence or in COP17.
    Waiting to hear from you.

  329. I’ll be in NYC the 1st through 4th and I’d love to help out.

  330. Hey,
    A drum Circle. The largest damn drum circle( or interlocking cirlces) in history…… will shake the ground for miles and resonate a memory for the world. If you find the land–rural New York, New Hamp, Vermont, MA (its there). The people with the hand drums will come. It would be incredible. There is land around the site of Woodstock that is still wide open. There are a great deal of farmers who are struggling and would allow an encampment for a bit. We dontate, we drum, we record it, would be fierce.

  331. Hello all, I posted a full set of graphic signs created in support and celebration of the Occupy movement. It represents an upbeat, unified and strong movement; one whose import and fortitude is in continued expansion.

    The variety of sizes and color configuration in the set allows consistent application to a wide range of items, the bright colors and bold lines are should suit revolutionaries and fashionistas equally. Change the world, and look good doing it!

  332. On a smaller scale: Most of the nastiest incidents on black Friday madness was at the Wal-Marts, the company who takes everything too far! Please research how evil this company is including relocating Indian burial grounds and if you are sickened by their long list of evils, everyone please stop shopping there!

    On a much smaller scale, how can Texans sit back and not say anything about how the governor continues the cronyism and pays almost 10,000 a month for his rental? Are Texans going to foot the bill for having a vacant governor’s mansion that is being “remodeled” and pay this ridiculous amount of rental fees also?

  333. we can spread word. would like to learn more about the new, that is coming. Have ideas about sharing smaller space now and in future.
    We can help with those who have done time.
    at sixty with Parkinson’s disease, it looks like the last quarter. Would love to help in any way possible we are in Gilroy California. We are cleaning up a mess that my gen must own in part, for that I am sorry. It was birthed in greed sustained by greed with some arrogant enhancements, and a twisting of love till we have forgotten what it looks like, we are here to learn again from an organic source. thank you.

  334. hi there am really good in kiswahili i think i can be of good help in translating let me know thanks

  335. Hello,

    I can help with translations in Arabic and Urdu.

    More Power to the Movement….please contact me!


  336. Hi, i saw that you need some translators. I can translate in Portuguese and French. If you need, I can help.
    Good luck!

  337. With all these protests going on, and all of these people being victims of police brutality and just knowing the fact that the police work for the owners. I have been wondering just how many of these people are still paying their monthly dues to the wealthy banking cartels. A more powerful protest of millions of people not financing the oppressors with credit card and any other interest bearing loan payments would be such a bigger threat to their stability. Because this is a little like American banks and oil companies financing and selling to the German army.

  338. How about supporting “Occupy Voting Booths,” and the idea of a one day Nationwide General Strike on Election Day, November 12, 2012, with the proviso that the strikers all pledge to VOTE on election day. Vote instead of going to work. This would send a powerful political and economic message to our Political and Corporate establishment. The 1% may have more money, but the 99% has more VOTES. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Voters to vote for the candidates you select. John Rudden. NYC

  339. Hi I can translate to Farsi, if you are still in need, let me know. thanks

  340. i’m a 63 disabled woman living in cincinnati,ohio. i have been praying for this day. we only have 3 things in life we have to do #1 we have to have a true purpose in life. #2 we have to take care of one another. #3 we have to take care of the world and all the gifts we have been given. i have no money to give but i can give my time, my days are my own. sincerly, patti from cincinnati call me my phone is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  341. I completely agree with the ideas that this organization is trying to implement and want to get involved. However, I have a hard time understanding what the core purpose of this movement is. I want to see a positive change for America and a substantial growth in power of the middle class, but what I feel this movement is missing is a direct agenda. It feels like every city involved in this movement is protesting for different things, and is lacking a sense of unity. What is the first goal of this movement that would act as a stepping stone to its purpose? WHAT ABOUT ENACTING A BILL TO PASS ONTO THE GOVERNMENT THAT WOULD REQUEST A RAISE IN THE MINIMUM WAGE and force big business to increase pay to their employees? Not only would that give Americans more money to spend and boost the economy but it would also spread out the wealth to the people that are most important to the well being of this nation. What Do You Think?

  342. Portugues is my first language. How can I be of assistance?

  343. In fb there is a group of international legal team. There are manuals of the protester, and other considerations. Add information..

    Working together, we create more strength and unite as a in the movement synergy ..

  344. From Mexico City,
    Don’t slow down, bring those crooks to their knees!

  345. Hola! I can help with translations, English to Spanish or vice versa. Peace!

  346. I can help MANDARIN translation (traditional Chinese).

  347. I just emailed you guys from my work address before I saw this comment thread thing but FYI I can translate into Spanish as well as French please reach out to me at either email address if you want my help!

  348. please let me help taking out this rotten criminals and let me help transulating I’m quit good in Englsih. FROM ARABIC TO ENGLISH and vise versa

  349. Peace & Blessings.I am the founder and host of “Knit&Sip”.I organize Swaps and Community events throughout Brooklyn.I will be hosting “KNIT & CROCHET” for Occupy Wall Street on January 7 from 2pm until 6pm at thePark Slope Food Coop.782 Union St.(btw 6th & 7th av.)My contact # 337 228 0378.
    Volunteers will be Knitting & Crocheting Hats,Scarfs and Hand warmers…All finished items will be donated to “Occupy Wall Street”

  350. can we occupy ACS the adminstartion for chidren services manhattan ny they are so corrupt !!!!!

  351. Hi! I am fluent in Spanish and English. I am more than willing to help with the translations. I’d be more than happy to help!!!

  352. i’m fluent in Russian, and very willing to help out and get involved! Chicago area!

  353. Hello!!!!

    My name is Ignacia. I am from Argentina. My native language is Spanish but I have been studying English since I was 5 years old and lived in Australia and the States for a while. I saw that you need translators and I am willing to help.
    please, I am really looking foward for your answer I would really like to help!

  354. ergononassumpsit
    They told us that when the founding fathers came to this country, we call America, it was to be free from tyranny and oppression; somewhere along the way, our freedom was lost.
    When did we convert from a free republic to a democratic hypocrisy? We were once free to barter; sell our private property called labor; exchange goods for things with monetary value. We could freely ingress and regress anywhere we so inclined to do so on our privately owned conveyance of the day without infringement and taxation. We could engage in any activity we so desired without fear of retaliation, but no more are the days of a true free America.
    Today, you are a numbered human resource known within the Stock Market as the “Domestic Product”, brainwashed as children in governmental educational institutions to become public employees where you work for free; and your pay is transferred to the persons in the 1%.
    The government created by the People, for the People, is no longer interested in the People. It has its own agenda, its own priority and its own elite; the agenda is slavery; the priority is imminent; and its elite are the 1% that only listens when money speaks.
    Supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement shall now take temporary leave of its current habitation; take proactive measures in sending a message to the 1% and tell them that, WE ARE THE PEOPLE. We shall revoke the privileges of the servants until they become obedient. We will no longer tolerate the disobedient servant, nor will it continue to abuse our neighbors or us. We shall now revoke its privilege that it seems not to want; the People shall take back control of the reigns of that wild bandwagon, and its insubordination will end right here, right now, today.
    To accomplish this goal of revoking the privileges of that 1%, we will take the following actions and do as the Eternal, the One True G-d said to do, treat your neighbor as you treat yourself and protect them. That is the only way we can protect our life, liberty, property and continue our pursuit of happiness here in America!
    With the protection of the Constitution; the 99% REDRESS, YOUR GOVERNMENT package is now available; form an orderly line; sign the petition! Moreover, let God continue to bless America.

    Meetings for ideas I can offer to expand the movement safely and peacefully with maximum results.

    Part 1 of 7: Volunteer for Grand Jury and then go straight to this web site and start reading till your eyes are watery….

  355. Step One: Occupy the Grand Jury! Google the site for Fully Informed Jury Association and get the facts, then email me for Part two after you volunteered!

  356. Part 1 of 7: Volunteer for Grand Jury and then go straight to this web site and start reading till your eyes are watery….

  357. Hi! I am fluent in Slovak and English. I am more than willing to help with the translations.

  358. I see that you need translators. Although it wasn’t listed I am able to translate into German or Dutch if necessary!

  359. My husband is from Palestine, he’s willing to make the arabic translation. I’m from Puerto Rico, I can help with the spanish.

  360. Can provide translation to and from Russian, experienced in economic and social issues.

  361. I know that an approach for OWS to add to the movement would be;

    Begin surrounding the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK in NYC

    Do this “4 to 6 abreas”t and walk slowly, perhaps in 4 to 6 hour shifts.

    Interlock your partners’ arms on your left and right. A chant of normal voice volume

    will resonate very loud when done in unison. The chant could be “FREEDOM”. ?

    Then “NATIONWIDE” AL 13 FED BANKS. Of course NYC and D.C. are

    most essential. Then grow this to include all branches of our Government

    in D.C.. This must include the Supreme Court. NON-RAUCUS IS MOST

    IMPORTANT. White house. Capitol. If this becomes many millions, included

    can, in addition be Federal agencies. This will shake ’em. Wherever you live march around either a BIG BANK, or specially a Federal building. A, non violent, solidarity (hook arms and MANTRA such as freedom. That is what we have lost.

  362. OWS Artist video express…

    En // avec mon boulot pour Warner B. j ai tourné des images bénévolement pour un groupe de punk hardcore allemand “Manliftingbanner”, il me restait quelques images, et hier…insomnie j ai monté ça….

    FROM DELETE CLIPS of Walll Street War Music Video, Just put together…like that…
    Share and spread, if you like it…Many thanks to all

  363. I can translate English to Spanish and vice versa.

    Please email me and let me know how I can help!

  364. Please visit the link and sign my white house petition to Tax wallstreet.

  365. i speak a Nigerian language called Yoruba and i can help spread the message to the Nigerian community here in new york and beyond

  366. is there any occupy idea in india lke occupy kashmir

  367. i can translate in YORUBA for you and it different Dialects

  368. What is needed is a very catchy theme song for OWS – We are the 99% and a group of big named musicians to create something that will stick in the minds of everyone. (sort of like the “We Are The World”.
    It could be played on radio stations, internet, utube
    Protesters could sing it as they occupy
    It would be a fund raiser – buy one, get one free to give to someone to spread the message.
    Musical messages are non-threatening, they spread if the music and message is right, and they translate to every medium of distribution.

  369. Hello, for more knowledge into non-violence direct action please download & READ DIRECT ACTION AN HISTORICAL NOVEL by Luke Hauser
    it’s free to download this wonderful informative book contact :

  370. Hi I have been doing Spanish/English translation and consecutive/ simultaneous interpretation for over 6 years but am not a trained professional. I’m a native English speaker–would be happy to help. Located in NYC.

  371. I know both Dutch and German i can speak and write it pleas contact if you need help.

  372. Unconditional Basic Income

    Basic income is a particular form of guaranteed minimum monthly income, which gives all people access to some income irrespective of their current work performance or their past work performance. A guaranteed minimum monthly income in this sense is something which has existed in several European countries for a number of years, but basic income differs from the existing guaranteed minimum income along three dimensions: first, basic income is strictly individual, given to all people on an individual basis irrespective of their household situation; second, it is given to all irrespective of income from other sources (labor income or capital income); third, basic income is not subject to whether people are willing to work or not. It is not restricted to the involuntarily unemployed, but would be paid to everyone, including people who choose not to engage in paid work (for example, housewives, househusbands, volunteers, students, and many artists).

    Funding solutions could involve a combination of the following tax increases for the wealthiest 20%:

    – Income tax
    – Capital gains taxes
    – Inheritance taxes
    – Luxury taxes
    – Pollution taxes
    – Lottery / gambling taxes

    – Elimination of current income support programs and tax deductions

  373. Tear gas solidifies at room temperature. The aerosol can heats up and creates a cloud of smoke. So you can toss a lot of water on it then submerge it in water or you can use a fire extinguisher to freeze the can. Hopefully this will help people continue to protest on.


    I am late but glad to join the page.
    To the point: The occupy movement is a great cause but most people still do not know how important it is, or even what it is about.

    This is how we can help it spread: UNIFY OUR WORD and STATE CLEAR DEMANDS. What should these be? The 2 THINGS THE BANKSTERS DREAD! The 2 things that WILL PUT AN END TO ALL INJUSTICE AND EVERYBODY’S DEBT, without getting one’s hands dirty:


    This is ALL WE NEED. Everything else is a direct result of this. Do you want to see why? You want to know exactly how it all works? What top economists say about it? Have you got 45 min? Then watch:

    Do you want to see what the Banksters themselves think about the two demands above? How devastating they are to them? To what extent they have conspired against the people to avoid them? Here is history as we SHOULD know it:

    MY QUESTION TO THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT: Is the movement willing to focus on these world-changing demands? Is the movement willing to use and spread the above knowledge of the experts (and the banksters themselves) to get the SUPPORT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD? To really incite the 99% ?

  375. Let me know if you need Russian translations. Russian is my native language, I live in New York.

  376. Need home foreclosure help or site.
    Bank of America want to foreclose on my house.


  377. IMPEACH THE GOVERNOR! he/she chose resistance and lacks our social consciousness for economic justice. ::please share::

  378. Hello guys,

    Heard you need translation to portuguese language.

    I can help you. I’m from Brazil.

    Let me know if you still need help with the content to be translated.

    Best regards,


  379. I’m a bilingual (English/Spanish) licensed psychologist in the state of NY. If any person from the OWS movement needs some psychological consultation, I will be more than willing to talk to her/him. I can also do some translation into Spanish, my native language.

  380. I can also do some translation into Spanish, I´m from Nicaragua. Would love to help.

  381. Dear Occupy

    Up here in Linköping, a city in the south of Sweden I am experiencing some of the warmest December days so far. The private markets have been gambling with our pensionfunds for over ten years now, something that we never quite realized. The only thing that happened was that the envelope that was dropped into our mailboxes had a different color and an additional letter basically saying; “Does it seem complicated? Don’t worry, this is how it works”. No one I’ve asked can remember anything about any choice or debate, just that envelope and its orange color.

    We Swedes love to hate the ruthless, neoliberal politics of the US and we do not hide our contempt for the Bush administration. But we love to hate it so that we don’t need to focus on what happens at home and what has been possible to do in Sweden for many, many years, while it’s causing huge protests in the US.

    I working as a teacher and media producer in Sweden. There’s alot of work to do up here in Sweden, let me know if I can help you out.

    Best regards


    If cold in NY come see a free screening..

    7.30pm on the Thursday the 8th of December, 2011

    Tribeca Screening Room
    375 Greenwich St, 2nd Floor
    (b/w Franklin St. and N.Moore St.)

  383. Hi ! I’m French I can translate if you want.

  384. I can help by translating some stuff into French if you need it
    You already look like you have plenty of French translators, but thought I might as well ask just in case!
    Thanks #solidarity

  385. After all the SITTING why not start BUILDING homes for yourselves and communities….off the grid sustainable homes made of recyclable materials….

  386. Hi there,
    I am currently studying translation. i am fluent in Spanish, and English is my native tongue so I would be happy to do any translations from Sp into Eng. Please let me know.
    Together we can!
    Peace and love

  387. If you’re referring to written words – Google translate is excellent. It only takes a second to cut and paste it over – and to respond in the same language. Plus, it will detect the language if you’re not sure what it is. . .

  388. If you need translators in Urdu, contact me!

  389. I’ am from Burmese (Myanmarese) who is living in NYC. If you need some translation into Burmese, My native Languages, we can help for translation.

  390. My name is Vjosa Isai, and I am writing in response to the call for translators on your website.
    I am interested in helping to translate any documents you have from English to French, or vice versa.
    I am a grade 12 student, and upon graduation this year, will receive my Bilingual Diploma. I work part time as a French tutor, and have consistently achieved above 90 in all my French Immersion courses (which include French, World Civilsations, World Issues, etc).
    Although I do not have professional training in translation, my father is an accredited interpreter (in Croatian and Albanian), and I could ask him for help should I have any questions. Furthermore, I have experience with translating in school and have been learning French since kindergarden.
    If you cannot find more qualified people for the position at this time, please contact me with more information.
    I would be honoured to have the chance to partake in this movement.

  391. You are on the right path! We, the 99% can make a difference, but this has spread throughout the entire globe; Occupy Earth should be the primary focus after Occupy America is completed. We need to stand with every human being once this objective is completed.
    Occupy Congress(no lobbyist allowed), Occupy the Senate(no lobbyist allowed), Occupy the Supreme Court(until they reverse their ruling to allow coorporations to back presidential canidates), and finally, continue to occupy Wall Street!!!!
    Henry David Therou said, “The only place for a just man, in an unjust society, is in prision.”
    You must search yourself, and find a just spokesperson, a person that represents Henry David Therou, and provide this person every possible minute of media exposure that you can provide.
    In what limited way I can, I support you, the cause, and the hopefull outcome.

  392. I’m very fluent in spanish and I serve as translator at my college sometimes. I could help with English/Spanish or vice versa….


  393. in the process of making a support website, whoever wants to be apart of it please drop me an email 🙂 i need 3 other admins to help with their ideas and tech support, also need some people to set up an occupy even so we can get some pictures and live feed 🙂 so grab the cameras and video recorders and,

  394. hi, i could do english-mandarin translation. if you need any help, please contact me. thx.



  396. I’m proud to be part of it and actually See the revolution happening..

    The system is falling apart.. . the revolution is all around the globe… it’s beautifull what is going on…

    Lenin.. Trotsky … Mandel … and Many other comrades that Are Watching And Guiding Us… They must be Laughing in bourgeoisie’s face… like We all are right now… Years of lies and cruel imperialism vanishing from our society..

    The revolution must be endless…
    I’m brazilian and social activist.. Spreading the word thru the world..

    In English and Portuguese!!!!
    We don’t need to speak the same language to understand how Cruel capitalism is …. And Fight against it is natural and they will try suppress us like they always do!!! ..

    For Freedom Comrades!!

  397. I can help translate to Urdu if you’d like! I would love that!

  398. Everyone is well aware of the lies and propaganda used by financial institutions to steal the hard earned money of Americas middle class. I propose we do the same to them. According to the Internal Revenue Code section 501, religious, charitable organizations are EXEMPT from federal, state, and local taxes.

    With the power of this movement we can assimilate all donations with these charitable organizations and regain our neighborhoods. Religious organizations can use this tax code and provided donations to buy back foreclosed homes, organize schools, pay health care expenses all while removing the strangle hold of the 1%.

    Now I realize that many people are indifferent to the role the church plays in their community. Some even in disagreement, however, religious institutions are a safe haven from lobbyists, and money herding entities. OWS should create a partnership with these charity institutions and regain the financial infrastructure that has been swept away by TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS, and greedy fortune 500 companies.

    Church is a place where people take their families to feel safe. We rely on then for guidance when we’re lost and protection when we are in danger. These attributes cover all facets of our lives, mind, body, soul, and finances.

    Our law makers have embedded in our communities a loop hole in their tangled web of taxation CHURCH! We should thank them by taking the money out of their pockets, funnel all of our donations through the church so that “We The People” can buy back our UNITED STATES of AMERICA

  399. Molly Occupy Protestor?
    It was a crisp November morning in Washington D.C. Molly Wainwright looked down at her prim white dress which was once cleanly starched and fastened above her breasts with a white lace butterfly ribbon. She was chided by contemporaries who amusingly joked of her dated overly feminine wardrobe which was predominately white, a color she wore too late into each fall season. Her dress was now dirty and torn down the front where a riot cop grabbed it with his beefy hand. But at least she was out of jail. She was pleased, after wearing jail issue for 30 days, to slip into her formally fine clothes, compromised as they were. Judges were no longer listening to First Amendment arguments. Longer and longer jail sentences were ascribed due to political pressure by local mayors in cities across the United States. Keep them off the streets was the sentiment. Law and order must be maintained. It is necessary to protect the public health and welfare. The protestors are creating an unsightly mess and unsanitary conditions by their presence. One police chief, after arresting several hundred protestors, cited the need to exercise police power to protect the safety demonstrators as well as the other citizens in his town.
    Molly, age 24, obtained her degree from a land grant teaching college in the Midwestern state where was brought up by a respectable family. Her dad was a physician and served as the County Medical Examiner. Her mother, a home maker, was active in the Presbyterian Church where Molly sang in the choir while in high school. Her older sisters were married with children. Molly took an administrative job in the local hospital reluctantly arranged by her father. Molly was deeply patriotic with an appreciation of the principles of democracy and equality through her liberal arts education. She especially enjoyed the history. If she had lived as a man in 1776 she would have joined the revolution to fight the British, she thought. She read news articles describing the protests of those occupying the streets, parks and public squares of the cities of the nation. When she learned of a large demonstration planned for Washington D.C. she decided to participate. Molly bought a train ticket and headed alone and unprepared to the capital.
    Upon arrival, there were few places to stay. Many of the protestors were camped outside in parks and on the grassy areas along the Potomac. Molly had led a comfortable life and was not used to roughing it. Fortunately, she met another woman on the train who was heading to the protest and knew one of the organizers. When they arrived, they met with the protest leader, Alice, who directed them a house owned by a sympathetic Catholic family that allowed them, and several other protesters, to stay overnight. Alice, the organizer, was actually known to Molly. Quotes from Alice were sometimes included in the editorials of her hometown newspaper. The editorials ridiculed the demonstrations as being illegal and anti-American and unlikely to affect change. Alice was mockingly scorned for dubbing arrested protestors “political prisoners”.
    The protests begin in earnest the next day. Molly, working safely the night before in the sheltering home with her new colleagues, painted the signs they would carry the next day. Molly’s sign read; “Mr. President, We are America”. In the morning, Molly stationed herself against the black iron spearhead topped bars that enclosed the White House. She stood within 30 feet of the entryway and held up her sign. Hundreds of other protesters also posted themselves outside the grounds along the fence so the White House was completely surrounded. For several hours they held their signs and chanted slogans crying out for equality while being taunted by those passing by.
    “Get a Job you Commie Bitch” one yelled.
    “Hey Whore. You ought to be charged with treason” yelled another.
    Besides enduring insults for several hours, Molly was struck with a rotten egg.
    “Fuck you” yelled a scowling man as the egg ineffectively bounced off her right arm landing on the sidewalk.
    Molly joined the protesters as they left their posts and converged for a march to the capitol heading along the sidewalks of Pennsylvania Avenue. Their chants mixed with taunts from detractors heightened the anticipation of out of control danger. A frightened Molly continued to march with conviction that the righteousness of her beliefs would protect her from harm. Soon, the sidewalk overflowed with protestors spilling onto the street. A cadre of police appeared and formed a line across the avenue as the protestors approached the capital. An official yelled through a bullhorn that the march constituted an illegal assembly. He ordered dispersal. Without time to do so, or warning, the police barged into the crowd knocking protestors to the ground while striking them with batons and manhandling the injured bodies into police vans assembled a block away. Molly was hemmed in by the crowd and unable to move from the blue blur approaching her. She used her arms to fend the approach but in the their struggle he grabbed the front of her dress and pulled her to the ground where her knee struck the steel trolley track that ran down the center of the avenue. Molly was placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.
    Three years later Molly wrote a letter to Alice, the organizer. It read as follows:
    Dear Alice Paul.
    No doubt you have no memory of me. I only spoke with you briefly one time three years ago during a protest in Washington D.C. Through your kindness, another protester and I were directed to a safe home to stay the night. I was among many others that were arrested the next day and spent 30 days in jail. Although you cannot possibly remember me, I wanted to write and express my great pride. For these three years later, on this very day of November 2, 1920, I marked a ballot casting my first vote for a candidate running for the office of the President of the United States. Although many others, such as Carrie Chapman Catt, served to inspire us all involved in the struggle for suffrage, I am especially grateful to you. There is no doubt, that without the demonstrations you and others worked so hard to organize that led to arrests and humiliations by the police and other authorities, Congress would never have passed the 19th Amendment and the states would never have ratified. I, and the nation, owe you a great debt. Millions of women are now franchised. We are truly now, America.
    Sincerely, Molly Wainwright

    Kent C. Wilson

  400. hi, i live in czech republic, europe. small country with not much people but i love this idea and i would love to translate in czech if its needed. or help any different way. keep up !! gabriela

  401. Hi

    I see that you need translators for URDU language. You can contact me if you would want my services as it is my native language. I am not an american though but it is very inspiring to see “99% of the american public” doing what is desparately needed to be done in my own home country.

    I look forward for getting a response from you. my email is

    Thanks & all the best,


  402. Why Dont All Of the “OWS” LOSER get a Job and Start Giving Back to Society

  403. Hello to all of you. I just saw you need someone to translate texts to portuguese, i can help. Just tell me what to translate.
    Greetings from Brazil, brave ones.

  404. I can help to translate into Estionian if you need it.And perhaps I can find some other people willing to contribute as well.

  405. I am a sociology major in Oklahoma. If I can help in any way for this movement let me know. I will definitely wrtite about ows in my college paper. These issues are the reason that I am going to be a social scientist. Again, if I can help contact me.

  406. If you still need a translator for Lingala, I am available.
    Please contact me.

  407. If you need help packing up and moving out, THAT I can help you do!

    This is really getting to be a bore. I am very thankful to be part of the 1%, because this certainly does not represent me.

  408. I can translate Turkish if you need

  409. I can translate Turkish if you need.

  410. Is there anything organized in Italy? I teach at University of Naples

  411. Hi,

    first of all, my website is just a simple page, and is going to be decently constructed as soon as I have the means to do it.

    F.J. Laloosh is a two-man formation, consisting of Robert Diavatis (music, lyrics, vocals and rhythm guitar, arrangements) and Pieter Truyens (lead guitar, arrangements) who play pure music, from the heart and mind, to the heart and mind.
    Subjects are love, loss, … and of course social, political and environmental issues.

    Since we are true believers in the Occupy movement, we’d like to know who we can contact here in Belgium to set up an event to support this ideology.

    I have recently written a Christmas song (you can find it on facebook under the name of F.J. Laloosh in the video section – it is a raw demo, and has already been rearranged, and will soon be re-posted on facebook – you can also find it on youtube). It is called ‘Christmas 2011’.

    We would like to perform it and hopefully get it broadcasted in collaboration with the Occupy movement, since the lyrics and music, according to us, are an expression of how many people must be feeling with the holidays coming up in a society that is letting people lose everything, while at the same time promoting consumption and expenses to be made for the benefit of those who are responsible for all this trouble.

    I thank you for your time, and hope to hear from you.

    Kindest regards,

    Robert Diavatis
    F.J. Laloosh

  412. If you want anything translated to Kannada — the official language of Bangalore (yeah, that Bangalor-ed), I could help. With the 1% shifting jobs to Bangalore to make more and more profits, it might be a right target to go to the working masses in Bangalore in a language they can resonate with

  413. i’ve saw just today that you’re looking for translators. If you need anything translated to Lithuanian, i would be honored.

  414. Please contact me if you need help translating into Spanish.

  415. Hello! I can translate the texts in english to brazilian portuguese. But because of work, I can’t do it a lot. A small/medium text every day.

    I’m a journalism student from Brazil and this task really interested me.

  416. Dear Occupy,
    I am in full support of your movement. Now, i have your attention, hopefully, a few of my friends have began to ditch their classes in relation to the movements. I am an advocate for education and I know that this will be potently bad. We need to learn everything we can, if we consider the government to be against us, well very frankly put, they all have collage degrees. They have people that they pay pounds of money to, to run the numbers or write the book. Our enemy is giving us, even if it is a censored and minimal amount, a free education, I know in my heart that we need to use it to our advantage. Right now they see us as an uneducated bunch of poor people, honestly that’s annoying but good because they’ll underestimate us and allow us the upper hand. Please inform people to stay in school so when the time comes we’ll be ready.

  417. Spanish translator at your service.

  418. I can translate any Spanish and Japanese and many more. People have the right to free speech.

  419. VOLUNTEER Spanish TRANSLATOR for the Occupy Movement.





  420. Been thinking about the Occupy Wall street. So let me get this straight, they are a bunch of people who are going after people who have worked, come up with innovative ideas that has payed off in the long term and now they are wealthy for their work and a bunch of people who’s ideas perhaps hasn’t yielded to them a great amount of wealth are upset and want other peoples money? Is that right?

  421. I can translate into Vietnamese.

  422. I looked deep within myself, and I mused my personal monologue to offer whatever truth came to mind. He laughed, and then he offered me such truth as this:

    “They’ve convinced you that your convictions are mere facsimiles of floor plans laid out by the older generation who came before you. They gave you college, and the workforce, and promises of a cozy future, yet in return, you asked for security, and a seat at their table.

    They laughed and told you to work for what they had already promised.

    I guess the needs of YOUR children are insignificant enough to mean more locks, bars, and stricter laws upon your houses at night.

    They told you that the only saving graces were religion, and a pension plan. Yet, all you can see are the coat tails of them dining, and laughing, at your plight.

    They say that Jesus saves, but when Jesus wears a plastic smile covered up in a three piece suit, and Satan lies broken and pleading on the street, things are quite askew, indeed.”

    Either we learn to only capitulate to our better resolve for reason and justice, or we learn to accept the shackles that our children shall inheret from our silence.

  423. I suggest we go to politicians tell them that they need to tax the rich and use $ to create jobs especially for people who do not have much experience on jobs. If politicians do not want to do that, we will not vote for them. We will form an independent party which will serve us better. We will boycott or picket the banks and companies which keep outsource our jobs to oversea. We will not invest in companies pay too much $ to CEO. We need to look for solutions to end inequality.

  424. Living in Dallas, I have had first hand experience watching the Occupy Dallas protest. I am in the process of compiling photographs focused primarily on the inequalities of Dallas education, though others will be welcomed openly. I could use help with photo taking and research. Please contact at #occupy

  425. You guys are all retards. Go shower, move out of your parents’ basement, and find an actual job. Quit it with the sense of entitlement and actually work for something, don’t just complain because somebody else outworked you. Losers.

  426. ////////////////the manifesto for the entire change of society, institutions, and nations is spelled out in understandable language in Marjorie Kelly’s book THE DIVINE RIGHT OF CAPITAL, Berrett-Koehler,, 2001. Don’t wait any longer to read the foundation for everything you are trying to do. Good loch.

  427. We need a real President.
    Not one who won a popularity contest..or one that has the money to be plastered across every tv in America. We need a real by the people for the people guy.
    Dont vote popular this year.
    Any Constitutional volunteers?

  428. hi , i would like to help translating to Romanian . Please, let me know if you want me to help. i live in Romania. good luck!

  429. We need to bring these corperations down on by one. All we have to do is pick the top worst offenders and stop buying their products and using their services. We are the ones that make them RICH!!! If we keep just randomly protesting against everything we will get nowhere. PLEASE we can do this. Lets have a plan of attack.WE are herd but not taken seriously.

  430. I am a high school student from Georgia that would like to get involved in the OWS movement. Is it still possible to travel to NYC and protest? I know Zuccotti Park is no longer allowing camping but is it still possible to come spend a month protesting? anyone that can help me or inform me about this desire please email me back at
    Thank you and hope to hear back soon!

  431. Why don’t you get the message across to the people who promote the greed and deception of the American citizens and occupy the Capital and local congreessmans offices and your state capital buildings!!!! Our government is responsible for this catastrophe along with wallstreeters!!!

  432. I was thinking that the Occupy movement should call on everyone to legally disrupt the political party controlled election process. The presidential campaign is getting all of the news attention these days. The political process tends to elect polarized candidates because in the primaries, it’s a contest to see who is the most conservative or the most liberal, depending on the party. What I would like to see is that everyone change their political party and vote/caucus for an outsider or trailer. If there are enough to make a difference this could have a huge impact on the course of events throughout the election season. The other thing is that the Republican Party is the party of the rich and the party of the “no tax increase for millionaires”. Everyone should register as a Republican and vote for someone other than the usual suspects. I think that with enough rally and momentum this could really make a difference. Also people who still have jobs can do this without quitting and camping out, there would be no arrests, but this would revolutionize the election process. Let’s make it happen.

  433. Has OWS ever considered offering 100k reward for the arrest and conviction of Loyd Blankfien, or some other famous swindler? It would make a big splash and help fund raise. I am sure there are hundreds of munincipalities that bought worthless securities from goldman sachs that wouldn’t mind some help with the legal fees

  434. I own a small business employ about 15 people, and think what you are doing is great.
    If i could offer a suggestion it would be this, get all private money out of our political system. That would force the politicians to represent the voting citizens of our country because it would give all an equal chance at access, No more expensive meet and greets for congressmen, senators or other elected functionaries (do not think of them as officials because they work for us )
    This would stop the anti regulators dead in their 5000 dollar a plate chicken dinners, no personal money would be allowed if i had any say in the process. Lets make these functionaries earn a living, by regulating fairly those businesses and industries that have been causing so much pain in the lives of working people by being such greedy thieves and stop this madness that has been pervasive in our society.
    To sum up what I am saying simply remember this. Make all elections publicly funded.
    If you do well in life buy a nice home or other material comforts. No person or entity should be able to buy a politician, EVER!!!!!

  435. Hi guys, solidarity from England. I have a bit of experience in translating documents to and from Spanish and my native English, give me a shout if you’d like anything done.

  436. Hi, I saw you are in need for translators.. I can help you translate into Spanish… I also would like to introduce the movement to my country, Venezuela, please contact me if you find anyone else interested in my area, or if you need he’ll with translations

  437. A friend of mine wrote this article. I think you should seriously take a look and pay attention to what he has to say.

    By Jeff Watson. Photography by Brynden McNew

    Let’s all take a look at a brief timeline of public support for the members of Occupy Wall Street.

    Protesters: “Get corporate interests out of politics!”
    Rest Of The Country: “Yeah!”
    Protesters: “And lock up the bankers!”
    Rest Of The Country: “Yeah! …Wait, what about Molly down at my branch office?”
    Protesters: “And let’s get some more environmental legislation on the books!”
    Rest Of The Country: “That’s probably worth a conversation, but–”
    Protesters: “Death to capitalism!”
    Rest Of The Country: “Wait, what?”
    Protesters: “We are the ninety-nine percent!”
    Rest Of The Country: “Get out of the street, assholes!”

    There is a false sense of unity amongst the Occupy movement in this country. A movement that loudly claims its majority opinion is being shouted down by the demonic ’1%’ doesn’t seem to notice how little of the public is on their side. Their math isn’t the problem: a majority of the wealth in the country really is in the hands of less than 1% of the population, leaving the rest of us, the 99%, to fight over the rest. But if Occupy really is the movement of the 99%, then why does only 33% of the country support them?

    Part of it has to do with their constantly expanding list of demands. When, a Canadian based anti-consumerist website, first put out the call to occupy New York City’s Zuccotti Park this past September, their purpose was simple and direct: To convince President Obama to establish a commission to address the influx of corporate money into politics.

    This was a noble goal that few Americans could honestly disagree with. It was reasonable. It was timely.

    But it didn’t sell papers.

    The movement received little press outside of daily financial reports and local news in the northeast. As their numbers grew, though, so too grew the amount of attention directed their way. Styling themselves after pro-Democracy protesters throughout the Middle East, they dug in their heels and tent stakes. Protesters, constantly being asked what they were really interested in by a suspicious public, took an ‘Ask and ye shall receive,’ approach to the question. While leaderless, the movement had several factions that produced separate documents listing grievances and demands.

    The newly attentive media took the Occupy Wall Street movement to a national level. Camps sprouted up in major cities from coast to coast. Demands varied from ‘Halt foreclosures for the unemployed, sick, and elderly,’ to ‘Forgive all student loan debt.’ And here is where the math begins to get tricky: While getting money out of politics was still the bedrock of the movement, a push towards accomplishing a laundry list of liberal pet projects made it more difficult for the average American to agree with the movement. A person who believed that too much money was involved in politics at the beginning of the movement could honestly say they supported Occupy. Now that person had to believe in government funding for renewable energy, stricter financial regulation, a progressive tax code, and more to be part of their support base.

    Since then, you can ask any protester involved with Occupy what they stand for and get a different answer. Subtle or distinct, the differences from one member to another are real. Unfortunately, this is seen by protesters as one of the strengths of the movement.

    “All ideas are welcome,” says Portland sound designer and Occupy Portland protester Gordon Romei. “This is what makes us a movement of the people.” Romei disagrees with the idea that Occupy excludes middle America with its philosophy. “As an American citizen, it’s your movement too.” This is all well, but it speaks to another issue with the Occupy movement: You can’t ask people to stay on message when you refuse to define the message.

    The equality of grievances is at the heart of Occupy’s believability problem. When the public is asked to give equal attention to a protester whose home was taken due to a paperwork error at Bank of America, the plight of the debt-laden, degree-wielding unemployed students, and to a protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask holding a sign that says ‘Corporations Are Killing the Planet,’ Occupy cannot be surprised the public is losing track of their message and growing tired of them.

    On one subject, though, protesters are in lockstep: Violence. Romei rightly speaks out against the violence that many mainstream media reports blame on Occupy camps. “The so-called ‘anarchists’ who have been blamed for property destruction do not represent Occupy, and we’ve made this abundantly clear nationwide.” There is a sense of frustration amongst Occupiers who question why there is no credit given for the work they do to prevent violence and crime within their camps.
    Even the horrific images of brutality being practiced against protesters have done little to mobilize the public in their favor. Video of silent, peaceful protesters exercising their right to free assembly at UC Davis being callously sprayed with a chemical agent by a campus police officer did not create sympathy for the protesters, only anger with the cowardly officers who practiced this violence. Since the uniformed pushback against protesters has begun in earnest, Occupy’s polling numbers continue to decline.

    Occupy takes pride in being a leaderless movement. This pride is misplaced. They claim to be a movement focused on civil and human rights, but they have no Martin Luther King, Jr. They have no Cesar Chavez. They say that this is to keep them powerful, that there is a risk of a leader being assassinated by the One Percent, or being arrested and having the power of the movement diminished. They find strength in their numbers, but that strength is going to tragic waste.

    The Occupy movement is powerful, but they have no application for that power. They use it to set up more tents; they use to it to prevent dockworkers from doing their jobs; they use it to energize themselves and no one else. The power they have can change nothing unless they refocus their efforts towards a goal with which more of the country can agree. Right now their only focus is their anger; and their anger has no focus.

    In closing, I would like to address any Occupy members who read this.

    Occupy has become less a movement of the people and more like a rowdy block party hosted by the students from a Philosophy of Government class at a local community college. Occupy is no longer a movement of the 99%. It is the demon Republicans use to scare their children into investing wisely and voting at every opportunity. It is the whipping boy for anyone stuck in traffic in a major city. It is the most vocal of the most liberal with the most free time.

    It is becoming irrelevant. And this cannot be how it ends.

    Put your ideals on the line as you have your bodies. Run a candidate for office on an Occupy platform and see if you can get elected with 51%, much less 99%. Cross the party lines and invite the local Tea Party chapter to a sit-in and find out what you can agree needs to change. Stop shouting and start listening if you really want to represent the people. Find the common ground you share with all of America, and don’t stop until you’ve claimed it.
    I supported you, and most of America supported you, when your movement was about the welfare of the nation and not the force feeding of a political agenda. Take the bullhorn away from the idiot with the hammer-and-sickle face paint, and maybe we can talk again.

    If you don’t, you’ll be nothing more than a joke:

    Q: How many Occupy protesters does it take to change a light-bulb?
    A: None. They refuse to believe the lights are out.

  438. Hi everyone, thank you for existing and giving hope to this world! I can translate into Italian if needed!

  439. The more i’ve read about the occupy wall street movement the more i feel compelled to be there. Im looking for for a rideng buddy or anyone driveing threw KC on their way to any of the hot protest spots. Portland Oregon would be ideal for me but anywhere works. I cant drive myself because i dont have much money. Just enough to take care of my basic needs AND pitch in a little for gas. not nearly my share though. If there is any one out there that is at all interested in takeing this trip with me or is just traveling by, Please PLEASE Email me. Please help me get involved!

  440. I may have missed an answer to my question in the content on this site; how can I occupy a representatives (senator or other) USPS mailbox and email inbox?

  441. Please watch this and pass it on. Egypt needs Occupy support.

  442. Re: Occupy Gannett
    The problem for the Occupy movement, as it represents “99%” of Americans, is that despite its overwhelming majority in numbers, the “1%” and Corporate America own, run or influence the running of at least 60% of newspaper and electronic media in America, an estimate on the low side. The result is of course predictable: Many Americans are simply not being told the truth about the movement and its goals.
    Say for example your ISP is Optimum Cable, the news appearing on your home page, put there by the right-leaning Associated Press, rarely says anything about the Occupy movement, and when it does it is a regurgitation of Fox news and New York Post editorials which cast the movement as onerous and a drain on public resources. But much greater is the influence of right-wing GANNETT Publishing Inc., which owns a majority of American print media-over 80 dailies and 900 non- dailies across the nation, plus 25 TV stations- all strategically placed geographically to pass on to trusting blue-state readers and viewers whatever versions of the truth it wishes to distort.
    While Fox news is indeed bad news, the fact is GANNETT existed long before Fox. It helped get Ronald Reagan elected because he was willing to turn his head when GANNETT formed its regional monopolies, which have over the last thirty years done more damage to American institutions than even the most cynical can imagine-damage first to our free press, through buying, dumbing down or running good newspapers out of business. The book “The Chain Gang” by Richard McCord shows something of their power and profit driven motives.
    Not however covered in the book is the extent to which GANNETT’s has gone to achieve its ends. Over the last ten years GANNET through New Jersey dailies such as the Asbury Park Press (and five others in NJ and at least that number of free weeklies.) has lied about the problems in the public schools and so laid the ground work for governor Chris Christie’s recent blame-the-teachers assault on NJ public schools and his plan to replace them with corporate friendly charter schools. Christie used these lies to get elected. For that reason he should be recalled.
    The Occupy movement could use its numerical advantage over the 1% by a) starting a recall of Christie; b) calling for a nationwide boycott of the goods and services of companies that advertise in GANNETT’s and allied media; c) calling for a boycott of all GANNETT media, newspapers and web portals. While this may seem too aggressive, consider that conservative groups such as the Florida Family Association have for some time been organizing boycotts of companies that even give a hint of espousing progressive causes.
    Just a few thoughts. Thanks for your time.

  443. I know a young artist who writes powerful songs that have to do with the government and those in the working class struggling. I think his music demonstrates a similar message to the protest. I’m sure he would love to get his music out there too especially for a powerful cause. Let me know if there is anywhere to post it?

    • Dear Kristine, try to find the closest Occupy movement to where you live, people will love your support!

  444. need a brave attorney to take our appeal to DC we have been fighting to be heard since 3/07 just lost our federal case cannot travel to DC as husband is disabled wife has to work worked so far forma pauparis and this is a perfect opportunity to get a voice into the Supreme Court of America to get changes
    on the books Please we are down to days the case number available if
    you arent scared

  445. The recent rejection of the payroll tax cuts/unemployment benefits by the House. And the attempts to tie it to the firing of government workers, Oil Industry Pipeline projects, cuts to health care and financial regulations funding, and other pet initiatives. They said we have no message or focus. Let’s give them one. Let’s come down hard on this one!

  446. Hi, I saw you need translators. I can translate into Greek. I live in Athens. Let me know how I can participate.
    Thank you.

  447. Fully support. Can translate Farsi / Persian. Please feel free to contact.

  448. Hi, my name is Rodrigo and I’m from Brazil. I can translate from english to portuguese. If you need any help, just send me an e-mail.

  449. YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!


  451. Hi, I am a visiting professor at Cornell, and I can translate texts from English, French or Italian into Spanish. Please send me the texts or links to the texts you want me to translate. Sincerely, Ricardo.

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